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Bermuda Triangle Of The Great Lakes: Destruction, UFO's, Disappearances, Death, and Ghosts on Glorious Waters

Is there a triangular area that is the reason for years of devastation on the famous Lake Michigan?

By Jasper WolfPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

The State of Michigan is known for it's green grass, humid weather, freezing winters, and its famous lakes. The lake themselves are known for their size. If you find yourself lucky enough to stand on one of our beaches, you'll find that you'd think you've reached the ocean.

Doesn't matter where you are in the mitten state, you are always within 1 hour of being to one of our beaches. Lake Michigan is one of the largest of the lakes. The largest is Lake Superior with Lake Michigan right on it's tail.

All of the lakes have seen devastation due to shipwrecks or plane crashings. Tons upon tons of plane debris and ship debris lie at the bottom of these blue beauties.

Out of all of the lakes, Lake Michigan has seem the most dangerous. Many ships and planes in this lake haven't necessarily crashed, but they have vanished all together. There were different devastations where ships and planes have completely disappeared.

Authorities go to search the water for any kind of debris and usually none can be found. These occurrences have baffled experts for years. Nobody knows the reasons.

In 2007, experts found some interesting stones at the bottom of the famous lake. The way the explain it is a type of a Stonehenge. It lies at the bottom of the lake in the center of the invisible triangle.

Circle of Stones in Lake Michigan

Many people are quite curious on why these ominous stones would be at the bottom of the lake. How they even got there in the first place. Is there some type of a force that causes these things to crash and disappear in a such a strange fashion?

Some fanatics believe there are reasons that are, "out of this world." There has been evidence of other worldly crafts flying over these large bodies of water. Experts have wondered if these space crafts have come to our earth to place the stones there, thousands of years ago. That way it causes our crafts to crash. It's all speculation.

What we do know is beneath the surface of our glorious blue beauties are wrecks that divers still explore on a daily basis. The most mysterious are have been eaten alive by the beautiful Lake Michigan.

The most recent devastation was that of NorthWestern Airlines flight 2501. On a flight to Minneapolis, It took an unexpected route over Lake Michigan never to be seen again. All authorities found from the search was a lone blanket.

The one that is the most interesting of any legend is the story of the ghost ship, "Le Griffon". Vanished on Lake Michigan in 1679, the ship was rumored to be cursed. It tracks collision courses with other vessels in Michigan Harbour, but vanishes before making contact. The wreck hasn't been definitively located.

The Lakes hold their creepier side. Divers explore these wrecked past times below the surface which are still said to be haunted today. The wreck of "The Emperor" that rests in Lake Superior is known to be haunted by a crewman who still goes about his duties.

The creepiest haunted wreck is the "SS Kamloops." It's last day was on Isle Royal in Lake Superior in 1927. A well-preserved corpse that has been nick named "Old Whitey". The engine room houses a ghostly spirit known as Grandpa. Grandpa is known to float up behind divers and follow them through the engine room. Perhaps looking for his lost crew.

Whatever the case may be, The Lakes are "spirited" if you want to say. They are glorious to look at. You may one day find yourself on shore, barbecuing with family on a hot humid day, swimming in the shallow end with your kids, but know you know what lies deeper than you can reach. You're welcome.

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