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Banks of the Nile

by Gary Robertson 4 years ago in humanity
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"Powers of the Pyramids"

Scale: 1 mm = 1 foot

"The Banks of the Nile" has been a 50-year endeavor. It all started when I was 16 years old. Just before my grandfather died, he gave me a pamphlet called the Powers of the Pyramids. The first thing I wanted to do was build one to live in and I did so in 1984 in Wesley, Arkansas. This pyramid home opened my mind so much that I had to stop taking notes, stop testing previous experimental assumptions, and I started to realize I just made the discovery of all time. First, I had to build a true pyramid. You ask what is a true pyramid? I could easily say go build a true pyramid and you would not stand a chance of accomplishing that task. The materials being used and angles of construction, along with kept secrets of global positioning, are so important that the smallest changes will abort the processing of pyramid power. You cannot take a wire and make a little pyramid and put it on your head and expect it to do anything. I have a lot of information about the pyramids. If you made a comment of something about the pyramids, nine times out of 10 you're going to be wrong. I know exactly how the Great Pyramids were built and it was the last and only true pyramid built until the one I built. Yes, it was powerful in so many ways, you would not believe what I found out.

So, after living in the home for three years, I realized just how important the pyramids are. And what they represent in the scheme of everything. Now I realized that if we're ever going to have any kind of civilized society, it will involve true pyramids. There's so many things that can be produced just using the shape of the pyramid. Here's one example: Put a pyramid in water and you have an unsinkable boat. Now just think about that for a minute—unsinkable, what do you mean unsinkable? I mean you cannot sink it. Try and pull it over and push it down under the water, and it will pop right back up. The surface friction of the flat bottom will actually take the water with it and then the water will pull it back down. The years of trial and era progressed from burial mounds to taller mounds to pyramids that eventually became true pyramids. Too tall too quick, it will fall over. Too flat and it would cave in. The formula to build a true pyramid was developed so that you can go as high as you want. No limitations. And that's what they did. I have rediscovered the powers of the pyramids, and have taken all the high-tech technology with several patents of my own, and created the first semi-self-contained living community of its kind.

Gary Robertson, founder of the Banks of the Nile. Pyramids International LLC. More to come...


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Gary Robertson

Gary Robertson building trades, Navy worked on nuclear attack submarines, founder of Shallow Waterbeds Inc, breeder hen operation Tyson Foods, wastewater treatment specialist, true pyramid builder, refrigeration manufacturer, Solar tech.

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