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by Gary Robertson 3 years ago in habitat
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"Banks of the Nile" ( will be referred to as BN) has put into place one of the only ways to combat crowded viral diseases.

By nature and the original purpose of the BN was to be able to put the important needed things in our lives into sections. These sections all have to have a certain job to do. The working of them together is very efficiently - in a streamline manufacturing way.

One of the BN sections, as I will explain, is the first one built and how it will be the main brains, of all the other sections.

To start out, after initial scientific studies to make sure the system will work in real life. The first BN will have an abundance of energy. A sustainable food source will turn over to another section and that section is called "CCC", a Cash Crop Community. The kids in the first section will be continually monitored and will have already have been previously monitored for several years. All other sections will have systems and protocol already in place. Most everything else will be the same.

Disease control at the BN is set up to do that in so many ways. Let me give you an example of how this is going to work in all sections.The pyramid homes are all connected in an underground dispersion system. Going underground is one way to eliminate several very important problems created in any community, especially in a disaster of almost any kind. Weather can be good or bad. The community can continue its everyday agenda with interruptions .

All 46 homes are connected to the main pyramid in Orion Park, which will go under the waterway that surrounds Orion Park. In these passage ways, all of the utilities will be out of harms way. The underground system in each section is identical in construction techniques, and they will also be connected to the first BN that could go to other sections in the area they are set up at. From there on out, a second, third, fourth, and so on, will all start with the BN exactly the same as the first. Now, not only have you separated the community, you are setting up new BN communities to run another 100 or so, other sections.

The sections (communities) built in different conditions or other countries, will still be built exactly the same, except when it is not feasible to put in an underground system in.

All the food and animals eaten, will come from each and every section. This enables one section to control their product completely; even to the point if any problem ever arose, they would be contained from the start and all BN have full lab and monitoring systems in place. Separation and monitoring of all sources related to good health can never get out of hand.

The joint effort of all persons living and working together gives us the right balance of control and freedom. Higher populated countries all have the same problems. Separating and controlling populations can only be accomplished if we all have a common goal-to accomplish this in a way of making sense of it all.

Controlling waste and by-products and being sustainable-the BN has everyone in mind when it was developed. Living on the surface of Earth is going to be harder and harder as global warming continues. The BN was set up to keep people safe, healthy and prosperous. The B will keep working in the hardest of conditions but also I don't want to see any other systems being created that don't have the same standards as the BN. We as a humanity are already making the right changes.

Understanding what other ways there are, to get on the right track, you need to ask yourself what else has to change. The BN answer was to find another power source that is unknown. I did find a power that we don't have to make more energy to take its place. It's not depleting energy-it maintains it and keeps it from being depleted. I have a power that controls matter. The matter of a lightning bolt is child's play. When it comes to sucking up all of the energy of a lightning bolt, the anti-matter created in a true pyramid will put it into a ball lightning state. When I start talking about water and anti-matter, I'm sort of explaining how everything is being formed and controlled.

Pyramids International, Inc. has had this information since 1969, and in 1984, I built a true pyramid home. Having an environment to live in where there is no need for a refrigerator. Nothing rots, spoils, molds, decays, corrodes or rusts in a pyramid home. Just think of the implications of what I am saying means. It also means you don't need any cooling and very little heating in the winter.

I went 3 years with 10 people and spent $35.00 for heating for those 3 years. The temperature never went over 80 to 85 degrees and only went down for 2 weeks to 76 degrees in the downside of the winter. In the middle of the winter, if it snowed, I did not use heat. The snow would build up to 1 foot of the house and it added enough insulation to make it through the whole winter burning 1/4 of a cord of wood at a cost of $11.30. Can you imagine being in a home that goes through the whole winter and only heats it for 2 weeks, along with no cooling it at all in the summer, spring, and fall.

Everything in the pyramid is being controlled by controlling an anti-matter environment; only inside the pyramid. If you wanted to take the anti-matter outside of the pyramid. You have to have a rather large pyramid to create enough anti-matter to last long enough to say, move a 2,000 lb. stone by controlling the pull of gravity. I know it has a lot of power. The thing that blows me away is its controlling matter by adding just a little more anti-matter to keep the material from breaking down.

Speaking of breaking down, if you take a piece of hard matter with carbon and alloys and sharpen it, the pyramid will keep it sharpened for ever. How can that be? The molecules of carbon steel cutting wood-the carbon is so hard that it does not wear off; it is rounded down and packs the molecules and puts them under pressure, storing energy. The power of the pyramid in controlling the under pressure carbon molecules, it simply adds a little invisible anti-matter and releases the pressure built up in the dulling of the carbon tooth. In no time, the carbon is sharp again.

Just by eliminating and having to produce all of this energy. We don't have to produce energy for anybody to be able to live a fulfilled life. The pyramid home is a solar cell itself, not with a panel added on. The pyramid home in the BN does not need any outside support for energy. You can make good, clean energy, but you can make it so much better if you eliminate the need to use it in the first place.

What about transportation, like jets, buses, cars, trains, walking, boats, riding a bike, or a motorcycle? Once we start understanding this anti-matter being controlled in a true pyramid, then we will be able to levitate and let the gravity pull and push, then, up and away we go with out any other power sources that will destroy this planet.

The Cheops pyramid in Egypt is the only true pyramid built in the 2,000 years it was being developed. You will see that that's what is creating the anti-matter-a simple construction of a shape with the right materials and angles you can achieve something like this. I have facts, experiments, patents and hands on information that has endless possibilities.

The true pyramid home was built 40 years ago. The only other true pyramid ever built was 4,500 years ago. Can you believe I stumbled on to the biggest thing in energy power we have ever had? The BN is looking for all solutions to living and working in a clean environment.


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Gary Robertson

Gary Robertson building trades, Navy worked on nuclear attack submarines, founder of Shallow Waterbeds Inc, breeder hen operation Tyson Foods, wastewater treatment specialist, true pyramid builder, refrigeration manufacturer, Solar tech.

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