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Aurora: Untold

The side of a princess never told

By Allison WeberPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

There is not much I can tell you about my past that is significant. I am only 16 years old. I have lived a good life up until now being a princess and all. Everyone thinks that it is so fantastic but really its only...ok. I mean princes are always trying to marry you. People are always asking for your help and on top of all that there is no such thing as being "normal".

What is normal anyway?

I mean a typical town girl wishes to be a princess, marry a prince and move to a faraway land to be saved from her redundancy. Little do they know its mostly work and no play and almost everything is planned out for you. Nothing is spontaneous or fun. However, let me introduce myself, I am Aurora.

I know it's different but when i was born my mother believed that even the dawns sun wasn't as pretty as me. Sounds kind of self absorbed when I say it, however, being pretty didn't help me much. I had the help of twelve fairies in making me what you would call a worth wild princess. I was blessed with gifts of beauty, grace, intelligence....here I go again sounding self absorbed. I am sorry.

That was all amazing and wonderful but nothing good comes without a price. There was a 13th fairy. She was so evil she wished death upon me the day I turned 16. She wanted me to prick my finger and just fall down dead. When I heard the rumors I just couldn't believe it. For one, how in a barricaded castle does some crazy old which get within inches of a new born princess? I am still wondering where the accountability on that one is. Second, there was a room with 12 other fairies, how did she get that close to me? I do have to thank one of the fairies, Hippolyta though. She made sure I didn't die but that I fell into a deep, deep slumber. Anything beats dying, right?

The only bad part about all this, is now some prince has to come along and kiss me to wake me up. Of course , with the princes. I mean what if I don't even like him? He is only coming to rescue me because towns people have spread the word far and wide that some beautiful princess is locked away in a tower awaiting rescue via a kiss. Sometimes i think it would be better just to sleep here forever. It sucks just laying here and being able to hear and feel but not being able to open my eyes and move around.

I haven't heard anyone walking around in the longest time. I don't know if anyone is even here, even alive. Its a little scary to think here I am, all alone, just waiting. I wonder if someone is even coming to help me.

Someone is in the room right now breathing hard. Maybe one of the fairies figured out how to wake me up. I wish I could open my eyes. I can feel them leaning over me. There is a hint of salt and sweat in the air. They are leaning in so close that a drip of sweat has just landed on the top of my lip. Its partially comforting, this means someone is alive. Lips suddenly ouch mine. Oh my God, I am so nervous. What if it isn't a prince at all? What if it is some creep or a female? Butterflies are filling my stomach. I want to open my eyes Wait I am opening my eyes! The light is so bright I have to shut them again. I want to see so badly who this person is. I open my eyes again, its hard to adjust. I blink and his baby blue eyes are staring into mine. All I can get out is a whisper..

...I've been waiting for you.


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