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AI is just like a baby now

We must brace ourselves for what's coming.

By ZakiiPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

I am a tech enthusiast and I love AI innovations and How they affect every field in our world. Recently I visited my Aunt. she had a beautiful daughter. She is 3 years old(I think). She is learning to speak. whatever we speak even though we had no intention for her to learn, she will eavesdrop on it and try to pronounce it whenever she thinks it is used. That's the main point you need to understand. She is not pronouncing whatever she hears at any time, She is trying to pronounce it when she thinks about the situation for it. She is really trying to learn to speak. When for the first time they try to walk they fall many different times, but after some time learn it through good parenting perfectly. and when they get grown up tasks like speaking, walking and other things which were difficult for them at first will be an automated habit in their life.

That time one thing hit my mind. well AI is just like this, isn't it? we all in our childhood learn from our mistakes, Learn from others and learn for ourselves. with good context, we learn good content. with good structure, we structure our personality well. with a good mentor, we get good advice. With good parenting, they will be very good at anything and eventually in the future tasks that are difficult for them now will be the simplest thing they can do and it will be an automated habit for them.

Well, Today LLM models like Chatgpt or Gemini, etc are getting everything they need to improve. They are training them with maximum good data with high depth. eventually, I am sure they will start to make it automatically training itself. Did you watch the new device called Rabbit R1 introduction, just watch the below video if you have not heard it.

This device uses LAM model. it's a little bit different from LLM models. it stands for Large Action Models. what it does is it takes action instead of just giving the information like LLM. if we tell it to book a flight and their preferences it will book the best trip for you. This is insane. what interested me more is it had a mode for training the model by ourselves. It will be trained by showing them how to use specific apps or other things, they will be trained for it then.

Without proper legalities, this is going to be very dangerous as well as a very good improvement. it's all about how we are going to use it.

A child at 3 years old is learning better to use words, eventually, it learns a lot of things, by the time it evolves. But what I am afraid of is not about the evolving humans, it's about the evolving AI technologies. Nowadays it can summarise webpages, documents, articles, etc, it can create images, videos and audio, and it can also edit videos, images and audio. And some technologies like Apple Vision Pro are mind-blowing. When the time AI get integrated with those technologies, the applications are vast.

I give you all some good advice. AI is for productivity not for being a lazy person. It is for giving us time to focus on more important things than repetitive tasks. That's all for today and thanks for reading it. I just wrote it when this thing hit my mind. I would appreciate to know your thoughts about these cutting-edge technologies and how they can impact our future. And always review your progress so as not to fall into a comfort zone.

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