9 Strange Stories Involving Gateways to Other Dimensions

Do gateways to other dimensions exist? Can we literally see people from other planes of existence? These stories suggest they do—and that some people already have.

9 Strange Stories Involving Gateways to Other Dimensions

Did you ever watch a TV show with a parallel universe, and wondered what you would be like in another world? I know I have.

When I was younger, I used to daydream about being able to blip in and out of this existence. I used to want to open up a portal to another dimension and just jump through into a world where everything was different.

Maybe one day, I'd wander into a dimension where humanity actually were cat people. Perhaps another, I'd walk through a world that was destroyed in World War II. You get the picture.

During my childhood, there was one thing that I always wanted to read about: alleged gateways to other dimensions. Many people believe that these gateways exist throughout the world as we know it, and that some of them can spontaneously open.

Inter-dimensional gateways, also known as vortexes, have been reported on for centuries. In certain cultures, they are believed to be the places where gods would travel into this world.

Once in a while, you'll hear about a person who allegedly traveled through a portal, or saw something travel through; and for the same reasons why time travel is so enjoyable, the strangest tales of trips to other planes are as exciting as they are strange.

To kick off this list, we're going to talk about one of the most paranormal places in America: Skinwalker Ranch. This small Utah-based ranch has become infamous for high strangeness, UFO sightings, Bigfoot sightings, and mysterious voices that echo out of nowhere.

Skinwalker Ranch regularly has reports of strange gateways to other dimensions, often in the form of circles that open up in the sky to reveal a differently colored sky inside it. Once in a while, ranchers report seeing crafts flying in and out of these holes.

Strange as that may be, it seems like the gateways that open up aren't totally limited to the sky. During the initial time ranchers spent there, they ran into a wolf that was almost the size of their car.

The wolf seemed intelligent, and even let them pet it. Then, it attacked the rancher's cows. They chased after the wolf and shot at it, only to have the wolf vanish before their eyes. The wolf was real; they felt it and it left visible bite marks on their cow.

Later on, ranchers saw a very strange hyena-like animal with a long, bushy tail and a large head that attacked animals, only to vanish into thin air shortly after.

What's interesting about this is that they later found out that the wolf they saw matched the description of a dire wolf—a species that died out 10,000 years ago. The hyena-like creature also matches the description of dinocrocuta gigantea, an extinct creature that last existed 4.5 million years ago in Asia.

So, how did some prehistoric animals faze in and out of existence like that? Is it possible that these extinct animals might not really be extinct? It sounds like they may have come from a vortex that temporarily let them walk around the ranch, doesn't it?

In early part of this decade, China had a serious spate of strange sightings, involving cities that seemed to float above people in the sky. The floating cities looked nothing like the cities where they were spotted, and had details that included towers, windows, and even signs.

The strange phantom cities appeared years apart, often on cloudy days over rivers nearby. Some scientists believe that this may be an extreme version of a mirage known as fata morgana.

However, there's an issue with this explanation. Fata morgana is known to just make things look like they are floating above water, and is most often a reflection of what's nearby. These cities are not reflections of the cities they were spotted in. So, what were these?

A lot of people believe that these were openings of gateways to other dimensions that just so happened to be too high up to be accessible. Others believe it may have been a government experiment. Either way, it definitely raises some questions that make you wonder.

Peru's Markawasi Stone Forest is often considered to be one of the most active gateways to other dimensions in South America. The beautiful, picturesque "forest" is known for having massive rock outcroppings that seem to have a humanoid shape to them, despite no known history of them being carved.

Natives to the area have long considered the Stone Forest to be a sacred place—not to mention one that's to be feared. Its reputation for having gateways to other dimensions comes from the fact that many mysterious disappearances have happened there over the centuries.

One person came to a doctor's office after a particularly strange visit at Markawasi. The patient, a woman who was paralyzed throughout the half of her body, claimed to have seen a cabin while hiking with friends through the Stone Forest. The cabin itself seemed oddly designed and very out of place.

The cabin had windows that glowed inside—a stark contrast against the night sky. Peering inside, she noticed people in period clothing laughing and cavorting, as if they were in a party. There was sounds coming from the cabin, almost beckoning her to go inside.

The woman felt an unnatural urge to go into the cabin, and opened the door. Soon, a feeling of dread came over her friends and they chased after her. She walked halfway through the threshold and then was pulled out by her friends. The half of her body that walked through the door became paralyzed from then on.

The patient has gone on record to say she believes she walked into another dimension, and that if she went through the doorway, she'd never have been seen again.

If you're into the strange and other worldly, Peru should be your next travel destination. that is rumored to have an interdimensional portal is known as the Gate of the Gods. This stone structure is known for having two doorways: a smaller human-shaped one, and a larger one, which allegedly would be the one the gods came through.

The Gate of the Gods is a solid structure, so there's no way to enter the door unless there was something supernatural going on. All that really sets aside the alleged gateway from any other block of stone are a series of small indentations.

Like with any sort of tale involving opening portals to alternate dimensions, there was a way to get things going. To use the Gate of the Gods, you'd need the right tools.

Inside the structure is a small depression that would fit a handheld disc. The disc was allegedly the key to the gateway, and once placed in the depression, would cause the door to shimmer and glow. Once the door shimmered, the Gate of the Gods could be used.

A legend suggests that the Incas may have made this gateway defunct. During the time of the conquistadors, an Incan priest realized that the Gate of the Gods was too powerful to let fall into the grips of the European thieves.

So, he took the sacred disc, pressed it into the gateway, and jumped through—snatching the disc on his way out. That being said, this is one of the few gateways to other dimensions that still sees its fair share of high strangeness.

Dream, Another Dream

What if you want to go to another dimension, but don't have the money for a trip to Peru? If you go on online forums, you'll see that there are plenty of people who claim that one of the easiest gateways to other dimensions to access is through your dreams.

Many people claim to get glimpses of alternate dimensions in their dreams, oftentimes going so far as to describe details about the other dimension's alternate history. One forum user on Experience Project called mobiuswahn explained it this way:

"I have also had recurring settings in my dreams in which nothing really happens but I am revisiting cities and people that don’t exist in this world. These strange cities are so detailed that I can draw you a map of them...I have died 3 times in 3 different worlds and I haven’t had dreams about those worlds since. I know how drowning feels because that is one of the ways I died."

This would sound like a typical dream, if it wasn't for the fact that some people keep revisiting the same alternate realities—or even go so far as to mention details about languages they don't know!

Alcala de Guadaira was a town that Pedro Oliva Ramirez really knew well. Having grown up near Seville, Pedro had traveled the small, two-lane road to this tiny hamlet for years. So, if anyone knew the area like the back of his hand, it'd be Mr. Ramirez.

Then, one day, on the way to Alcala de Guadaira, Pedro watched, in amazement, as the typically two-lane road started to shift into a massive, modern, six-lane highway, filled with speeding cars. That wasn't the only strange change in scenery Pedro noticed either.

Tall, thin grass he never saw before started to pop up. He noticed houses and apartment buildings as high as 20 stories—a truly bizarre change from the normal scenes of petite homes lined by classical Spanish gardens.

He then noticed that there were massive factories with tiny shimmering lights off in the distance. Soon after, a wave of intense heat flooded his car, followed by what sounded like radio static, and he heard a disembodied voice tell him that he had traveled through another dimension.

Even the cars were different. Rather than modern vehicles, Ramirez saw old Cadillacs racing past him, complete with alien license plates. Eventually, he turned a corner and found himself in the middle of Seville.

The entire trip should have taken 30 minutes. He was missing for three hours. Did a gateway just open up into another world in front of Pedro? Did he just take a trip through one of the more modernized alternate realities among parallel worlds? And if so, how did it happen?

The Gate of the Sun

Another one of the many gateways to other dimensions found in South America is the Gate of the Sun; and much like Peru's Gate of the Gods, the Gate of the Sun is mostly known for its legendary uses rather than its current paranormal activity.

According to the legend, the Gate of the Sun would allow people to travel between worlds, and would also be used by gods as a way to commune with humans in the area.

However, unlike the Gate of the Gods, the Gate of the Sun was a legit stone doorway you could walk through. The Gate of the Sun was allegedly knocked into dysfunction after a sudden cataclysm happened, and when conquistadors found it, the gate was indeed knocked onto its side.

Since the gate fell, there has been no sign of interdimensional travel. However, the stone archway still seems to carry a uniquely jarring energy around it. People claim to hear disembodied voices whenever they're near it, and some also feel a strange sensation similar to static electricity.

The Unexplainable Crash

Throughout the American West, there's an unspoken understanding that strange things tend to happen out in the desert. This is doubly true on certain highways and regions where skinwalkers are said to roam. One common theme among legends is the belief that gateways to other dimensions can open up at random on these roads.

In 1972, four Southern Utah University girls who were returning from a rodeo in Nevada learned this pretty darned well. They got into the car and went through Gadianton Canyon as a way to cut through to Utah in record time. Soon after, it became clear that something was amiss.

The desert badlands gave way to a road with grass and pine tress. The normally black asphalt changed to white concrete, and behind them, no desert could be found. The girls began to get scared, knowing that they never saw these sights on the way to the event.

Worried that they may have misread the map, they pulled over to a small picnic table and decided to figure out. They got out of the car, stretched their legs, and looked around. Then, one let out a scream.

Over on the road next to them were four black, egg-shaped vehicles on wheels that emitted a bright light from an unseen source. The strange machines began to approach them, and the girls ran into the car and drove off.

The strange egg-like cars followed them aggressively, and as they got back on the road, their area started to return to its normal appearance. Worried about the bizarre crafts behind them, the girls ran off the road and crashed the car. Their pursuers were nowhere to be found.

Shortly after the accident, police were called by a friendly motorist who spotted the wrecked car. When police took a look at the car accident, they were able to look at the marks in the sand from where the car careened off the road.

The tracks from their car abruptly started and stopped, as if someone had literally just dropped the car from the sky. No explanation was ever found as to how this could happen, or what the girls saw that night.

The Philadelphia Experiment

If you believe rumors and conspiracy theories, then you might be aware of one of the more alarming stories involving gateways to other dimensions. This one doesn't involve aliens or ancient civilizations; it involves Uncle Sam.

According to some witnesses, there was a strong effort by the United States government to create an interdimensional portal. Some also suggest that it was an attempt at an invisibility cloak. Either way, something strange happened and technology was involved.

One day in the 1940s, people who were lounging by the shore saw the fully-staffed USS Eldridge vanish before their eyes. The ship reappeared miles away, but the Eldridge definitely didn't look too good—not that anyone who just traveled through a dimensional portal would.

The ship itself appeared untouched from the outside, but the crew definitely appeared worse for the wear. Many died with expressions of terror on their face. Some reappeared fused to the ship, or even cut in half through the ship's floor. Those whose bodies were intact mostly appeared insane.

Some, though, were able to recant what they saw. Some claimed to see people who had died, while others said they traveled through time. Regardless, the entire experiment remains clouded in mixed reports and legend. It seems like Uncle Sam really wanted to cover up what happened.

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