10 True Stories About Alien Abductions That Will Have You Believing

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Do you really want to believe? These stories about alien abductions will have you rethinking that.

10 True Stories About Alien Abductions That Will Have You Believing

Imagine being able to be one of first humans in history to meet an intelligent life form from another planet. Cool, right? Most people like the idea of meeting aliens in theory, but the truth is, we would probably all be terrified if we saw extraterrestrials in real life.

Humanity has a natural fear of the unknown, the strange, and the foreign. Nothing quite says terrifying, by those standards, more than an alien creature from another world.

This fear makes sense, too. Aliens probably don't think like us. They're smarter than us, if only because they mastered interstellar travel. They are here, on Earth, without our permission, and there's no telling what their motivations would be because of that fact.

Alien abduction stories tend to raise a lot of questions. What do they want with us? How will they treat us? Why us, anyway?

Many stories about alien abductions paint a pretty grim, if not bizarre, picture about what life would be like if aliens really did arrive. Here are some of the strangest reports out there that are allegedly true tales.

One of the first serious stories about alien abduction was experienced by a couple known as Betty and Barney Hill. The two had lived relatively normal lives until the fall of 1961, when they were driving home to the United States from a vacation in Niagara Falls.

The couple spotted what appeared to be a falling star at first, but quickly revealed itself to be something else entirely. They remembered the light growing rapidly, eventually stopping down in front of them. They then remember grey aliens in black uniforms approaching them.

Barney yelled that the aliens were going to capture them, and the couple fled in their vehicle. They went to sleep after an apparent escape, but woke up with torn clothing. After that night, they began to have strange, terrible dreams about having medical checkups being performed on them by these creatures.

Betty remembered that the aliens showed them a star map, which she memorized. Upon further scrutiny from medical professionals, it was discovered that Betty Hill had drawn out a star system that really existed. It was known as Zeta Reticuli.

Back then, the term "grey alien" was not really known. So, how did they describe what would later be a pop culture phenomenon so well? Moreover, what on Earth (or beyond) tore their clothes?

To date, Betty's star map withstood heavy scrutiny and their accounts became the topic of many books. Yet, inconsistencies remained that made skeptics wonder, most of which involved the difficulties of remembering what happened.

The Hills only remembered the grey aliens outside the ship, and only Barney recalled their features. Betty, however, saw them as men with black hair and large noses. Later on, other abductees would claim to see aliens shape shift. Could this be a regression quirk, or just signs of a made up story?

Many alien abductions are fairly harmless, and could even be construed as helpful. However, there are stories of alien abductions that are way darker and can only be described as hostile.

The discussion of hostile alien encounters is hushed, simply because of how disturbing it can be. One of the most famous examples of what appears to be a hostile abduction is the Guarapiranga Reservoir Incident, which happened in 1988.

Brazilian officials found the body of a man who had died days earlier—and it was unlike anything they had ever seen before. He was entirely drained of blood, missing organs, and cut up with highly advanced surgical tools.

In other words, his body matched the carcasses associated with cattle mutilation. This phenomenon has long been linked to UFO abduction, which is why people believe that aliens may have kidnapped and mutilated this anonymous man.

Carol and Helen Thomas were a mother-daughter duo who were walking through an alleyway as they headed home from the store, when they saw a bright light in the alleyway. The light came with a loud buzzing noise, which they soon noticed was from a flying saucer.

They didn't remember anything else shortly after that.

When they awoke, the two women noticed that Carol's jacket was soaking wet, and that they had puncture marks on their stomachs. From then on, nightmares ensued. They remembered having aliens remove egg cells through their bellies using syringes.

In their dreams, everything was soaking wet. One of the aliens really loved Carol's jacket and would rub it against its face, which was what made it wet.

Tracey Jones's Lifetime of Abductions

Many stories of alien abduction involve not one, but multiple visits over the course of a human's life. Such was the case with Tracey Jones, who first noticed something was awry when she would wake up and notice items around her home moved around.

The items that were shifted around often were small, inconsequential things. At times, they would be bandages that were wrapped around her fingers or chest that would disappear overnight.

Around her home, electronics would fail without explanation. Once in a while, Tracey and whoever lived with her at the time would wake up to see figures around the bed.

She believed she was haunted until she started having recurring dreams of alien abductions. Tracy would dream of aliens harvesting egg cells, her children being abducted with her, and would also have large wounds healed overnight.

Nobody believed her until she had a serious injury that required heavy bandaging. Like other wounds, it healed overnight, leaving barely any scar.

It appears that stories of alien abductions involving human mutilation are a lot more common than we'd like to think. One of the earliest cases happened in 1956 on Holloman Air Force Base.

Sergeant Johnathan Lovette and Major William Cunningham were walking through the desert region of the AFB, collecting shrapnel from a recent weapons test. This was a routine act that shouldn't have been dangerous at all, save for a couple of cuts from too-sharp debris.

At one point, Lovette went behind a dune to find more shrapnel. Cunningham then heard Lovette shriek in terror, and quickly went to see what his colleague was screaming about. What Cunningham saw made him scream as well.

The two men saw a hovering silver disc with a metal rope extending from it. The rope then grabbed Lovette and pulled him to the craft. Whether paralyzed by fear or from some other means, Cunningham was unable to move, and could only watch as a screaming Lovette was dragged onto the ship above.

When Cunningham snapped out of the trance, the ship had already flew away. He reported his findings to his higher-ups, who set out on a massive manhunt throughout the base. Mission Control picked up a fast reading on its radar, but the item itself was unidentified.

No trace of Lovette could be found for three days, until his body was discovered. Lovette showed no signs of trauma, but was drained of every single drop of blood in his body. His eyes were missing. His anus and genitalia were removed with expert precision, almost as if it was "a plug."

Most disturbingly, every animal that tried to eat part of him was discovered dead within feet of his corpse.

If you thought stories of alien abduction only happened in America, think again. This story came from the 1950s, by an American soldier stationed in Salzburg, Austria.

According to the record, this soldier was walking home at night and took a shortcut through some brush. He saw a strange creature that paralyzed him and then affixed a black patch to him. From there, the alien being dragged him onboard a ship using an unknown device.

Apparently, aliens are more likely small than big, as the creature was five feet tall, thin, and had fly-like eyes—or as he put it, "eyes within eyes." After being taken onboard the ship, they took him to a far away planet that appeared like paradise before returning him home.

Outlandish as it seems, investigators have not been able to catch him in a lie, or even get him to change his story. The anonymous soldier might have just gotten a free vacation from some of the more friendly aliens to ever visit Earth!

The Caucasus Mountains Abduction

Russians have also seen their fair share of stories involving alien abductions. In 1948, a small boy who fell asleep on the family farm's fields was woken up by a piercing, whistling sound.

He shook himself awake and woke up staring at a massive alien spaceship. Three humanoid figures grabbed him and took him aboard. Once they were inside the craft, he saw cages made out of metal rods.

In the first cage was a bear. The second cage had a naked woman, the third had three Caucasian men, and the fourth had a Slavic man inside. The boy was placed with the Slavic man.

The boy watched as the aliens took one of the Caucasian men out of the cages, strapped him to a table, and performed a vivisection on him. In a typical (now-modern) surgical manner, the aliens sprayed down the table to rinse off the blood.

The woman began to scream hysterically, the bear began to pace, and the men began to pray. The boy started talking to the man in his cage, called Sasha, and they found a way to escape their cages. However, the aliens caught him.

Sasha decided to try to strike a deal with the aliens. He offered to go to the alien's world if the aliens agreed to free the other humans. They agreed, and the boy was let go.

It sounds unbelievable, but get this—Russian government agents followed him through his life and even pulled his family into questioning. So, maybe Sasha saved the kid's life?

Judy Doraty has one of the strangest stories of alien abduction around, and to a point, it also answers many of the questions people have about why aliens do the things they do.

Like many others on this list, Doraty only vividly remembers seeing an alien craft land, then rapidly dart up. It wasn't until she had nightmares that were exposed by regression therapy that things started to make sense.

When Judy was abducted, the first thing that she witnessed were aliens trying to examine her using medical tools. They then took a cow aboard, and dissected it—in the same way that cattle mutilations are often described. It was then dropped to the ground, unceremoniously.

The aliens sensed her horror, and explained to her that they were doing tests on all life. According to them, they were "here for a long time" and tested everything from the air, soil, plant life, and fauna to determine how the planet worked.

They were getting gravely concerned with the use of nuclear weapons, and felt like Earth's time was short. Their main concern? Loss of life on Earth due to excess pollution and nuclear weapons. To think this is one of the reasons aliens would invade Earth isn't the craziest concept you've ever heard, is it?

A woman only known as "Lisa" is an abductee who mentions something very alarming, indeed. According to her evidence, she recalls being taken onboard an alien ship and shown human being floating in amber liquid staring back at her.

After having experiements run on her to gauge her health, she was placed in a tube with liquid as well. Lisa explained that she and the other abductees could breathe comfortably in the liquid.

She screamed and panicked at first, but then relaxed. And then, she woke up.

Interestingly enough, she's not the only alien abductee to report being forced to breathe liquid or being forced inside a tube. What this experiment is for is difficult to determine.

Do aliens walk among us?

Dr. Jacobs is a professor who has made a name for himself by studying regression therapy used on alien abductees—and he's noticed something pretty disturbing. According to him, there's a steadily increasing number of stories about alien abductions that involve the creation of alien-human hybrids.

The abductees see these hybrids, and they're often described as pale, sickly, with light colored eyes, and blonde, scraggly hair that grows in unnaturally. Their eyes and heads are often larger than average, while their bodies seem wasted away.

Because the aliens are failing to thrive, humans are often encouraged to hold them or try to teach them to be more human. Unfortunately, the abductees are absolutely horrified by them and refuse to deal with them in most cases.

Jacobs believe that these hybrids are made to walk among humans seamlessly, but for what cause, remains to be seen. His book, Walking Among Us, suggests that it's for an invasion.

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