Your Turn to Cook Dinner

by Dan StrawberryHall 6 months ago in erotic

An Oral Sex Erotic Story

Your Turn to Cook Dinner

“It’s your turn to cook tonight,” Rachel said as we were spooning on the sofa.

I stroked her head. It wasn’t though, she was wrong. “Nope. I cooked last night,” I said.

Rachel sat up. “Yeah, but I cooked two nights in a row before that.”

I sat up too. “You only made a salad, that doesn’t count.”

“It bloody does count.”

I sucked the air in over my teeth and shook my head at her. “Afraid not. Everyone knows salads don’t count.”

“You prick.” She hit me a cushion. “It’s a meal. It counts. You ate it, and I didn’t hear any complaints. Stop playing around. Now what are you making for us? I fancy pasta.”

I folded my arms. “No, seriously, it’s still your turn. I’m not making anything. You make pasta if you want it.” Maybe I said that a little too harshly, but it was true. Last night I’d made a curry that had taken ages. You couldn’t compare a salad to that.

“Stop being a dick.” Rachel said it as if I was behaving like a child or something. Like she was gently scolding me. It got under my skin.

“You’re the one being a dick.” I bit back.

Rachel got up onto her knees on the sofa. “I can’t believe you’re making such a scene of out this.”

I got up onto my knees as well. “I’m not making a fucking scene.” I felt like I was about to though. I hated it when she spoke to me like that and I could feel my anger flaring. Rachel looked irritated too. An atmosphere was starting to form between us. Moments ago we’d been perfectly happy, but suddenly we were at odds and it felt like one of those occasions where everything was about to spiral out of control. One of those silly fights that comes from nowhere, but you’re both too infuriated to pull back.

We stared at each other in silence for a moment, but luckily Rachel took the more mature approach. “Please. I really can’t face cooking tonight.” She gave me a sly look. “I’ll suck your cock if you cook.”

Tempting, but I was still annoyed, I couldn’t seem to shake it. I knew I was being immature, but I didn’t want to give in. It was her turn to cook. Fair is fair. I could still make her a good counter off though. “How about you cook and I lick your pussy?”

“No.” Rachel shook her head. “You cook.” She picked up a cushion and hit me with it again.

“No.” I grasped a cushion and slapped the side of her body with it. “You fucking cook.”

Rachel’s face reddened. Her nostrils flared. She hit me back harder with her cushion. “No. You bloody well cook, you dick.”

My smouldering anger caught light again, and suddenly we were back on that slippery slope to a full-blown fight. I hit her harder. “Stop being a bitch about this. You know you’re in the wrong. Just admit it.”

“How fucking dare you.” Her eyes went wide. “You’re such a stubborn prick. And you’re only saying that because you know I’m right.”

That really got to me. “I’m stubborn. Pot, kettle, black, much? And you honestly think you’re right? You’re crazy. Salads don’t count.”

“Oh, you prick.” She spat.

“Bitch.” I spat back.

We hit each other harder and harder with the cushions, back and forth as we traded insults. Soon we were just swearing and smacking each other, and it got so hard we were rocking on our knees with each blow. We really got into it, we even stopped cursing each other, but then Rachel lost her balance and she screeched as she fell forwards onto the sofa.

For a moment I thought Rachel was yelling in rage, but then I realised she was laughing. She looked up at me and her face was red and flustered, but she was grinning.

Something came over me. I felt heightened from the anger, and in that moment she looked achingly beautiful, and she was defenceless in that position. I fell on Rachel. “I’m going to tickle you until you admit you’re wrong,” I said as I pushed my hands up her t-shirt.

Rachel squirmed beneath me, but I managed to get my hands under her top. Her skin was warm and smooth, and she juddered and screamed as I danced my fingertips over those sensitive spots just above her hips.

Rachel tried to knock my hands away, to push me off her, but I was too strong. Her t-shirt came up higher as she struggled and I darted my hands back and forth, tickling her sides, below her bellybutton, up to her ribs, and she shrieked and howled with laugher.

But then Rachel changed tack. Rather than trying to stop me, she thrust her hands up my top too and she tickled me back. She knows I’m as sensitive as she is, maybe more, and it was a smart move on her part. I started to laugh and shake and squirm.

I didn’t stop though. Our anger at each other was evaporating, but the mutual stubbornness was still there, and we were locked into a competition now. It was a fight. We were tickling each other as best we could, and we both understood the rules, I could see it in her eyes. There was an unspoken agreement that whoever gave in first would have to cook dinner.

But fuck, Rachel was winning. I was still on top of her, but her fingers felt electric, and I laughed so hard my eyes filled with tears. I couldn’t take much more. It was getting more unbearable with each passing second. Urgent action was called for. I yanked Rachel’s t-shirt up hard. I pulled it right up and over her head, trapping her arms in in it and covering her face. She was helpless. I had her.

I tickled Rachel wherever I wanted, I touched her all over, and there was nothing she could do to stop me now. She shrieked and yowled and wriggled. She jerked and bounced around, she tried to pull her t-shirt back down, but I just kept yanking it back up again. I was about to win, I could feel it, but then she made another excellent tactical decision.

Rachel ripped her t-shirt off over her head and threw it in my face. I batted it away, but then things got a little confusing. Rachel reached around behind her back, her bra popped loose, then she tore it off and threw it at me too. I didn’t understand what was happening, and the sight of her naked breasts momentarily stunned me. Exactly like she knew it would.

Rachel moved fast. She wrapped her arms around my middle, she heaved and twisted, and suddenly I was down and on my back on the sofa, and she was rolling on top of me. She pressed me down with her body, her tits were in my face, I couldn’t see anything, and then she was tickling me again.

I came to life as I laughed, but my mind still felt numbed from Rachel’s sudden nudity and the feel of her breasts in my face, and I couldn’t seem to get her off me. And then I realised she was doing to me what I’d done to her, she was pulling my top up, and suddenly it was over my face, and I couldn’t get my arms down, and she was tickling me so hard I felt like I was going to pee myself.

Fuck, she had me, I couldn’t get her off, I couldn’t see, but Rachel suddenly stopped. Did she think she’d won already? But then I felt her hands on the front of my jeans, and I realised she was fiddling with my belt buckle. I didn’t know why, but I knew I had to stop her. I pulled my top off, I grabbed hold of Rachel’s hands, but she’d gotten my belt open already. She popped the buttons down the front before I could stop her.

I tickled Rachel again, her hands came away from my jeans, and then we were both tickling each other again, laughing and squirming, our naked chests pressed together.

Rachel, somehow, got a foot into the top of my jeans, and she managed to work them down off my hips as we fought each other. I didn’t want my legs to be trapped, so I kicked them all the way off, and then Rachel had hold of my underwear too.

I really didn’t understand what was happening now, but Rachel’s breasts were pressed against me, they kept riding up into my face, and I realised I was hard, and I didn’t try and stop Rachel working my underwear down, although it felt a little weird to be fighting her in the nude.

Neither of us let up though, despite my lack of clothing. We were both breathing hard, we were red faced, and getting sweaty, but we kept tickling each other. I was laughing more out of the fun of it now though, the absurdity of what we were doing, and I think Rachel was too. Then one of her hands wrapped around my cock and she squeezed hard and the mood changed again. Suddenly we were kissing, hard, our tongues in each other’s mouths. Rachel moaned and pressed herself against me, then I was moaning too.

I grasped Rachel’s breasts and held and squeezed. I rolled her nipples with my thumbs, and her moans became more urgent sounding. She gripped my cock harder, her hand moved faster. I pulled her jeans open, I pushed them down and she wriggled out of them and her knickers came off too, and just like that we were naked together on the sofa.

We kissed like horny teenagers. We got loud together. Rachel jacked me faster, whilst I rubbed and sucked her tits, and clasped her arse. I got my hands between her legs and she was slippery and wet already. I pushed a finger into her and fucked her with it. I slid it out and ran it around and over her clit, then I slipped it back into her and fucked her again, and Rachel groaned and bucked her hips against my hand.

It was all so sudden, but we were laughing and moaning and grinning at each other, more turned on together than we’d been for a long time. We kissed, we panted and groaned, we fumbled with each other with an urgency close to desperation.

Rachel pressed me down and got on top of me. She twisted around so her legs were either side of my head. For a heartbeat I had a wonderful sight, then she pressed back and dropped her pussy onto my face.

Usually I go slow when I go down on Rachel, I kiss her all over first, I lick her gently, but she sounded frantic, and I was more than a little eager, and I wanted to hear her shout. I pressed my face into her pussy to open her up, and I found her tongue with my clit and lapped at it with fast flicks of my tongue. She moaned loud in appreciation. She pressed herself harder against my mouth.

Rachel grasped my dick, then I felt wonderful warmth and wetness as her lips closed around the head of cock. She sucked and a vacuum tightened around me. She dropped her head down and took me deeper into her mouth, her hand on the base of my shaft came up to her lips, then she raised back up and drew her hand down me in one smooth, perfect motion. I groaned into her cunt as I licked it. Then Rachel stopped. Her mouth came right off me. “Loser comes first,” she gasped. “Loser cooks.”

I pulled my mouth away from her. “You’re on.”

I buried my face back into Rachel’s cunt and I flicked my tongue quickly over her clit the way I know she loves. She got her lips back around my prick and took me deep. She sucked me so hard I pulsed in her hot, wet mouth, but I tensed my stomach muscles to try and hold myself back. I was determined to win this contest. It was Rachel’s fucking turn to cook after all.

We moved quickly together. We got a little frantic. Rachel sucked me harder and pumped me with her fist, I ran my tongue back and forth over her clit with more pressure and I squeezed her arse cheeks hard and pulled her into me.

Rachel moved her head faster, her lips sliding quickly up and down my shaft and over the sensitive rim around the head of my dick. I got my lips on her engorged clit and sucked on it gently as I flickered the tip of my tongue over it. She gripped me so hard in her hand it almost hurt. I slid two fingers into her cunt.

It felt so good, fantastic, but I tried to hide my moans. I didn’t want to give Rachel hope. I could feel the conflict in her too, she kept trying to pull away from my face, but when I dragged her back down with my hands on her arse, and my mouth met her again, she groaned loud around my prick.

I licked and sucked at her, and I really tried to hold my pleasure back, but Rachel knew exactly what she was doing, and she wasn’t messing around. She swirled her tongue around me as she sucked, she tickled all my most sensitive places, she moved her hand and mouth in wonderful unison, and she quickened her pace perfectly. It felt like she was drawing my orgasm inevitably out of me with her mouth and her hands, and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

But I could feel Rachel trying not to lose control above me, fighting with herself, she kept pressing against my face, then realising what she was doing and holding herself still, then pressing again, and it gave me hope. I rubbed her g-spot with my fingers in time with my tongue on her clit and she groaned louder and louder for me.

We went wild. It was too much. Neither of us could hold still, we started bucking our hips, I fucked Rachel’s mouth as she sucked me, she ground her cunt against my lips and tongue.

We moved as one. We moaned together, our bodies were hot and sweaty, Rachel’s wetness was all over my face, I was throbbing in her mouth. Our pace increased, we moved faster and faster until we must have looked like we were locked in some sort of mad, mutual possession.

It felt like Rachel was winning though. A hot tension was growing at the base of my cock, and it came on stronger with every pass of her lips and flick of her tongue. It began to rise up through my shaft, it felt heavenly, too good to resist, and I knew when it reached the head of my dick I’d be done for. But then I realised I still had a trick up my sleeve. That thing that we never talked about, that we never admitted to doing, but that made Rachel come like nothing else.

I pushed the thumb of my other hand into Rachel’s pussy alongside my two fingers. I slid it in and out until it was wet enough, then I pulled it out and moved it a little higher. I pressed it against Rachel’s arsehole.

Rachel tried to pull away from me again, she knew exactly what I was doing, but I massaged her firmly with my thumb, and she held still for a moment, but she moaned louder, and then she relaxed and gave into it.

I rubbed her in tight circles, I pressed, and I felt Rachel relaxing for me. Her body was used to this, it was responding instinctively. Not everyone is sensitive there, but some people are, and Rachel was ridiculously so. It was her magic come button. A tongue on her clit, fingertips on her g-spot, and a thumb up her bottom and she’d come so hard it must terrify the neighbours on both sides.

I pressed a touch more firmly and Rachel’s sphincter came open around my thumb. Her moans came higher in pitch and her whole body trembled as I slid it into her. She trembled even harder when I started wriggling my thumb inside her tight back passage.

Rachel ground herself against me like she was mad at my face. She pressed herself onto my fingers and thumb, she moved her body back and forth in time with my hands, and I knew she was mine. She got noisier, more urgent sounding, her body shook hard, and I knew she was close, almost there, but then Rachel took drastic action too.

She took her mouth off my dick for a moment and I heard her spitting onto her fingers. She took me back into the glorious, warm, tight embrace of her mouth, and then her fingers were pressing between my buttocks. A fingertip touched me there too, in the place we didn’t talk about, and she tickled and massaged, and then her finger was coming into me as well. I may have neglected to mention I also have a magic come button. Rachel wasn’t as gentle as I was with her, but then she knew she didn’t need to be.

I could have fought Rachel. I could have tried to wriggle away from her finger, but the truth was I was close too, the tension was almost unbearable, and it felt so good when she touched me there. She pressed her finger deep, she curled it inside me, she touched me in that particular place and radiant pleasure ignited and exploded within me.

There was no holding back. The pleasure soared up through my prick, white light filled my head, and my cock pulsed and spurted a hot jet of come into Rachel’s mouth, but then was there too, she was shouting my name, bucking against my face, her cunt and her arse clenching my fingers with each wave of her climax, and we were coming together.

Rachel kept sucking and swallowing as I came, and I kept flicking my tongue back and forth over her clit. We moved out fingers inside each other, and we made a real song and dance of it together. We groaned and gasped and bucked and shook, we lost all semblance of control. Trying to hold my orgasm back had only made it stronger, and I was sure it was the same for her too.

Rachel fell off me when we were done. We lay in each other’s arms on the sofa as we recovered, a tangle of naked limbs, a mess of sweat, and spunk, and her wetness. “You want to get a takeaway?” Rachel said.

I nodded. “Yeah. Good idea.”

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