You win some, You loose some.

Gotta say no!

You win some, You loose some.

First night safely getting to go out, everyone still wearing masks and gloves though. But guess where we go... Bonfire! Lol I know... but shit it was the first event after.

We get there, already lit of course, and head right in. The line wasn't that bad and I so hope the security guard don't see my gun.

Thank heavens! He didn't see it.

Now relax, I know what you're thinking. No I don't plan on shooting anyone, it's for

"Just in case" cases.

So... we get inside, get our headsets and worked our way through.

We go buy some edibles, a drink and then we stand and watch the comedy acts.

Passing a blunt... of course!

We start turning up to the music in our headsets, switching back and forth between stations. When someone bumps me... now I'm fucked up at this point and had my eyes closed jamming away. I opened my eyes and it's "this nigga".

Ok so "This Nigga" is my fucking ex. You know... That ex! The one you be taking bets on who gonna loose the fight, Good or Bad Angel because that's literally how your mind feels when he decides to hit you up because he's bored or something...

Yeah. Him!

This nigga was standing in front of me, I'll admit he looked good. He had his face cut how I like it, shaved bare with a goatee.

He smiled, gave me a hug and then kissed me on the cheek. He step back, tell me "You look Good!" Then he walk off.

That fight stops.

They both pause and say "Really Nigga! Fuck you."

But then he gets on the stage and performs.

OMG! Him performing is like a come fuck me drug. The fight is so back on and the good side is losing.

But all fucking "HELL" went loose when he hoped off the stage, walked over to me and started kissing me. In his mouth was a Happy treat, he passed it to me.

I choked a bit because I fucking swallowed that shit. But... I instantly come back to reality, this fuck nigga kissed me in front of all these people. What if my new boo is here nigga, you can't be doing that shit. I grab my friends and drag them outside. We get outside and this bitch is laughing at me. I say fuck that shit, let's get some of that good ass jerk.

After we eat, I dare to go back inside. We walk back in and he was at the end of his set. He went to work the room while me and my friend had a good ass night.

We walk to the car and talk about everything that happened. Right ass we got to the car, here come This nigga.

Unfortunately, Good angel lost the battle.

I took one look at him and told my friend that I was going with him.

He fingered me the entire ride to his house.

We struggled getting to the door... we was kissing and fell on the stairs. I fell first and my dress flew up. He got on his knees, lifted my legs up and began to lick my entire soul from my body.

I could be exaggerating, I was super fucked up.

He came back up and we started kissing again when someone started walking past.

We laughed and got up. He got the door open and we started kissing again.

Damn! That night was something else.

I could tell you but that would be a whole other story.

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