"You can stay, but your clothes must go."

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"You can stay, but your clothes must go."

If you know me, you would know the one thing I love the most is…. being NAKED! YES!!!!! If I could be naked all day long, I would be a very happy camper. But that’s not the world we live in and I don’t see that being acceptable anytime soon. Soooooo what’s the next best thing other than not wearing a bra and underwear? A nude beach of course!

There are actually more nude beaches that I expected in the world. So one summer day, my good friend and I planned a weekday trip to this fascinating place about an hour away from where we live. Who knew? Well apparently a lot of people! We got there and I was itching to get my clothes off in the parking lot, but I came to find out that’s not the way it works. You can only be nude on the beach… big bummer. We started walking across the parking lot and went straight to the beach (longest walk ever when you're anxious!), and wallah… nudity everywhere! I have never been to a nude beach before so I was extremely intrigued. There were young good looking people, older good looking people, some older wrinkly people, all races, and to my surprise, all ages. Definitely not what I had pictured it would be like. Honestly, I thought it would just be a bunch of old fat people that were enjoying their retirement (my bad)…. But that definitely was not the case! At this point, I was extremely happy and satisfied being there...

My friend and I found a nice location on the beach and we put our shit down and I immediately ripped my dress off and felt the sense of complete and utter FREEDOM! What's the point of a bathing suit at a nude beach? It wasn’t long until we started getting approached by the nude men around us. There were a lot of men that were solo, men with partners, groups of women, older, younger, even some kids (which I felt was a bit inappropriate, but who am I to judge)? Being a newbie, we got to know a few “regulars” that gave me some insight on how this beach works. Apparently, there are ground rules that need to be followed such as: no fondling in public, no closed tents, no sex, no drinking, no smoking, blah blah blah… I broke 2 out of the 5 rules in 5 minutes. There were beach patrol roaming the area and most people were getting yelled at for the closed tents, I didn't think my smoking and drinking would be a problem? I found out the hard way when the woman beach patron kept coming over and basically yelling at me that there is no smoking on the beach. WTF, we are in open space, why the fuck not? But I behaved (or became sneakier to say the least). I also learned that on the weekdays it was a bit different crowd than on the weekends. The way they described it, it seemed like there was a huge orgy happening on the weekends. Okay then...

Overall, the environment was relaxing, cool and surreal. At times, I would be laying down on my stomach and some guy would walk up to talk to us, so when I would look up, there they were, balls and dick hanging in my face. It was fascinating and I LOVED IT! I loved the humility of everyone there and it’s not like they make you go nude, it was all about preference and choice. I clearly chose the nudity aspect to be the better option here. I got a little tipsy (sun, drinks and smokes can do that to you) and we sadly drove back home. It was a lovely experience to say the least. Freedom! Friendly people! Sexuality tests! It was a great first experience! Although that was the end of that trip, it wasn’t the last time I went to that lovely beach. I actually stayed in touch with a few of the “regulars” and they invited me to come back and meet them a few weeks later. Testing my limits apparently.

The second trip down was an experience I will never forget. I planned the trip to go on a weekday again (wasn’t feeling the whole orgy on the beach idea) and it just so happened that none of my girl or guy friends were able to come with me. So I said “fuck it”, I’m okay being alone, and I drove my ass down to that beach solo. Now let me say, a man at a nude beach being alone seemed like a better idea than a woman being there alone! Especially me!

I got to the beach around 11:30 am, and set up my place on the beach (no one was around me at this time) which seemed like a good spot to me. The beach wasn’t too crowded (maybe it was too early). I ripped off my dress and laid right down on my blanket. I had my headphones in, just enjoying the music, dancing, and texting, really wasn’t paying any attention to my surroundings. I happened to look up probably 20 minutes later and all I saw was a bunch of single men surrounding me in a circle. WTF just happened? I literally felt like prey and they were ready to attack. Of course, that didn’t stop me from being myself. One by one, they began to make eye contact, I smiled to say hello and one by one they started coming by to chat. Only interesting conversations from this point forward. There was the skinny lonely white man that looked like he needed a friend to talk to. The hot Latin man that was visiting the country and needed to get to a nude beach before going back home. The older couple that were clearly fondling each other under that towel (not being very discrete if you ask me) just enjoying some sun. The single African man that practically lived at the beach because his job allows him to work from home (only if they knew)! The other white man that was way too drunk to talk to anyone and finally the "regular"(cute/Latin) who I planned to meet there initially. It got a little weird when one of them would want to sit on my blanket. Why you ask? Well, I really didn't want sweaty balls and assholes (literally) on my blanket)! Do you really blame me?

The walk to and from the water was interesting to say the least. Everyone just wanted to talk and stare…Pros and cons to that situation. Too much human stimulation for me, especially because I’m a fucking horn ball and we were all NUDE!

Of course, I got a bit tipsy and eventually got fingered in the ocean. Duh, I already said that was way too much stimulation for a horn ball! It could have been soooo much worse, but a fingering here and there was sufficient at this point. Overall, I have to say that these experiences are priceless and if you are comfortable enough to go nude in public, DO IT! Just do it with people you trust LOL! It was a great time all in all, but it was way too much attention to have to deal with as a woman. I don’t trust myself enough to go there alone again, but will definitely go there again with a bunch of bad ass bitches (you know who you are)!

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