You Are My Drug

Oh, man...

You Are My Drug

I never knew you could be addicted to love. This love could be the light in you or the love that kills you. Your drug is so addicting. I always need more. I always want more. There is always more to have from you.

Your love is so addicting that I can't control it when you touch me all over. When you kiss me with those sweet lips that drive me insane. When you squeeze me tightly, there is electricity that lights me up inside.

Before you, I never knew that love. You intensify everything. When you just look at me the way you do, I melt from the inside out. Why are you so addicting? Why are you so sexy and amazing? You always know what you're doing. It is NEVER boring when it comes to us. The craziness and how hot you get me. It drives me off the roof.

Man, baby, if you only could feel how my addiction to you is the best kind of drug. You satisfy all my needs. You always know how to touch and caress my body. You make me shake. You make me feel so sexy and more. Why are you my drug? The drug I can never get rid of. You mess with my soul and take it from me when you look at me with those devilish eyes. I crave you morning and night. I crave you 24/7. It's not just your body I crave. I crave your amazing heart. I crave the way you listen to me. I crave you in the most innocent way as well. I crave to know what goes through that brain of yours. Tell me. What is your ultimate dream of us together. I crave to know your goals and dreams. I crave your touches, the way you hug me and grab my ass. I crave those lushes kisses that you randomly give and make me weak in my knees.

You are the ultimate drug. You are a drug that you cannot go to rehab to heal from. You are the ultimate addiction. You get me throbbing in places I never knew I could throb and shake from. You are my everything. You are the love of my life. You've brought excitement into my life from the first day we met.

The first day you ever looked into my eyes so deeply, you owned my heart. You owned everything in me. I am yours and you are mine. Together, we are each other's drugs. Together, we make crazy feel amazing. You can read my mind and my body like no one else could. You are my other half. You are my soulmate. You drive me insane, and no matter what we go through, we always have each other and come out stronger.

You are within me. I am within in you. No one can understand us. No one understands our connection. We are best friends and we drive each other insane. We love so deeply for each other; no one understands the addiction. This addiction is so strong and crazy that it is unbreakable.

You know my body, my soul, my heart, and my dreams. You know me. You know how to love me correctly, even if you feel like I deserve more and better. I DON'T!!!! I want you and all you craziness. I want to know all your dreams. Those sexy fantasies you have. Those fantasies of yours, they will come true when you ask that special question to me...

I will marry you one day. There is nothing that will change that!

You are my drug that will never go away...

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