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An interview with a sex doll seller

By Aaron DennisPublished 4 years ago 6 min read

I've been writing about sex dolls for nearly a year now. I live in America, and it appears to me that there is still some kind of negative stigma regarding doll ownership in the west. I attribute this to the way doll owners are portrayed in movies and T.V., when they're portrayed at all.

These portrayals may well fit the narrative for the show, and the portrayals may well be accurate, but I have never made an attempt to justify, praise, or defend doll owners. What I've been attempting is the normalization of doll ownership; there is a difference.

Some doll owners are odd to say the least. Some have doll harems, and they believe their dolls have personalities.

Some people own a single car. Some people own an entire warehouse. No one thinks owning 200+ cars is odd.

No one thinks that person is deranged. That person doesn't appear to think his cars have personalities either. I wonder if they all have names....

Whether the current stigma can be solely blamed on the misrepresentation of doll owners, or whether it's due in part to personal shame or embarrassment, is beyond me. I've tried to interview several doll owners, but the only verified owners are on reddit. I haven't been able to get the people from reddit's r/Sexdoll forum to comment off the forum, so I can't really explain why people in the west still avoid buying dolls.

Maybe, there is shame and embarrassment, and maybe it's psychological. Maybe, it's social; what I do know is many people just don't have enough information to feel safe making a purchase, and that's a problem.

How can an entire culture shun something they've never tried? Something they may have never seen? Something they know nothing to very little about?

To that effect, I conducted a quick Q&A with Cindy, who does customer support for XQueenDolls, a site from which I have personally made a purchase. Try to understand that Cindy is in China, and so her English may not be perfect. I have not modified the Q&A.

Aaron: Thanks so much for this opportunity, Cindy. First, I'd like to know a little more about you. What do you do for XQueenDolls?

Cindy: Xqueen Sex Dolls is a small business with a team of 5 people, we sell sex dolls online to local market and global market . I work as customer support in this website, answering customer questions, responding to after-sales issues etc.. I am also in charge of anything which requires using English, like updating the blog, uploading new products etc.

Aaron: How did you become interested in working for XQueenDolls?

Cindy: Before I joined Xqueen Sex Dolls, one of my close friends was already working here. This is an awesome team, I enjoy working here very much.

Aaron: Have you toured the manufacturing centers?

Cindy: Yes I had ever been to two of sex factories we work with.

Aaron: Have you seen the dolls being sculpted and crafted?

Cindy: I'd seen part of the sculpted and crafted process, not full of that, as I didn't stay in the workshop for a long time.

Aaron: On the "About Us" page for XQueenDolls, I see that the company is considered a "Gold Reseller". Can you explain what that means?

Cindy: First of all you can consider it as kind of pubic propaganda. Actually we are "gold reseller" of these factories, we have very close relationship with them, it is easier to build trust with each other as we are both local companies. Through long-term cooperation we expand business together and we get very good price and support from the factories.

Aaron: Can you also tell us if or how that saves your customers money?

Cindy: Just compare the prices we offer with other websites, if you bought the same 125cm doll Meng in other US seller website, you would spend extra $500. We don't make big margin but I guess we have more returned customers.

Aaron: In western countries, like here in America, it's perfectly fine for women to own sex toys, but it's always shameful for men to have them. I'm trying to help change that by explaining that sex dolls are wonderful, and they are for all kinds of people of all genders and sexual orientations. Can you talk a little bit about the perception of sex dolls in China?

Cindy: In China(or same for other Asian countries), it is in the contrary. It is more shameful for women to buy sex toys. In recent years, people feels more comfortable to sex toys online, as they don't have to face people in the offline shops, and the shipping and package is discreet. According to a report in 2018 from an online marketplace in China , among the people who bought sex toys online, 65% are male and 35% are female. I also read a news that in 2018, 1.7 millions sex dolls are sold online in China, while a total population of 1.5 billion in China. 1.7 million looks really large to me, I think it include the half-body(torso) sex dolls.

Aaron: Finally, will you tell us why we should buy from XQueenDolls?

Cindy: I think our prices are the best and we also provide the same great customer services as other local(US/UK...) sellers. The weakness of us is that we are not a reputable website in the English world, some buyers are afraid of being scammed from a Chinese website.

Aaron: Thank you so much for your time. I am very grateful. Is it possible to get some pictures from your work place so that people can see what you do? Thanks again.

Cindy: As we are a reseller, not sex dolls factory, our office is just very common office with tables, computers... Due to the product and business nature, we don't keep any physical product sample in our office. People can't tell what we sell from our office. Sorry we don't share office photos this time, and our team are too shy to show up in photos. Lol. Sorry about that.

Well, there you have it, people. XQueenDolls is a simple office with a small group of friends who work with local doll factories to sell those dolls the world over. It's an up-to-date "tupperware party".

Yeah, you did know that 99% of tupperware parties were just a few bawdy gals selling sex toys from magazines, didn't you? Anyway, I do want thank Cindy again and XQueenDolls. This is a reputable company, and if you've read my ebook about sex dolls, you might recall that I mentioned to steer clear of some resellers, but in this case, you know you're safe.

I have purchased from XQueenDolls. Now, I've spoken to someone from the company, and I'm passing all of this on to anyone who has any interest at all in doll ownership.

Again, this is about doll ownership, not doll owners. All kinds of people own dolls, and those people do all kinds of things with their dolls, and that's their business, but if you think that, maybe, just maybe, you might want a doll, now you know it's perfectly cool.

Thanks again for reading, and be sure to download my free ebook: Sex Dolls: A Mysterious World Demystified.


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