Why to Have Sex on Her Period

Periods should end your sentences, but they don’t have to end your sex life.

Why to Have Sex on Her Period

You're dying to get laid but your girl has her period. Should you dejectedly retreat to the bathroom and beat your meat, or should you forsake all reason and screw your chick's brains out, blood or no blood? "I want to screw the hell out of her," you're thinking, "but what about the dreaded curse? Isn't it dangerous to have sex with a menstruating broad?"

Maybe she’s not into it because she doesn’t want the mess, or she’s experiencing cramps and uncomfortable. Perhaps it’s even you that isn’t into the thought of blood. But fear not, for it's not as bad as you or your girl think it is. In fact, it may even be more enjoyable for the both of you. Don’t shy away from talking about it with your partner or listening to her when she says it's something she’s into. Plenty of people account for the enjoyment of it, and there are many ways to make it mess free.

Sex Superstitions

"The person interested in the history of this subject," said Maxine Davis, the author of Sex and the Adolescent, "will find a fascinating and rather horrifying folklore surrounding menstruation."

"It has come down from very ancient times. For instance, the Roman historian Pliny, who, classic-language scholars still read, lists many dangers which may come from the mere touch of a menstruating woman."

"Pliny relates solemnly that she will turn wine to vinegar, blight crops, and bring death to seedlings. She will blunt fine steel and rust iron and brass. She will drive bees from their hives and cause mares to miscarry."

Ms. Davis went on to say, "Savage people were so fearful of girls when they came to the time for their first menstruation that the older women put them away in secluded huts or rooms and imprisoned them for periods ranging from a few days to five years!"

"We all laugh at such nonsense! But there are others which grandmothers today and even some few mothers believe and pass along to their daughters. For instance, they say if you wash your hair while menstruating it will stop the flow, or that if you have a permanent then it won't take. That plants tended at this time will wither and die."

"...A menstruating girl cannot wear a corsage: it will wilt immediately. That if a girl has a tooth filled at this time the filling will not last. That milk poured by a menstruating woman sours; that the loss of menstrual blood is weakening; that you shouldn't take a bath or any exercise, but just rest, because menstruation is a 'sickness.' "

If you believe any or all of the above, then you're living in the Dark Ages. Wake up! Expand your mind! There's no reason why you and your girl can't get it on when she's having her period. "As a matter of fact," Ms. Davis pointed out, "you can do practically anything during menstruation that you do at any other time." And that includes a lot of hot and heavy sexual intercourse!

Increased Sex Drive

Ask any dude who's tried it, and most of them will readily assure you that fucking a woman on her period is a highly erotic and tremendously stimulating experience.

"I really dig balling Kasey, my girlfriend, when she's bleeding!" confessed Jake, a twenty-nine-year-old engineer from Tucson, Arizona. "She really craves sex when she's on her period. She becomes a sex maniac."

"It’s funny, that first time I tried to do her when she was having her period, she ran away from me and locked herself in the bathroom. She was embarrassed and thought that I was a kinky pervert. I finally convinced her to come out and we had a long talk. She agreed to try it just once."

"Needless to say, she loved it and so did I. Kasey became a wild, passionate beast."

"That time of the month is now a happy time for us. We celebrate the arrival of Kasey's monthly period by downing a cold bottle of champagne and by fucking. I don't know why anyone refers to it as the curse… to Kasey and I it's a blessing!”

Robert Street discussed menstrual sex in his book Modern Sex Techniques. He said, "It is appropriate to discuss briefly at this point the practicability of engaging in intercourse during a menstrual period. Beyond the inconvenience of it, there is no healthful reason why it shouldn't be practiced. It will neither lengthen nor decrease the flow as many women believe."

"Furthermore, a great proportion of females acquire their strongest sexual urges at this time. Since the first and last day of the period are usually characterized by a slight staining only, a relationship, then, is not too disagreeable..."

Variety is Key

Greg, a thirty-five-year-old bartender from Long Island, New York, talked about sex during menstruation.

"My girlfriend and I have a very active sex life. We are always trying something new and different. We don't consider any sex act dirty or kinky. If two people enjoy doing something together sexually, and it doesn't hurt either of them physically or emotionally, then they should do it... without having any guilt feelings or bum trips."

"Lacey likes me to fuck her when she's having her period. Before I slip my cock up her pussy, she carefully washes and makes herself smell real nice for me. But even if she didn't wash herself, I'd still gladly have sex with her."

"Once in awhile, for variety's sake, I'll slip on a yellow, green, red, or black rubber. We use other forms of birth control as well, I hardly ever wear condoms. It's kind of a treat for both of us when I use one. It's kind of funny, but when I use a condom I feel like a high school kid again. You know, I close my eyes and I can picture myself in the back seat of my old Chevy fucking some cute honey."

"At any rate, back to having sex with Lacey when she's bleeding. Sometimes we do it in the bathtub. It's really neat to get it on while you’re partially submerged in some lukewarm water. It feels good on the balls and ass. And like I said before, we dig variety. Besides, it makes for easy clean up after the fact."

"Fucking in the same bed all of the time gets to be a drag. When your chick's on her period, try fucking on the front porch, or on the roof… then you'll know what real sexual excitement is!"

A Woman’s Point of View

Liz, a twenty-two-year-old dental hygienist from Hollywood, California, doesn't believe that menstrual sex is the least bit disagreeable.

"I’m really horny during my period; In fact, whenever that time of the month comes around, I go out looking for men who get turned on by fucking a chick on her period. I love a man who doesn't get turned off by a little blood!"

"Some of the dudes I bring home refuse to go down on me when I'm bleeding. I figure that's cool… but if they won't screw me, I kick their asses out of my apartment. I don’t want any chicken lovers."

"A few months ago, I brought home a dude who looked like a muscle-bound god. And he was hung like a horse. I couldn't wait to get him in my bed. I prayed that he wouldn't refuse to fuck me when he found out that I was flying the red flag."

"I fed him a few drinks and then I peeled off my sweater and tight pants. His eyes were glued to my crotch as I removed my black silk panties. And when I unhooked my bra and let my massive melons flop out, he gasped in delight."

"I lay down in front of him and spread my legs wide apart. He looked right up my hole and spotted my tampon string. He smiled and yanked the damned thing out and planted a wet kiss on my juicy pussy."

"He went down on me for about 10 minutes; then he worked his mouth up towards my breasts. I was hot and ready for the royal insertion, so I grabbed his throbbing organ and then the rest is history!"

Noted San Francisco sexologist Norton Kramden wrote, in his book Equality of the Sexes, "Just as many men want their women to fellate them to orgasm and then swallow their semen, a growing number of liberated females expect their male lovers to copulate with them while they are having their monthly menstrual period."

"If a dude expects me to drink up his sticky secretion, I don’t think he should object to doing me if I'm on my period. A little blood isn't going to hurt anything," remarked Dia, a twenty-five-year-old receptionist from Tacoma, Washington.

She went on to say, "A woman's body is beautiful… inside and out. I expect a guy to love every part of me. If he won't fuck me every day of the month, he won't fuck me at all. I won't let him ignore me when I'm on my period. I get really horny when I'm having my periods, so I want to do it more than ever."

"I’m really good to men who fuck me when I'm menstruating. I’ll suck their cocks, lick their assholes, and let them plug my asshole, if that's their bag. Just as long as they make me come, I'll give them the blouse off my shapely back."

What You Need to Know:

  1. It's neither dangerous nor harmful. As long as both partners are comfortable with it, it is natural to have sex throughout the month.
  2. With her hormones all over the place during that time of the month, she could actually be hornier than usual. Ignore the little mess and it could be some of the most enjoyable sex of your lives.
  3. Speaking of mess, to avoid stained sheets, put down a towel on the bed. Laying on your back or on your side can help to reduce the flow and cause less of a mess. Or have sex in the shower to avoid any stress about a mess and cleanup right after.
  4. Having sex on her period includes added natural benefits. Because of the time of the month, there is extra lubrication. Also, having sex can help to relieve cramps and discomfort caused by menstruation.
  5. As always, use protection. Because of the blood, there is an extra risk for passing any STIs, but sex while she’s on her period could also land her with a UTI or a yeast infection.

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