Why Should You Pee After Sex?

Does it make a difference?

Why Should You Pee After Sex?

So you've probably heard that people should be peeing after sex. If you're a woman, you've probably heard this multiple times in your life. What's the point? Does it matter for anyone with a penis to pee after sex? Is peeing after sex a mandatory must? Urinating, in general, serves an incredibly important function for our bodies. Peeing after sex can be an important step to taking care of our general physical health.

Benefits of Peeing After Sex

Urine acts as a natural cleanser for our own bodies. When we pee, we not only flush out waste, we are cleaning out any bacteria that our bodies don't like before it can cause a problem. When we have unprotected sex with someone, we are exposing our bodies to any bacteria that may be on their skin. The bacteria may be from around the anus, carried in their sweat, or found in their mouth. It can also be part of that person's natural body, as not all bacteria is bad. Either way, our bodies see it as foreign bodies.

If these foreign bodies have the chance to travel up the urethra to the bladder, it can cause a bladder infection. This is called a urinary tract infection, or a UTI. A UTI can cause a burning sensation when peeing as well as discomfort from internal inflammation.

Anyone can get a UTI, but it is significantly more common for anyone who has a vulva. People with penises tend to have longer urethrae, so it is less likely that any bacteria is able to travel to the bladder and start an infection. People with vulvae tend to have shorter urethrae so getting a UTI is more likely.

Is It Mandatory?

Peeing after sex is not mandatory, just a good idea for some. If you are prone to bladder infections, then you might want to try to make a habit of it. It will reduce the number of urinary tract infections you get, and if you are very sexually active, that will make a huge difference to your overall health.

If you've never had, or rarely get, bladder infections, then it is not as much of a priority for you. Listen to the rhythms of your own body and make the decision accordingly.

There is also no specific time it needs to happen either. You don't need to jump up after sex to race to the bathroom. The best recommendation is within 30-45 minutes after, but it can be pretty much any time you are ready. Just make sure that if your amorous activity is at the end of the day, you make sure to go before you go to sleep.

What If I Can't Pee?

It's normal to have difficulty peeing immediately after sex. When we are sexually engaged, our bodies release a whole bunch of hormones during orgasm. The release of the hormones signals to our bodies that the urinary tract should be closed. Your muscles tightly contract to prevent any urine from coming out during intercourse. It can take some time for those hormones to subside and allow those muscles to relax and allow urine to flow.

If you want to pee after sex but find it challenging, don't fret. Just wait a bit longer and try again. Squeezing out a few drops isn't going to be enough to flush everything out, and it doesn't need to happen immediately after sex. So take some time to cuddle and relax. You can also have some water to make sure you stay hydrated. Even when your muscles relax, you won't feel like you can pee if you are dehydrated.

Keep Your Body Running Like a Well-Oiled Machine

Peeing after sex can be a great way to keep your body clear of infections. Repeated infections can sap our energy as well as impact our overall health. The better we maintain our health, the more we can enjoy fun sexy times as well as other great things life has to offer. Keep making steps and learning ways to improve your health and maximize your enjoyment of sex.

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