Why (and Where) to Have Sex in Public

Become a freak in the sheets and the streets by trying more sex in public.

Why (and Where) to Have Sex in Public

Several months ago, I was walking on 42nd Street in New York City with Ron. Ron is a lawyer–as a hobby, I'd argue, because his real occupation is sex. Ron is a highly accomplished voyeur, and knows more about sex than anyone I know. As we were approaching the corner of Seventh Ave., Ron put his hand on my arm and said in a low voice so as not to draw any attention, "Look in that car parked there by the curb. There are two people fucking in the car."

I looked, and couldn't believe what I saw.. Sure enough, two people were in the backseat of the car. The woman was sitting on the man's lap. Although they were fully clothed, I could immediately tell from the way the woman's skirt was pulled up in back and the way they were rocking back and forth that they were having sex. Right in broad daylight, in the middle of midtown Manhattan, they were screwing!

"My God!" I said to Ron, "how are they getting away with it? I mean, you can't do that. They must be nuts."

"Of course they can get away with it," Ron answered. "If I hadn't pointed them out, you never would have noticed. Nobody else is noticing either. People don't see what they aren't looking out for. The point is, that I know that people have sex in public all the time. I notice it because I've trained myself to do so."

The whole thing interested me immensely, and I began to look into the matter of sex in public and semi-public places. I learned a lot from Ron and his girlfriend, Cindy, in this endeavor and had some pretty hairy, and fun, experiences of my own in doing the research.

Time to get freaky in the streets.

For a lot of people, sex in public places is a real turn-on, especially for people who have been doing the dirty for a long time and are looking for some variety to keep the excitement alive. There are risks, sure, but it is those very risks that get the people going who like having sex in a public place. There are three degrees of publicness in public sex. In stage one, you are doing it in a place where you can see other people, but they can't see you. Stage two; you can see other people and they can see you, but they don't know for sure that you're getting down. You've got it well under the covers, so to speak. Stage three is the full-monty operation, something at which Ron and Cindy have become masters. In stage three, others can see that you are making love, but you've picked the right time and place so that you don't get arrested.

Here is probably where I should point out that having sex in public is completely illegal. Nothing kills the mood quite like getting arrested for indecent exposure, lewd behavior, creating a disturbance, and possibly landing a sex offender charge. And even if you avoid the legal repercussions, there's the sheer embarrassment of it all. High-risk sex is all fun and games, but you will want to take the necessary precautions. Trust me.

Beds are boring.

Illustrated by Anna Sudit

In talking to Cindy about sex in public, the first thing I wanted to know was why she did it-what she got out of it. After all, women are, generally speaking, more sexually modest than men–at least the women I know. I wondered if she was an exception.

"Oh, no," Cindy said, "I'm probably as shy as any woman, or at least I was. I always knew I enjoyed sex, but I usually preferred to do it with the lights out. Then met Ron. He really opened me up sexually and made me feel good about my body and beautiful when making love. That was fine for a couple of years, but then Ron started to tell me that I was so beautiful when we were making love that other people should see me. At first, I thought he was nuts, and then once I finally agreed to do it publicly, it was under a blanket on a relatively quiet beach. Even then, I didn't believe I was letting him do it. I was on my side with my back to him. He was in back of me on his side, and after slipping down his trunks and the lower part of my bikini, he came into me from behind. There I was, my face up to the sun, watching people walk by, and Ron was moving ever so slowly in and out of me so that we wouldn't be noticed. I came very quickly. I could feel my face light up and shine in the sun as I came. It was all could do to keep from making any noise. That was two years ago, and since then we must have done it in over a hundred different places."

After talking with Ron and Cindy some more, and doing some experimenting of my own, I came up with the general principles of pulling off sex in public and semi-public places. The most popular place is, of course, a parked car. While many people resort to cars because they can't do it at home for one reason or another, a lot also do it out of preference. Despite the awkward positions, heads bumping into steering wheels, bruised knees, sex and cars are one of the more popular pairings.

Wanna go for a ride?

Besides cars, there is another vehicle of great interest to the public fornicator, namely the elevator. I find elevators a fantastic turn-on and always make a play for a date when alone in one, although not all women are into taking advantage of the elevator's erotic potential. The thing to keep in mind about elevators is that during off-peak hours, once they start going up from the lobby, they will usually (although not always) continue without stopping until they reach your floor. This, of course, is not true for the trip down, during which an elevator is likely to stop on any floor to pick up more passengers. Elevators involve risk and timing. If you know how long it takes to get to your floor, the question is: Can you get it in and get off before arrival?

Other favorited places for public sex include beaches and parks–under blankets in the daytime and under the stars at night. Beaches are especially nice, as you can hear the sound of the ocean, but a little messy. On a summer night, you might see the fires of people barbecuing or having a bonfire on the beach. The sound of distant voices on the beach can give a comfortable feeling of people being nearby, but not too close.

In the city, rooftops are interesting places for making love. In the summer, when you can't get to a park or beach, you can put a blanket out on the flat roof of an apartment building. If your roof is higher than those around you, you may hear voices below, but no one can see you. If your roof is not the highest, you can fantasize about whether anyone can see you.

Location, location, location...

Illustrated by Anna Sudit

A really obvious place for sex that surprisingly few people make use of is your own backyard. Out on the chilled, dewy grass at night, you can roll around naked and feel your bodies wet against each other. Then run inside and take a bath to get clean and warmed-up before going to bed. Or, in the daytime, you might try while rolled up in an oversized hammock in the backyard (admittedly, this one is not ideal for the clumsy lover).

One couple I know swears by having sex in movie theaters. In the theater, it is usually as easy as sitting in the last row. If they can't manage that, they make each other come with their hands. They have also found that they can have a quickie in a stall of the ladies' restroom if they go while the movie is playing. She goes in first and tells him when the coast is clear. Same thing on the way out. In the stall, they either do it standing with her bending over and him behind her, or with him sitting on the toilet and her sitting on his erect dick. Once they've been at it a while, he stands, and she puts her legs up on his shoulders and hangs onto the side walls of the stall for better leverage, but she says that her arms usually give out before she can come. Tough break.

One area that is really underutilized is sex in the office. If you can find someone at work that you can get it on with, why not also find a place at work where you can get it on? Storage rooms, abandoned conference room, emergency stairwell, are all great options, and there is nothing to perk up the day like a regular fuck after lunch before getting back to work.

Sex in public places might not at first seem like your cup of tea or your partner's. But once you try it, you could very well become addicted, as did Ron and Cindy, myself and countless others. The fresh outdoor air, the risk and adventure, the new places, and just being around people can be a real turn-on.

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