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Who's a Good Boy?

Is it you?

By Lizzie MartinezPublished 4 years ago 5 min read
Be a Good Boy and don't speak unless spoken to...

I couldn't help but stare at my toy that rest on his heels before me He was ready to please me WITHOUT question or hesitation the way his long shoulder length wavy hair scatter across his shoulders, his face, his neck

The way his muscles twitched on his chest and shoulders as I tap my nails against his each vulnerable area. I step back and admire his nakedness before me. The cool air kissing his skin. The tiny hairs upon his body beginning to stand at attention. Welcoming my presence. Wanting to be touched. To be swayed. To be made to do as desired.

The way his body was built. Strong. His hands even stronger, yet before me, he was weak and needing. He longed for something he couldn't get anywhere else. His eyes never lifting to look into mine just as a like it, "What a good boy." I squat down in front of him wearing a sheer black lingerie and stockings.

My hands went through his soft hair then I yanked his head back back. I felt his hands move up my thighs, I pulled his head back more. My brows eyes narrowing, "Don't touch me... Who told you to do that?" His lips parted and a slight exhale exited between those full lips of his and he placed his hands back on his thighs as he rest on his heels in front of me. I leaned forward, my teeth pulling his bottom lip teasingly, "Who gave you permission to touch me?"

He winced and my eyes caught his light blue eyes in my stare. Like a spider to a web he had no choice but to answer. My right hand slid up his neck while my thumb move across his throat. My left hand releasing his hair and move down the side of his neck to meet my other hand close to his neck. He finally responded, "No one." I shake my head slowly, "You will address me as Miss. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Miss."

"Good boy..."

I squat down on each side of him, restraining him with the floor cuffs on either side. Afterwards, I admire him there in front of me. Being a 4'0" tiny Domme was so exciting for many. They are always unsure in the beginning, but realize as exciting as it is for them, its also more dangerous. My sensual/sexual appetite in this tiny body is at an all time high. I want satisfaction and I will get it how I want it. I will not be questioned. There will be no hesitation. Your pain is my pleasure and you will be trained by my etiquette. You will learn your place before me. You will learn how to address me. My likes will become yours. My wants and desires will be something you strive for daily. If I choose to use you for entertainment at special events, then you will eagerly fulfill whatever I desire of you. Remember, "Good Boys ALWAYS obey."

I want to see your mouth be eager to touch feed from me. I want to see the way you beg for more not just with your words, but with your body. Craving. The way your eyes want. The way your body bends and folds and seems to want to crawl out of your skin to please someone else.

"Good boy" I say to you "Good boy" for wanting to fulfill such pleasure to the one who can make you become better in ways that you didn't know could happen. "Good boy" for becoming unselfish and living for someone else's pleasure. "Good boy" I whisper into your delicate ear.

If I sit in front of you in my cushy chair will you please me? Will you make realize you were the best out of the many other choices I had available before me instead of all the others? How hard are you willing to work for me? What will you do if I want more? What if I have my hand out and ask you to hand over your wallet? Will you sacrifice everything to make my life easier? To make me completely happy? Will you sacrifice EVERYTHING for me?

"Good Boy... Do you want a reward? You deserve a little something for being so good for so long to me."

You will learn quickly to address me by my name "Yes, Miss" ... you will learn to succumb to all my fantasies. Making my pleasure ooze from the depths of all that is wanted in me.

Who are you to me? Well that depends on you! Do you deserve to touch me? NO! Are you worthy enough to touch me? That depends on you. I want to see where your loyalty lies for more than a short while. I have no room for temporary fulfillment. I want something permanent. I want someone who will defend my honor, my words, my wishes, my wants, my desires, my fantasies, my body, everything.

What do you deserve in return? A place to exist. A place to live out your desires that you've had for years and years. You've kept it secret because you've been afraid of what others would say. You now have someone who is willing to see what you have hidden from the world.

Chained for my pleasure ... "Good Boy"

Whipped for my pleasure ... "Good Boy"

Pushed to the brink for my pleasure ... "Mmmm Good Boy"

Tied up in anyway to turn me on ... "You are such a Good Boy!"

I want more...

I need more ...

I want to press my naked skin against your body...

I can be sensual and playful I can be dangerous and demanding I can be nurturing and lenient I can be unsatisfied and never have enough I can be strict where you have no mercy all for my pleasure I can be mischievous and take charge of what I own

Are you that for me? Are you going to be that Good Boy for me?

Do you need to hear my voice echo in your ear and will you to bend for me to make me happy?

Do you want a release? Tell me, do you need it?

Speak up!

Do you want me to help you release your essence for my pleasure?

Am I going to be satisfied with what I see? Am I going to laugh at how you in your circumstance?

Shall I lash you with my whip for my entertainment? I want to see the trail of pain for my pleasure upon your skin.

Here is my hand out to you now...

Show me what a Queen I am to you Show me how Superior I am to you Show me how much you believe women rule

Please me

Please me

Let me admire you while you kneel before me in chains

Please me

Good Boy!


About the Creator

Lizzie Martinez

Little person, actor, published author of several books & other works, poet, Script Writer, Expert Paranormal Investigator/ Consultant/Instructor & Founder of my own paranormal business & Sensitive Medium.

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