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The Tiny Domme

by Lizzie Martinez 3 months ago in taboo

with a new toy

The Tiny Domme
He Had No Idea How Sadistic She Could Truly Be

Alexandra was tired of being the butt of all jokes. She was played by many men throughout the years. She could still remember her first relationship that ended up being a joke in disguise. The boy that said he liked her and treated her wonderful was just playing along with his friends. They had promised him that if he could get her to fall for him within 2 months that they would pay him $200. And so they did. She went to school looking for him and as she walked down the hallway, the kids in the hallway began laughing at her. Some pointed and burst out laughing while others screamed in her face that she was a freak because she was so short. Jared spotted her and casually walked up to her while high-fiving others along the way and he squatted in front of her. Jared told Alex that no one would love or appreciate her. She was just a conquest and he thanked her for her participation, even though she didn't know she was playing a part of any sort of game. Jared smirked and let her know that she was a freak and no one would love her because she was too short to love. Being a little under 4'0" was not even realistic for someone who's tall to love.

Later on she met another man who was a reporter. He pretended he wasn't married. He pretended he was a single man who had been married and was miserable and lonely and was afraid of love and commitment because his previous marriage had fallen through. What Alex didn't know was he was lying to her. He had a fetish for short women and he wanted to mark this off his bucket list. He led Alex on and told her everything he knew she wanted to hear to get her "to obey" him. He became physically aggressive and she was falling out of love with him and he knew it. He wanted to hurt her since he wasn't getting his way. He told her she was a freak and she was only good enough to be used by men and she should get into porn and be used up. That's all she was good for. She wasn't important. She was a freak and he even thanked her for letting him check off his bucket list by sleeping with her.

Down the road, she got into another relationship. The relationship got serious and Alex believed that the relationship was special because Jay wasn't like any other. He treated her like a Princess, but that soon changed after they got married. When she became pregnant he changed and said hurtful things: -the child wasn't his -he only married Alex to please his mom -he only had a child to please his mom -he had a child and didn't really want one to begin with ... so ... you know... -he didn't want to really get married, to begin with -he really wants someone taller, not someone short like me

He began to blame Alex for any and everything wrong that began to happen in his life. He would call his mother who would defend him without knowing all the facts. His mother Noreen would then call Alex to shame her then share with her family more lies that would roll off her tongue.

Jay began looking for other women to look at online. He became addicted to porn and reached out to an old friend of his who had lost contact with him for a long time. They shared pics of each other. He told her how much he loved her. How much he longed for her. To touch her. To taste her. He called her his superfriend. Claire asked Jay what was a super friend. He proudly professed that she could make him laugh, smile, and cum from halfway around the world and he loved her for that.

The more Jay got involved with Claire, the more he purposefully ignored Alex. He put her down and made her feel bad about herself. He called her a freak and let her know she wasn't important. The only woman he now wanted was Claire. Alex contacted Claire and told her that she knew what was going on. Claire then wrote Jay and told him she felt "threatened" by Alex for letting her know she knew what was going on between the two.

The relationship ended between Jay and Alex. He had become so ungrateful for all the things Alex had tried to do to keep their relationship together and all Jay wanted was for Alex to do all the work and he just wanted to sit back and do nothing. Alex could never do enough and when Alex finally filed for a divorce, Jay involved his family even in that process. He lied to them and made up stories about things Alex hadn't done. He lied and said that everything he was doing was her doing this and that. Jay had his sister Dana making up false statements and information about Alex. Noreen was making up stuff as well to get back at Alex for wanting to leave their son/brother. No one was allowed to leave him but he could leave them.

Months later, Alex surfed the net and ended up finding a vulnerable young man who was willing to please a woman who could take control. Alex wanted to treat men how they've always treated her. She wanted to use them up and spit them out. She finally found a young man named Stefan. He came to the house. She met him at the door in her little black dress, black 3" square heeled boots that zipped up the sides to mid-calf and a lacy masquerade mask on to cover her eyes. He walked in nervously in jeans and a t-shirt. He kept his eyes to floor to avoid looking at her. She gestured for him to get on his knees. He cautiously knelt before her. Curving her index finger she placed it under his chin and lifted his head upwards towards her. The sides of his shoulder length hair rested on this back while the sides were pulled back in a band to stay out of his face. He looked at her. A smile came across his face, "I've never been with a tiny domme, a woman like yourself. I guess I can wipe this one off of my bucket list." Her hand quickly stung the side of his cheek and that smile quickly disappeared. She had him follow her on his hands and knees. His breaths quickened and did as was told. He pushed his face into her rear end as she walked and she walked down the hall with him and to the room in front of her. The door was open. He rested on his heels as he looked in the room with chains hanging on the wall, leather whips, gags, toys of different shapes and sides, a cage off in the corner and a leather table in the shape of a small "t".

Alex told him to take everything off and wait on his knees for her by the wall. He cautiously entered and she closed the door behind him.

After fixing her makeup she opened the door and saw him on his knees by the wall. She approached him and ran her fingertips along the side of his neck. The tiny goose bumps from the cool air made the hairs even stand at attention underneath her fingertips. She dug her nails in to his flesh that seemed to melt. Her nails trailed harder along his right pec and across to the left. He had his hands resting at his sides as she touched his skin. Her face was almost expressionless as she touched his flesh that seemed to beg for some sort of attention. She walked over to the side table near him and pulled out a thick black leather collar with a large metal ring on the side. Alex buckled it around his neck then reached back at the chain hanging from the wall behind him and connected the end clasp to the loop on the collar. She chained his wrists to the chains connected on either side of him on the floor. She wrapped a leather belt around him that clasp with the metal loop to the wall. There was no way he could get up from his knelt position. She opened the drawer in the side table again and pulled out a blind fold and stood there in front of him. Leaning towards him. Her lips barely touching his. Her voice a hushed whisper, "Still want to check this off your bucket list?" Stefan swallowed hard. He was no nervous as Alex stood there in front of him. She rest her hands on his shoulders and her face rest against his cheek and whispers again, "I asked you a question, Stefan." Alex moved the tip of her nose along his cheek until she once again stood in front of him. She held up the blindfold and covered his eyes with it. Strapping it behind his head.

Alex again said softly, "Stefan?"

He moved and stuttered slightly as he tried to form his sentence, "No, mam. It was a mis...mistake. I was wrong for saying such things..."

Alex walked away from him to grab her small leather whip. She pulled the strands through her other hand. Walking up to him with a smirk on her face. The whip gently gliding over his left shoulder. His muscles flexed. He turned his head to the side. Breathing heavier than before. He could feel what was scaling across his skin. I pulled it away from his shoulder and let the tips sting aginst his pecs. His chest muscles tightened and she let it twirl in her hand over and over on his skin. Leaving tiny red marks of ownership on his flesh. As much as he hated the sensation he also craved it. She walked up to him. Her body pressing into him. He couldn't move his hands to touch her. He squirmed to be closer to her. The scent of vanilla lingered under his nose as he breathed her in. She moved the tip of her right shoe between his legs. He lift away but she used her hands to push him back down. The tip of her shoes lifts upwards more between his legs. He winced. The corner of her lip rising more. It excited her knowing how she could pleasurable play with a toy of her own. Someone she could use. Someone whom she could use as pure entertainment for herself until she was done and use again at any moment for her pleasure. His pain was her pleasure.

She called him "her good boy". She called him her "play thing". Alex let him know she was there for her pleasure and nothing more. She didn't care about his needs. She removed his blind fold and kept him chained to the wall. On his knees. She turned and had him use his teeth to unzip her black dress so she could take it off. As she let the dress slip from her shoulders she glanced back over her shoulder noticing his eyes were hungrily staring at her soft olive complection. She smirked and told him he he wasn't allowed to look at her unless she gave him permission. He was nothing more to her than a toy and he would do as she said. She took a few steps back from him to face him. Her dress slipped down her hips to her ankles. As his eyes were lowered he saw her step out of the dress as it wrapped around her ankles.

Alex's hands moved over her own breasts as she stood there watching him. He bit his lower lip as he kept his eyes towards the ground. His hair moved across his shoulders to the front. His chiseled jawline was something she loved to look at. The muscles in his arms flexed as if he was trying to pull against the chains and he just couldn't. She walked over to the dresser beside him and reached in the second drawer and pulled out her favorite toy. Alex walked over to the front of him. Pressing her flesh against his bare skin. His flesh was cool but hers was warm. She turned on her toy and used it to pleasure herself while placing an arm around his neck and getting herself off. She threw her head back as she made herself release three times in front of him. He groaned as he could do nothing but feel the heat build up in his body as she got off while pressed against his body. He was getting hard as she finished pleasuring herself. She held the toy up that glistened between the two of them. She was still dripping from her pleasure. She squatted down and rubbed herself against his hardness. Coating it. He rose up wanting to penetrate Alex but she moved away and chuckled. She stepped away from him to observe his firm body.

She was finished with him for the evening and unchained his hands only to cuff them behind his back. She took the chain off his waist and neck and gestured for him to go into the cage. He begged her for more and she reminded him he was her toy and she would use him when she felt she wanted to. He was nothing to her and never would be. He needed to get used to serving her needs. Serve her when she told him to and no more than that.

He was to be a good boy for her. All good boys may get a little surprise in the end if they obey long enough and do as they are told without hesitation or question.

Before she left the room with him naked in the cage she told him he was going to give her money so she can go shopping. He looked at her and quickly responded," Yes, ma'am. Anything you wish ma'am."

"Good boy" Alex responded and closed the door. He lay there with the moons light gleaming through the small window. He lay there naked in his new bed. At least for now until Miss decides she needs to use him again.

Lizzie Martinez
Lizzie Martinez
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