Where It Begins... (Ch. 8)

by Maya Juarez-Peña 7 months ago in fiction

Chapter 8

Where It Begins... (Ch. 8)

I take the opportunity on Sunday morning to get up late, late for me being 9AM. I open all the windows to my apartment to let in the fresh morning air. Sundays are typically my only day to fully sleep in and take it slow or pamper myself. I make my self a yummy breakfast of pancakes, eggs, and toast while playing some upbeat music. I try not to turn on my tv or I will get lost on my couch for hours just staring at the screen. About 5'o clock I head to my parent's house for a dinner she was all to excited to make, and game night. These nights are really the only that I get to spend with them so I hate to miss them.

Arriving at their house my mom hands me a glass of white wine and I help her finish cooking dinner. She is quite the wine connoisseur and over the years has turned me into one as well, taking me on wine tours in our state and teaching me little things along the way.

"So how is work going?" she asks me.

"Same usual crap," I mutter.

She looks over to me, "So your boss is still acting like a teenager?"

"She threatened to write me up for some stupid reason, because she knows I can do her job better than her!" I say, rolling my eyes.

As she takes plates out of the cabinet and hands them to me she says, "Yeah it is a shame when someone else has a job that you can do and they do not deserve."

I nod in agreement, as I set the table as my father joins us at the table with his beer in hand. Being an only child may seem like a small family dinner or boring family night, but when you move out of your parents house you seem to cherish them little times more. It also helps that my dad has the best sense of humor of any one I know.

"So what game do you want to loose at tonight Mija?" my dad says jokingly.

"Hm, how does monopoly sound?" I say, taking a bite of my chicken.

He takes a swig of his beer and looks are me, "You got it."

We finish the night and of course my dad wins the game.

"Told you I would win!" he says, sticking his tongue out at me.

My moms looks over to me, "That is because he was the banker, and they always cheat."

He shoots her a playful look.

"Well, I think I am going to head out, get ready for work tomorrow," I say, giving them hugs.

On my way home I stop by the store to pick up a bottle of wine and some ice cream, two of my big weaknesses. I decide to treat myself to two small containers of mint chocolate chip ice cream and a caramel cookie chunk.

Back at my apartment I get cozy on my couch and turn on Netflix, and eat my ice cream.

The work week seems to not move fast enough and I feel I am becoming impatient. Khyle hasn't said anything to me and it makes me nervous. I roll my eyes at my self, aside from the fact that I get nervous super easily. Thursday comes around and Khyle calls me into his office. I stand up, fixing my skirt nervously looking over at Jessika. She smiles and makes an obscene gesture with her hands smacking an ass. I smile and roll my eyes, as I turn around towards Khyles office.

He is looking down at his computer, one hand on the mouse and the other is holding up his scruffy chin, his eyes are furrowed almost like he is angry or confused, "Come in, Adrienne, take a seat."

"So, I know we have not talked much since our date last week..." he says dryly.

Oh so it was a date them, I say to myself. Then he continues to speak..." I wanted to talk to you and make sure we are clear on our situation," he says sternly.

Situation? What kind of situation are WE in. My heart starts to race slightly and I am once again nervous, and when I get nervous I start to sweat. Yes, I am the awkward cute girl that gets the nervous sweats and it is gross. I do my best to look calm and not at all worried.

He lets out a heavy sigh and says, "I am going to be direct about this so we are able to hopefully move forward from here. I want to make sure that no matter what both of our jobs are not at all in harm."

Okay, I am now definitely sweating and I hope he can't see it as I nervously bounce up and down. He stands up and goes to close his door.

"I would really like to go on another date with you and be exclusive with you. However, me being your boss technically, it is frowned upon for us to date. If we are able to clarify that what ever we do is not spread around the office. We will have to remain as professional as possible while on the clock" he says.

I instantly have a flash back to the little incident in the copy room when he mentions "professionalism" and a little smirk comes to my lips, I try to hide it with my fingers.

As if he read my mind he says, "...aside from our exchange in the copy room which will not happen again.''

He continues to say that he has really enjoyed the time that we have spent together, that he enjoys getting to know me and would love to know more, but we can not let this affect our jobs and that he can not show any kind of favoritism to me.

"Of course..." I respond

"...Now with that being said, would you like to join me for dinner and golf with some friends tomorrow night after work?"

Crap, he wants me to meet his friends already? I look down at my hands in my lap, are they all as handsome and rich like him? I look up at Kyle and he is looking at me as he is leaning back in his chair, one hand resting on the arm rest and the other resting on the side of his face propping his head up. He seems worried, his eyes are searching my eyes like he is searching for the answer inside them and now his leg is the one that is shaking under his desk.

"...You want me to meet your friends?" I say siting up straighter in my chair crossing my arms on my lap.

He smiles, "Yes, I think they would really like you."

I lean forward and smile, "Okay."

A big smile comes across Kyle's face as he says "Okay, I will text you later about the details. Now get back to work... I would hate to have to punish you."

Oh shit he likes to play like that does he?

I giggle as I stand up and say, "I might enjoy that" with a wink and walk I away.

Damn, that was a smooth move, Adrienne. Back at my desk Noelle is standing over at Jessika's desk talking quietly when they stop and both shoot me looks pointing to their cell phones. I grab mine from my drawer to see that they have been making up stories and talking shit about what was going on in his office.

I message back, "Hey y'all need to calm down with your conspiracies."

"Well are you going to tell us what happened in there or do we need to start asking you out loud?" Noelle replies.

I smile and I tell them briefly about our conversation and about our date tonight with his friends. Noelle instantly tells me to let her know if his friends are single and cute. Jessika congratulates me on dating the boss and maybe I can fuck my way to the top of the company. Wow, these chicks have some problems.

"See this is why I did not want to say anything...." I pause and look over the them.

Jessika reply's, "You know I am kidding dummy."

I shoot her a look as I respond to them, "Still, you guys need to keep this quiet, you both are the only ones that know and I would like it to stay like that."

They both give me a thumbs up and Noelle heads back to her desk. Later that evening at home Khyle sends me a message about tomorrow.

Khyle: I'll pick you up at 7:00 pm.

Me: Where are we going?

Khyle: That is for me to know and you to find out.

Me: Ugh fineeee.

Maya Juarez-Peña
Maya Juarez-Peña
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