Where It Begins...

Chapter 7

Where It Begins...

"Where are we?" I ask as I get out of the car looking around me.

Scanning the area I notice that we are on top of the mountain looking down at the city, at all the lights twinkling below us.

"I've never seen this at night," I say, glancing over at him.

He's looking out to towards the city, and he says, "I always love coming here to get away from the city without actually getting away from the city."

Damn this man has a beautiful smile, I wanna fold it up and stick it in my pocket for later. We walk to a little stone overlook and sit on the edge of the stone edge. We talk for a little while exchanging brief stories from our childhood, favorite movies, and music... you know, standard small talk.

"Wow. I would have never guessed you had such a wide range of taste in music," he says.

I laugh and nervously bite my thumb nail, "I like to think that I have a wide range of interests, or I keep an open mind about it."

"So tell me something you like doing for fun then?" He says.

"I like to drive down the really rich fancy neighborhoods and look at all the beautiful houses, and imagine what they look like inside...." my voice trails off... "Sounds weird, but I have a fascination with interior design," I say confidently.

He looks at me snorting, "oh, so you're a rich people creeper."

"Hey!" I yell shoving his arm, "I could care less about the people and more about the designing."

He turns to face me, throwing his leg over the edge so he has one leg on each side of the stone rail. I do the same so we are face to face, knees touching. He gazes into my eyes and takes my hand, slowly he kisses the tip of each of my fingers, looking up at me every few fingers, then back down to my hand. No one has ever simply kissed my fingers like this before, sending a jolt of excitement through my body.

"Your hands are so soft..." he says in between kisses, "they smell like lavender, and I'm enticed by it," he says softly.

"I love lavender," I reply, losing my breath.

He lets go of my hands and I immediately take my fingers to my lips and smile, as if smelling his lips on them. For a moment we are both looking out over the city and its just peaceful. Then I feel him looking at me, but I try to play it off like I don't notice.

"What?..." I say looking back at him, "what's wrong?"

Without a word he grabs the back of my knees and pulls me closer to him. He leaves one hand on my knee, and moves his other hand to the back of my head. It all happened so fast, for a second I am lost. He finds me when I feel his tongue push my lips apart. Fuck, he smells amazing, and his lips have a slight taste of mint.

My hands are framing his face, moving all around his head, burying my fingers in his hair. I can feel his hands are exploring my body, searching... feeling his way. Our chests are slowly moving, pressing them together. His hands slide down to my ass into the bottom where my pockets are, scooping me higher up on his lap. There is no more space between us now, and I can reach my arms even further around him, holding him even closer to me. Holy shit. We continue kissing, only breaking for air when I mange to let a little moan slip out. My face feels numb, and the only thing I can feel are his lips on my lips, sucking the air out of me, and his firm hands moving all over me.

Oh shit! His hand has moved from my ass to my back. He slides his hands into the back of my shirt, and up to my bra. Thank god I wore one today. His nimble fingers have unhooked it, and my back is exposed. Our lips have parted slightly when I smile onto his lips, and drop my hands to my sides. He takes his right hand up to my shoulder and slides one strap down my arm. His left hand then moves to my other strap, tilting his head to the side to look down at my shoulder. He lets out a little "mmmm" as my other strap falls off. My bra still sits lightly on my boobs when his eyes find mine, I smile and push my boobs together with my arms, so that my bra falls completely off.

Without our eyes moving away I sit up straighter so my breasts are lightly pressed on his chest. He inhales sharply and returns my smile. His hands have now dropped to the top of my thighs, as if asking permission to move further. I manage to whisper "please," as I place my lips gently on his earlobe. His hands instantly move up to my breasts cupping them.

"Fuck, they are so soft, and fill up my hand so perfectly," he says.

I respond by kissing his ear, nibbling on the lobe, then leaving a trail of kisses all along his neck alternating between little bites and kisses. Shit I think I am turning myself on. My hands move to his shirt working to slowly unbutton it until his chest is open and exposed. I stop kissing him, and pull back to get a good look at him. Holy crap, of course his body is immaculate.

"What?' He asks, concerned about why I pulled back.

"Fuck, I just have to get a good look at what I just touched," I reply.

He smiles and leans back, running his hand through his hair. This man has a freaking eight-pack set of abs that flex so perfectly when he laughs. He has a tiny patch of hair in he center of his large pecs, and a trail of hair going from his belly button to his pants. What I wouldn't give to be that patch of hair right how. Once I've had a chance to soak him in, he hooks two fingers in the front edge of my pants, and pulls me back on top of him. We continue kissing and feeling each other. One of his hands moves from my ass to my back, and the other to my chest. My hands are gliding over his torso, I can't stop feeling his muscles.

After what seems like forever, he grabs my chin and pulls back sighing, "We should go."

WHAT? NOW? Oh god, I don't want this to end. I scoop up my bra and clasp it back together, as he buttons up his shirt, leaving the top three off so his chest hair is showing. I don't argue with him, the look on his face was one of worry, and I don't want to push him. In the car he is holding my hand, gently humming to the music playing.

I can't help but wonder why he stoped us back at the mountain. Was it something I did? Did I smell? The questions running through my head seem to be getting more absurd, and I can't help but ask, "Why did we leave?"

He takes a breath in, "Trust me Adrienne, leaving was the last thing I wanted to do..."

"Oh?..." I mutter.

We pull up to the curb outside my place, and he switches off the engine. I unbuckle my seat belt and sit silently for a moment. Without looking at me he places his hands on the wheel, gripping it, letting out another sigh.

"I just... we need to be careful..." he says.

I look over to him and bite my bottom lip, my heart drops. With his hands on still on the wheel he tilts his head to me.

"Look, my position in the company is a delicate one. I have worked hard to get there, and you as well. If you are even thinking to move up in the company we can't have people think that you got there by sleeping with the boss." He says sternly.

His hands drop from the wheel. I get what he is saying, even though I don't like hearing it. I nod my head and agree with him as I move to open the car door.

"Well, thank you very much again for tonight, Khyle." I say quietly.

He turns to look at me as I get out, but doesn't say anything. I hoped he would have told me to stop and pulled me back in for a kiss, but I guess I'm dreaming. As I get to my door I hear his car door close and foot steps quickly approaching behind me. With my keys in my hand, I turn around to see Khyle right behind me. He grabs my waist and presses me against the door, kissing me hard. I let go of my keys, bringing my hands to his hair. His mouth is desperately searching mine when he takes my hands from his head and drives them up over me. His large hand holds both of mine up over my head, while his other hand moves to my chin. I can feel the need and desperation in his kiss.

He pulls away and bends over to grab my keys, handing them to me. I'm out of breath, and once again my face is numb.

"I needed one more kiss from you... at least" he says panting.

With that, he places a gentle kiss on my lips, "Goodnight, sweet Adrienne."

"Goodnight Khyle..." I sigh.

He heads back to his car and peels away from the curb. I open my door, closing it behind me, and I lean against it with a heavy sigh. For a moment I do not know what to do with myself, but replay tonight's events in my head like a broken record. I close my eyes and lean my head against the door. I remember his hands moving along my body, his strong grip on my ass, how... hard his chest is. Fuck. With that I feel a wave of sadness wash over me. I get the feeling that this was our only time together, which is why I did not want to tell the cook at the restaurant I had a boyfriend, because I guess I don't. I need to leave my options open... right?

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