Where It Begins... (Ch. 6)

by Maya Juarez-Peña 4 months ago in fiction

Chapter 6

Where It Begins... (Ch. 6)

Back home I shower and pack a small bowl of weed. I can already feel my anxiety getting to me, and after today's crap I feel it is also well deserved. I want to feel amazing and relaxed, not shaking and tense. I lay out my clothes and decide to go with a flowy burgundy crop top that shows just enough of my belly to tease him, my black ripped jeans and my biker heels. Feeling the sexy biker vibes tonight. I am fearless, strong and sexy... at least on the outside. On the inside I am a hot nervous mess, and I laugh at myself.

The weed starts to kick in and I turn on my sexy playlist. I start dancing around my apartment, shaking my butt and singing at the top of my lungs. I'm glad I decided to get ready early because its already 6:30 and I've barley gotten dressed. I feel amazing right now.

I'm wearing only my jeans and a bra, Beyoncé comes over my speaker and I grab my hair brush to use as a microphone. I'm now signing and dancing around the room forgetting about time as I usually do when I dance in my apartment. Shit! It's 7:15, Khyle will be here any minute so I put the finishing touches and apply my favorite burgundy lipstick to match my top. My eyes are dark with a smokey eyeshadow and it makes me feel dangerous.

When 7:30 hits, I see Khyle getting out of his car heading towards the stairs to my door. Holy shit he looks fucking sexy. He's got on some dark jeans almost skinny jeans, a nice button up shirt and leather cuff on his wrist. Wow, seems like he was channeling his inner biker too. I bite the tip of my finger nail and I'm already imagining what he would look like with out that shirt.

My heart starts to flutter and I start having a mini panic attack. I take one more hit from my bowl and try to relax, he's going to be at my door any second. I spray some perfume on my chest then in the air as I walk through it feeling like a force to be reckoned with. As I walk through the cloud I tell myself, "Relax girl you are sexy and HE likes you."

My nerves have settled and then he knocks on my door. Opening the door he takes one look at me and steps back.

"Wow...." he pauses, "you look amazing, and like you're ready to get on the back of some guys bike."

I smile and say, "well if there was a bike I would be on the back of it."

His eyes widen and he says, "Well maybe on our next outing I'll let you ride on the back of mine."

Of course. "Of course you would have a bike," I say as I close the door flashing him a little smile.

He gently places a hand on my lower back and escorts me to his car. He pulls open my door like a true gentleman and closes it behind me, I let out a little snicker.

"What was that for?' He asks.

"Oh nothing, I've just never had a guy open the car door for me." I say surprisingly.

His brow crinkles as he says, "then you have been going out with the wrong guys."

In his car, he puts on this very cool romantic music. The kind that makes you feel like you are stoned and ready to fuck. I wonder to myself why he chose this specific type of music, but I find it perfect. The smell his cologne lightly fills the car and all I want to do is burry my face in his neck. We make some small talk on the way and asks me if I have chosen a photo to submit yet.

"I am still trying to decide between a few photos." I confirm.

"So how long have you had a bike?" I ask.

"I got it right out of college about 3 years ago, as a gift to myself, he smiles.

We pull up to the restaurant valet and I reach for the door handle. "No, no" he stops me.

I look back at him confused as he gets out. He comes around to my side and opens it, but before I fully step out he hands me a single rose and says, "it's almost as beautiful as you."

I smile and ignore the fact that that was super cheesy but adorable. He laughs as if he read my mind and says, "was that too cheesy?"

"Okay, get out of my head, I was just thinking that..." I say to him as I smell my flower. "But it was but it was cute."

He places his hand on my lower back again, god I love it when he does that, but this time his hand seems to be a little lower which I am totally okay with. I lower my head a little to the side to try to hide my excitement. When we enter Benihana the waitress escorts us to the large cook top table. Khyle pulls out my chair like a gentleman, and it makes him even more attractive.

I love Tepenyaki dinner shows, they are always so fun and the cooks are amazing. Our cook greets us and he gives me a nice smile. He's actually kind of cute, I give him a polite smile in return taking my seat. As we watch the show I can't help but have my excitement painted on my face like a child. Plus having a fancy cocktail in my hand also helps enjoy the moment too. I can see Khyle looking at me from the corner of my eye and he too seems like he is enjoying himself as he grins sipping his whiskey. The cook finishes his show and he begins to clean up the area.

We are interrupted by Khly's phone ringing. He looks down at the screen and frowns. "Excuse me one minute Adrienne."

I nod and wonder why he frowned at his screen. I turn my attention back to my food when the cook asks me how I like it.

"It is amazing, thank you." I say looking up at him.

He smiles and clears his throat, "You are beautiful... is... that your boyfriend with you?"

I try to hide my smile and say, "Uh...." I stop to think....we haven't talked about it. Plus Khyle said we can't date because of work. I don't want to say no... but I don't feel like I can say yes. I can tell the cook is hitting on me but trying to be nice about it. I am flattered by it and honestly I kind of like it.

He interrupts my thoughts to say, "Sorry, I don't want to make you feel uncomfortable... forget I asked."

I smile back and say, "it's okay, really," as Khyle returns to his seat.

I clear my throat and finish my drink, now feeling the buzz. I ask for one more, I mean why not. We order dessert and I order my favorite Japanese dessert, matcha ice cream. It's simple but I love it. Khyle chooses the fried bananas but he keeps looking at my ice cream.

I look over to him and offer him a bite. He leans in, takes his spoon and dips it slowly into the small bowl as he look at me. How is that so seductive? I thought to myself. A little playful smile come across his lips when I realize he was teasing me. Oh! He wants to play that?? I smile at him in return and dip it into my ice cream. Slowly I bring the spoon to my lips and glide it over my bottom lip, my eyes never leaving his.

His eyes widen, "what are you doing Adrienne?"

I stay silent and slowly move the spoon into my mouth. I suck on the spoon, causally pulling it out of my mouth and tip my head back to allow the ice cream to drip down my throat.

I smack my lips together and finish with, "What? I'm just eating my desert."

His eyes darken and a dark smile crawls over his face, "lets get you out of here before I do something stupid."

We finish, pay the bill and head back to his car. "Thank you for dinner, it was very fun," I say.

"It was my pleasure, I really enjoyed your reaction to it, very cute," he says as he takes my hand in his.

I look down to my feet as we walk, and I have this big stupid smile on my face. When we reach the passenger door, he stops and before he opens it he turns to me. Grabs my chin and lifts it up so that I am looking up into his eyes.

He places a gentle kiss on my lips and says, "thank you for agreeing to come out with me tonight."

"I can't believe I'm out with you..." I mutter.

He looks confused for a second, "why are you saying that?"

I take a step back and pull my hair to the side..."Because you are so high up in the company and I always saw, and still see you as this mysterious, untouchable guy... a freaking executive."

He laughs and says, "It is really only a face I have to put on for the company, I am nothing what I seem when I am outside the office."

Continuing, he says, "I have to be this intimidating boss to everyone but still friendly, its how it works," he explains.

"Besides," he says, "you are mysterious yourself, but that is the fun of getting to know someone."

He's right there is not much that we know of each other. He gives me a smile, opens my door and I slide in. He gets in the other side, turns the car on and starts his playing his music. On our way back I start to feel sleepy, and I blame the music and smooth ride for that. I don't want him to see me pass out, mouth hanging open, that is not a cute look for me when I fall asleep in a car. I do my best to stay awake, then I then feel his warm hand on my knee. I look down to his large, strong hand and smile.

Next thing I know the car has stopped moving and my door opens. Shit, I fell asleep. Quickly I dart my had to my mouth to check for drool and fix my hair. I look up at Khyle who's wearing an adorable smile hiding back a laugh.

"What?" I ask slightly irritated because I actually passed out and now he is laughing at me.

"You looked really cute drooling all over my car," he says amusingly.

My eyes widen in shock, he laughs at me again, "relax there was no drool, but you did look cute."

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