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When three becomes a Crowd

by Lovelyleshun 8 months ago in humanity

Love, Hate, and Everything between

Amanda was always different has a child growing up. She was more open to trying sexual acts at an early age. Something most kids wouldn't even consider at the ripe age of 11, she had already done. As years went by she thrived off of her sexualships. Anyone from the outside looking in would think she always had long-lasting relationships that she just grew out of and would move on from. But that wasn't the case at all, Amanda lived in the fear of not being able to be pleased sexually. It seemed so hard for her to find someone that could please her in bed. You can say her expectations were "off the charts" high. So, when she found a guy she would really hold on to him, no matter the flaw. See as open as Amanda was, she didn't freely give away her body. She wouldn't hook up with guys from bars, gas stations, or stores. She didn't want to randomly meet you and exchange numbers. Amanda liked to watch a man in his natural environment, build a report before she would invite him into her body. You would think after so much work she would end up with amazing guys but so not the case.

First, there was Justin an avid gamer, he was apart of her younger years. Before Justin, Amanda couldn't understand the purpose of sex for women. The guys before him had never given her the experience he did. She only thought orgasms were accomplished while masturbating. Well, Justin showed her the art of multi orgasms at the age of 15. Neither had a real clue on what was happening. It felted good and before Amanda Justin was a virgin so they both were exploring new things. She spent ten years with him.

Then there was Carlos, whom she thought was much more mature than Justin. Him she actually married in spite of how awful the relationship already was. After six years with Carlos, she felt stuck. Unwilling to find another lover, so submerged in the pain of it all. She didn't realize she was still young and could easily start again. It was starting to hit Amanda that maybe she needed more than sex to sustain a relationship. That maybe all these other factors people talk about really do matter.

So along came Donnie who had everything going for himself. Great personality, a nice car, and a comfortable home of his own. Donnie didn't meet strangers. He made new friends in every place they went to. So what was the problem with Donnie? You guessed it! His sex sucked! Amanda tried and tried to put this out of her head. She would attempt different positions, areas, and even times of the day. All hoping it would bring about a different result. And it wasn't that she couldn't tolerate it. The sex just wasn't satisfying. Poor Donnie was clueless, after sex Amanda would just stare at him and he would say the dumbest thing" what?". Like he had no clue what the issue was. She hated it because there was so much to love about him.

Now Stan, Stan the man right. Stan was AMAZING in bed, he opened every door and was very considerate of Amanda in every way. But Stan had NOTHING, no home, no car or job. So, Amanda decided to help Stan build his life. After eight years it wasn't working. He never wanted her advice. He always felt like she was mothering him. Which put a stop to the growth in their relationship.

Now, out of all the guys Amanda did an assessment. Who was better for her? Who could learn from the other so things would always grow? Cause at this point she realized one man, just isn't enough, and starting with a new guy was too risky. She began her plan to turn a couple into a crowd.

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