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What's the Difference between Love and Lust?

This article may not be for the eyes of youngsters but only for 18 years and older.

By E.S AurelienPublished 2 months ago 4 min read
What's the Difference between Love and Lust?
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As authors and writers, we have a fine line as to what we think love is, and what lust is? I was writing with my husband when one of my characters asked subconsciously what the difference between love and lust? As we delve further into our writing both of our characters explore the difference between the two.

I ask myself this at times and I believe that both are the same. There is no fine line in my eyes.

To feel lust between my husband it's the passion and chemistry between us. Lust is I believe the need to have your partner. The sexual tension becomes so intense you can't seem to get enough and crave more.

The need between my husband and I can become so intense our need grows more then most.

Some say that Lust is considered a sin. I don't believe it is. As humans we have a high compacity to love and feel more then that. We are so intended to believe a higher power wants to punish us for our deep love or lust for life.

And if this higher power calls lust a sin well then I guess that's what it is. I for one believe that love and lust go hand and hand.

Our need for companionship, as humans is strong. So as authors and writers it's important for us to write this out.

For me the author, I share my writing of romance to share the stories I write about with readers. I give them hope that love is out there within the papers of a book.

That's my purpose as an author I believe to give others hope and to never settle for less.

In the world of magic alchemists can turn lead into gold. Authors can change the world with words.

If you want to change the world, you can. We authors or writers can do two things write it down, or dream of writing. I choose to write and dream at the same time.

It seems like when I make money as an author I am only putting money into my passion to share with the world. This is true by far.

As a romance author and blogger to be the different between love and lust are both the same. Lust is the need for you partner the passion of physical love between the both of you. And love is the unconditional emotion something that never fades like the eternal flame that can never been blown out.

Love and lust are simpler to define. But in a time bit of ways different.

Lust is the sensation of wanting to feel the physical intensity of two souls come together. But love when it comes to this emotion it's unconditional and sacrificing.

When you can define both feelings and make sense of it that's when you know that you are connected to your soulmate. That's when I knew that I could define this with my husband.

I remember when we got married we got into a deep conversation between the two meanings of lust and love.

I was told all my life that lust is a sin. But the thing is I don't feel like it's a sin anymore. Because my husband showed me that lusting for only him and loving him unconditional is what makes a great love strong. A great love like ours has a lustful passion for us. We always yearn for each other because our love is intense and powerful.

As for writing this article, the difference between love and lust between married couples, and partners in life whatever gender you are they can't be defined. Because love and lust go hand and hand. Without the chemistry passion the need for your significant other also known as lust there can't be that unconditional love to follow. I've been together with my husband for four years before we got married last year. And sometimes I feel like he has been my partner in life in many lives before this one. If you believe in past lives. And I can tell you my husband and I will follow each other and many other lives together finding each other, falling in love all over again. Many more times, many lives more in the future.


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