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What are Some Romance Anime With a lot of Kisses and Sex?

by Aamir Kamal about a month ago in tv review

We searched the whole Internet to find out some of the best romance anime with a lot of kisses and sex scenes. You can also call these animes as fit for an adult audience.

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Are you thinking of watching some romance anime with a lot of kisses and sex? Well, here is good news for you. Anime has been around for many years now and it has become one of the most popular genres of animated television shows today. It originated in Japan, but it has now gone global. There are many countries in which anime is a national pastime.

No matter which season it is, No Matter Who You Are, the sexiest anime of all time comes to theaters. Based on the classic Japanese manga, No Matter What You Eat, this series gives fans a spicy treat with its high-class artwork and titillating scenes that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

Below are some of the most luscious anime series you can watch:

1. Kanon - 2006

Kanon is a beautiful and romantic show that one might not have heard of. The plot of Kanon is centered on Yuichi engaging in a relationship with another girl, becoming closer with them, finding a dark and/or disturbing secret about them, as the show goes into "cry the eyes of your friends and cry" mode. Let me tell you that these episodes are downright depressing. It's truly and deeply tragic. The thought of it all the time is enough to make me weep, and no other anime has been able to do that for me. So, enough of that, the story is basically repeated by repeating this pattern four times. Each time Yuichi is reminded of something about his life within the city.

2. Eromanga Sensei - 2017

Eromanga-Sensei is based on Izumi Masamune, who is a light novelist at high school. He lives on his own with his small sister Sagiri who is a shut-in who hasn't left her bedroom for a whole year. The shut-in habits she has been so bad that she's even compelled her brother to cook and serve her meals whenever she kicks on the floor. Masamune's novel's illustrator, the pen name "Ero Manga Sensei," is known for his extremely sexy illustrations, and is extremely reliable. Masamune did not know his artist and believed that he was just a disgusting perverted Otaku. But the truth is exposed. His artist, "Ero Manga Sensei" is his younger sister!

3. Haiyore! Nyaruko-san - 2012

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san tells the story of a normal boy Mahiro Sayaka who was slain by an alien who seemed to be attracted to him. Mahiro was saved from the attack by a pretty girl named Nyaruko. She tells him that she's actually Nyarlotep Hian who was sent to Earth to save him, and she is reportedly falling for him. It's the first time she has seen him. To protect her boyfriend, she decided to stay with him, and Mahiro's normal life Mahiro is set to turn into chaos.

4. 1+2=Paradise - 1990

This is a very old anime and a lot of people will not be inclined to watch it due to its poor quality, but it's worth the top spot on this list due to it being an anime that is similar to all the new released romantic anime with lots of sex and kisses. The man character Yuusuke is chased by two sisters who attempt to seduce him and perform sexual acts. Which of the hot heroines can win his heart? And more importantly, can he endure an incessant assault of naked breasts, panties, and bonds?

5. Rent A Girlfriend - 2020

Rent-A-Girlfriend (Kanojo, Okarishimasu) is inspired by a college student who discovers the love of his life when he finds the rental service that lets individuals pretend to be family members, friends, and significant others, for a fee. The series is a Japanese manga written as illustrated by Reiji Miyajima. Kazuya is a student at a college who was sacked by girlfriend Mami after just one month. After becoming bored of firing off knuckle kids into an unintentional Kleenex the student finds service for Rental Girlfriend.

6. Clannad - 2007

Clannad is an absolute classic in the love/slice of Life genre. It is also one of Kyoto Animation's finest works. Tomoya Okazaki is a third-year high school student who isn't a fan of going to school. He lives with his father (who is often at war with and is the one who paralyzed one in his arm). On the way to class, he meets a girl by the name of Nagisa Furukawa. She is absent for a whole year due to sickness. She is a bit uneasy and isolated at school, as her classmates have since left. As time passes, she begins to talk to Tomoya and begins spending much more time together and changing him along the way.

7. A Sister’s All You Need - 2017

Do you really need a sister? Many kids want siblings when they grow up. They need someone to spend time with and around. This tells the tale of the day-to-day life of a Siscon writer, Itsuki Hashima. He is with his wonderful little sister Chihiro and the brilliant artist Nayuta Kani and his most cherished friend Miyako Shirakawa and a few crazy friends from his publisher.

8. Toradora - 2008

So, here is the legendary anime series that showcases the best relationship between two romantic people and creates the best example of romance. Toradora is a romantic comedy anime show which is based on the lives of Taiga Aisaka, Ryuuji Takasu, Minori Kushieda Yuusaku Kitamura as well as Ami Kawashima.

There are a variety of secondary characters throughout the show and they help move the plot forward. The story follows five main characters as they progress through their high school experience, exploring the idea of love and finding out their identities along the process. There is a clear flow of time throughout the story, and it appears to last from 1 1/2 years or two years.

9. Inuyasha - 2000

The show Inuyasha has made its mark on the hearts of a lot of otakus and weeaboos and has been regarded as one of the most-watched animes in today's 21st Century. With an estimated 200 hours of episodes, four videos, films, and tons of products, it can be difficult to imagine the popularity it has in Japan.

When high school student Kagome stumbles upon the well which was once a part of the foundation at the family shrine, the girl is transported to a parallel time of feudal Japan. Kagome discovers a person that is pinned to a tree with an archer. When she frees him, it appears like a grave error. It's the Half-demon Inuyasha who was held captive to stop him from stealing the powerful gem. Through a series of incidents, Inuyasha and Kagome are bound together and are on a quest to locate pieces of the gem.

10. Koi to Uso - 2017

The birth rates are low in Japan. To combat this issue the government has introduced an updated system for marriages. The young adults between the ages of 16 are given couples from the state. Yukari Nejim is a typical teenager who is in love with his fellow classmate. He refuses to conform to the rules and confesses his passion to Misaki Takasaki. However, the situation becomes more complicated after Yukari gets an order from the government. He is assigned the marriage to his girlfriend Ririna Sanada. Yukari quickly finds himself with a lot of love issues since deceit and lies become his routine. If you enjoy Romance problems and complexities, then you'll love this anime with beautiful romance and lots of kisses and sex.


1. What are some romance anime with a lot of kisses and sex?

  • Kanon
  • Eromanga Sensei
  • Haiyore! Nyaruko-san
  • 1+2=Paradise
  • Rent a Girlfriend
  • Clannad
  • A Sister’s All you need
  • Toradora
  • Inuyasha
  • Koi to Uso

2. Which are some good-rated romantic anime series?

There are lots of good-rated romantic anime available like Kanon, Rend a Girlfriend, Toradora, Inuyasha, Koi to Uso, etc.

3. What is the best ecchi anime?

  • Haiyore! Nyaruko-san
  • Eromanga Sensei
  • Koi to Uso
  • Kanon
  • 1+2=Paradise
  • Clannad
  • Rent a Girlfriend
  • A Sister’s All you need
  • Inuyasha
  • Toradora

4. Which are the best anime shows with lots of sex?

There are lots of anime shows with lots of sex available in the list given above in this article.

5. Which are the best nude anime shows?

Kanon, Rent a Girlfriend, Koi to Uso, Clannad, Eromanga Sensei, etc.


In my final words, I recommend the best anime shows that I’ve listed in this article that contains lots of romance with lots of kisses and sex scenes. So, you can easily pick any of them and enjoy yourself with the thriller, outstanding, and interesting storylines. Some of the more daring scenes have even been compared to some of the worst scenes in the pornographic industry. If you enjoy the mature content, this is a great series to watch. There are many more similar anime with lots of nudity, most people download the movies from torrent sites and these are often loaded with all sorts of adult material and sometimes nudity is present.

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