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What Are Back Shots?

Blunt Answer to an Adult Question

By Timothy A RowlandPublished about a year ago 3 min read
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What are Back Shots Simple Answer

The term "back shots" refers to when a man cums (ejaculates) onto a woman's back during sex. For obvious reasons, this usually happens when the last position the couple are in is doggystyle.

Deep Dive into Back Shots

So, for one reason or another, you've found yourself wondering; what are back shots? Well, firstly... we won't ask questions about what you were doing or thinking that led you to this particular question. Having said that as stated in the simple answer section...

Back shots are when a man shoots his load onto his partner's back during sexual activity. Generally, it comes (no pun intended) as the last movement in the "pull out" method, which is not the best method really.

For some people it is the last panicked motion to avoid pregnancy, and for others it is actually a real turn on that they consider a must for sexual encounters; yes, on both sides. Men and women both love backshots; not all... but those do span both genders.

It may be worth also mentioning that back shots tend to occur at the end of the rougher or just "going at it" style of sex, rather than the softer "love making" sessions between partners.

- Porn Video Example of Back Shots – Vocal Media will not allow me to post a link to an adult website like Xvideos or PornHub, so to see examples just navigate to any of those sites and type "backshots" in the search field.

Photo by: Tim A Rowland. Created via

Why Some Men Love It Theory

Just to note, it is only some men who love giving back shots during sex. Most don't really care, I would say. Having said that, here is a theory on why some men do love giving their partner back shots during sexy time.

The theory is that because of the positions of the two people involved, blowing your load onto your partner's back plays into the dominating feeling of "taking" your partner during sex. Basically, the difference between making love to someone and just all-out fucking. Which is one of the main reasons it usually only happens during the faster, harder, or rougher sessions.

This is the same reason why a lot of men like it when their partner moans or makes some type of sounds during sex. It's auditory confirmation that the person is enjoying what you are doing, but also it the conceptional sensation that you are "doing that to them" and that they are surrendering themselves to you.

Why Some Women Love It Theory

We talked about a theory on why some men love giving backshots to their partner, but why might women love getting them? Well, the theory actually directly relates to the previous one. Men like the feeling of "taking" their partner, but a lot of women love the feeling of being "taken" by their partner just as much.

Plenty of women like the feeling of being tossed around and their partner taking charge when it comes to sex. They like the feeling of being submissive during sex, so it makes sense that some may enjoy their partner "taking" them and then the feel of that person's hot juices covering them.

It combines the pleasure and primal instinct of "being taken" with the satisfaction of knowing that they gave their partner that sensation. Women like to know that they and their body were responsible for bringing their partner to that point of explosion. Men love it too, of course, but perhaps this is part of the reason. It is kind of like why men love feeling a woman orgasm while he is still inside of her.

What Are Back Shots? Now You Know. Thoughts?

Well, now that we have answered the question of, "what are back shots?" go to the comments of this post and let us know your thoughts on this topic. I'm interested to see what men say versus what women will say. Tell us where you stand when someone gives you a back shot, or when you have the opportunity to give someone a back shot.

Of course, if you are being completely safe and using a condom, then back shots are a choice and not a in the moment necessity. Safety and health are always a great idea. Of course, if you and your partner both like this element of sex, you can always take the condom off at the very end to shoot that load onto your partner's back. Go with whatever you and your partner enjoy. Stay safe and play well. Now, let's discuss this in the comments section of this post.


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