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Water and Love pt.1

A loving couple indulges in their fetish of underwater sex and breathplay while on vacation.

By Ero RagiaPublished 12 days ago 5 min read
Water and Love pt.1
Photo by Hanna Postova on Unsplash

She gasped and took a deep breath. His hand was wrapped in her ponytail and held firm. Water dripping from her hair and off his hand like a wet cloth being rinsed.

"Oh yes fuck me, baby. That was a good one," she exclaimed as she looked back at him. He smiled back and made his thrusts slower and deeper now that she was above water. The fast and hard ones will come in a bit. And she knew it too.

She closed her eyes and turned her head forward and tilted it slightly upwards getting in rhythm with his pull of her hair. She just surfaced and already wanted to go back down. She knew he wouldn't let her so soon. He was big on safety and that's what helped her enjoy these underwater sessions. She was unafraid to let herself go in his hands.

"Down. Ready?" came his voice from behind.

"Yes," she replied and took a deep breath as he pushed her head down, coming underwater with her.

They were in an expensive hotel in a touristy part of town. One that offered a tiny private pool in their luxury suite package. They were worried that it might be too small, just enough to enjoy submerged oral. But to their excitement and surprise, the pool was just the right size and deep enough for the two of them to indulge themselves fully.

Once underwater, she felt his grip tighten on her ponytail. And his other hand went across her breasts and gripped on the opposite shoulder. He had complete control of her and she was ready for it.

He used his grip on her and started thrusting hard. Bubbles rose up infront of him with a muffled moan. She was in her element today. So was he. He pushed them both to the bottom and started thrusting with all his might while pulling her in and he heard a few more bubbles, this time with a muffled scream. He knew she didn't have much time and increased his pace and then pulled her up.

"Oh fuck!" she half gasped and half screamed as she grappled between taking a fresh breath and exclaiming her pleasure. "Keep on now. Keep fucking me harder, baby!" she protested loudly so that he doesn't slow down like before. And he obeyed.

He kept his grip the way it is and thrust as hard as he can, fighting against the pressure of the water. The moans grew louder. He started to worry whether enyone could hear them through the open balcony windows. Yes, he was kinky, but he was also a bit shy. She was even more shy, but not when she was near bliss like this. Then all of heaven comes loose.

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck me.., baby! me.....! Oh!" she started in a rhythm. She was getting feral, ever closer.

"Take a deep breath," he ordered her. She obeyed immediately. She didn't want to miss what was coming next and wanted to enjoy it in all its breathless glory. Then she was under.

The thrusts were harder than any before with his grip ever so firm. She knew he was above water, getting all his strength from fresh breaths. Here she was down, enjoying her breathless bliss. She knew he would join shortly. He gave her a few more good strong thrusts and went down with her, pushing them both to the bottom and pinning them there. The deep hard thrusts continued.

A stream of bubbles rose up in front of him. First a little bit. Then a bit more. Then a lot more. And he knew she was almost there. Both in pleasure and breath.

He checked his hand on her ponytail and felt no touch. If she touched him there, that was the signal to go up. They have practised this many times. Sometimes with false alarms to check whether they can trust each other. There was no touch and in fact she was holding tightly on to his other arm across her breast, a clear sign that she was at the cliff of a monumental orgasm. So he continued, holding his own breath, fast depleting with the energy he was putting in.

Then a mountain of bubbles rose, with a muffled scream of equal magnitude. Still no touch at the ponytail. He kept his thrusts, pushing her more into her breathless oblivion. And then the touch came and he pulled them both to the surface immediately.

He held her upright by her waist and supported her against his chest. Both of them panting out of breath, reveling in the experience they just had.

She needed time to recover. He knew. Her eyes were half closed as she tilted her head to look at him and smile. He smiled back. He loved her warm smile right after her orgasms.

"Oh, you sweet thing. Let me pleasure you like this forever," he thought as he kissed her softly. She returned his kiss with depth, burying her face in his as to hide from his closed eyes, her shyness returning. And she had to remind herself that the job wasn't done.

She took her time recovering her strength and breathing easy.

"I'm ready," she said, breaking off the kiss.

They both embraced in an aggressive final kiss, before she took a deep breath and submerged on to her knees, with her hands on either side of his thighs, and his grip back on her ponytail.


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  • R.R. Michaels10 days ago

    Loved the story! It's very original, visceral and you told it very well. Thank you for sharing. R.R.

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