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Walked In Erotic Story

Heterosexual Fiction for Women

By Timothy A RowlandPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
Walked In Erotic Story
Photo by We-Vibe WOW Tech on Unsplash

I walk into the candle lit room and watch from the shadows. Your nude body glistens as you sit on the floor, slowly exploring your beautiful body. I watch as your breast turned up in the air move only slightly with each trip your hand makes down. Your nails-painted black- begin to vigorously explore your pussy, and I can hear your juices give way to your fingers. Remaining in the shadows I strip without you knowing I’m even there. I then approach silently while you start to breathe heavier and heavier… your fingers now moving faster. With your eyes closed you have still yet to see me there. Before I can get to you, you manage to turn over onto your hands and knees and now I revel in the sight of your beautiful tight ass up in the air.

Your hands move from underneath traveling from your pussy to caress your full breast. With your hands now out of the way, I startle you a little… the sensation of my tongue suddenly tracing the outer lips of your very hot, very wet pussy. You claw into the floor as my hands replace yours on your breast and my tongue moves deeper and harder inward. Trapping your clit with my lips it is quickly assaulted with the flat of my tongue moving in circles. You know how much I love to eat your pussy as I drink the sweet nectar it provides. You start to cum but you know there will be no mercy as you do. As you cum hard I continue to eat you as though I have been starved for it for years.

By Ramez E. Nassif on Unsplash

Just as your body starts to calm, you are rolled quickly onto your back. With an evil smile your left leg is placed on to my shoulder and the right flat on the floor between my legs. Teasing your nipples with my lips and tongue, I enter you slowly but hard. There is no warning as my powerful arms hold you to me, unable to escape each thrust deep inside. The sound of our bodies colliding in rhythm echoes through the room and the speed and power only get harder and faster. You are ready to cum again…but I won’t let you this time. I stop my thrust and pull out as I turn you back onto your hands and knees. Taking hold of your waist, I pull your body back as I push deep inside you again. Harder and harder…faster and faster we fuck until the sheer power and pleasure of it all brings you down onto your stomach. Still there is no escape as my body glides down with you and continues to drive deep inside. The wetness of your pussy as it begs me not to stop is heard along with the sound of our bodies being forced together over and over. Moments later you beg me to let you cum on my dick and so I slap your ass hard and tell you to cum for me. Suddenly your pussy turns to a vice grip as it grabs onto the thickness of my dick, holding it deep inside as you quiver and scream out your orgasm.

I pull out slowly and sit on the armless kitchen chair as you crawl over to me. My dick glistens in the candlelight from your juices and cum. With a seductive look you rise and straddle over my lap. My hand caresses your left breast as I nibble and use my tongue to tease the other. You lean your head back enjoying the pleasure as I then grab your waist and pull you down onto the full length of my awaiting cock. Feverishly we begin to fuck. Your nipples graze my chest over and over as I kiss and tease your neck. I lean you back and begin to thrust harder and faster ensuring that each stroke hits your deep upper parts with in. This time we both cum together, not stopping the power and speed of each thrust until both orgasms are spent.


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Timothy A Rowland

I’m an every day human Xennial from the United States. I have many interest. I just want to improve your life and maybe entertain you. Available for writing projects at:

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