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"Under His Skin"

by Chris M Richards 4 months ago in lgbtq · updated 4 months ago
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-A New Sensation-

Digital art, copywrite Richards 2022 All Rights reserved.


‘A new sensation’

-A Gay Erotic short story-

By Chris M Richards.

Warning: This is a story for adults only. Content contains graphic sexual descriptions that cannot be shared with those under the age of 18+. This story is a fictional fantasy written for entertainment only.

I heard a twig snap and then noticed a hot blond guy in just a pair of blue jeans step out of the darkness. The dim light of the car park next to the public toilets was bright enough for me to see him. The button of his jeans had been loosened, fly pulled down and his massive 8+ inch long cock was in his vigorously moving hand. He had surprised me at first. It is part of the exhilaration of being on the cruise in such an open area. An exciting sense created from caution mixed with arousal. Like I said, his cock looked huge. It may have even been longer, I could only guess. I approached and was surprised further by his wonderful dick.

“How did you end up with such a large foreskin? It’s so long dude!” I spoke as politely as I could. Maybe it would have been more polite if I had just dropped to my knees and put the spectacular crown of his cock in my mouth and stimulated the hood with my tongue. I wanted it in my mouth. I wanted to taste it. Explore its texture with my probing tongue. I wanted to feel it gently also brushing up against my moist lips and tickling the back of my throat and beyond. I went to do so but paused as he answered me.

“Happy to answer”, he grinned from under his white baseball cap and long fringe of hair that partly hid his eyes. “Just after I turned 18, I got with an older guy. He introduced me to stretching. It was about four years ago. It began as a simple act to stop me from shooting my jizm everywhere, earlier than I wanted. He placed my foreskin into a peg. I was unable to pull myself off anymore. At first the peg felt a little painful as it pinched the sensitive skin of my cock. The painful sensation was bearable, and it only took a minute for that to change into quiet an amazing and erotic feeling.

As he fucked me, he kept pulling on the peg, harder every time he thrust his big fat cock into my arse. When he moaned indicating t7hat he was ready to orgasm, he pulled extremely hard on the peg as he seeded his cum deep within my insides. He had total control over my pleasure, over my body. At first, I thought he was not going to let me cum! I was wrong. The old guy gently removed the peg from my reddened stretched skin. It throbbed in a good way. When he took my cock into his mouth to swallow my load of cum, the softness of his oral cavity felt better than normal. The nerve endings in the hood of my cock were alive and on fire! I shot so much cum into his mouth he lost a lot of it as it overflowed from his hungry mouth. Then he told me that if I kept stretching my skin, I could do a lot with this skin!” His voice was heavy with excitement and lust as he described this. “I got hooked on the pleasure and pain of stretching and now you can see and feel the results.

“Oh yeah, like what?” I really wanted to know what he could do with his hood. I really wanted to try out something new.

“Docking for one. Do you know what it is?” Alex was genuinely asking; he was not being condescending.

“Of course, I know what docking is. I saw it in some porn I found online” I smiled, it’s just…. I have never had that opportunity yet in life”.

“Well, your opportunity is standing in front of you now” His grin was sexy, and I was hard as hell. I have never shared another man’s foreskin before (my own is not large enough to accommodate the head of another guy's cock).

He suggested that we take a quick walk past the toilets to some bushes of our own. A place where we were safe to hook up in relative privacy. It was harder to see in the darkness. Once we were comfortable and ready to go. I could feel what he was doing. He had moved down onto his knees and had his mouth around my hardon.

My body quivered as I moaned and brushed his hair back so I could make out his beautiful face and plump soft lips gliding up and down on my cock. It was a spectacular sight, and this young guy certainly was already a master of the art of sucking cock. After several pleasurable minutes he stood again, and I watched him put two fingers in his skin and stretched it out, so it created an entrance to the head of his dick. He took a step closer and easily pulled my cock into his hood before rolling the other few inches of skin down over my shaft too. It was warm and soft and when the tips of our cock met, I felt like cumming, but I was able to hold myself back. Then the true pleasure came when he ran his hand all the way up his cock and all the way down both our cocks. I was pulled off inside his cock! It was heaven.

Alex’s skin was large enough for me to gently start thrusting my cock inside it, sliding the head of my cock past his. It was incredible fucking another guys cock in this manner. The pre-cum that we were both oozing under his skin kept our connected cocks well lubed. He was an expert at this too. We were both fucking each other’s dicks now like our lives depended on it. I was getting very close to climax and by the noises Alex was making he was just about ready to blow too. And then it happened. As we thrusted away, we both came at the same moment, filling his hood with two loads of hot cum. It felt incredible the way that we continued to thrust through the semen, it honestly felt so hot that my cock remained hard but sadly he did not, yet he still kept us connected.

“On the count of three, take a step back because I am going to release our cocks and I think you may not want to have your shoes coved in jizm.” He whispered as he said this. He counted to three and then we both stepped back, and he disconnected our cocks and a huge amount of cum hit the ground. There was so much it created a small puddle on the ground between us. I had just experienced something I never thought I would, and I’m now a Bonafede fan and have looked for Alex at this beat every night I was horny enough to visit.

I have never seen him again but I still hope to run into him so we can do this erotic act again. I have also never met a guy with a foreskin accommodating enough to fulfill this new erotic act again. My sex life is still far from over. This has become a new need, and this new sexual desire that before tonight I thought I would never learn I now crave every day. I recommend that if you get the chance, you should try it. Those that don’t have not tried this sex act, or still have not had a chance yet to try, you don’t know missing out on!



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