Types of Guy Crushes All Girls Experienced in High School

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The good, the bad, and the ugly—Which of these types of guy crushes all girls experienced in high school do you miss the most?

Types of Guy Crushes All Girls Experienced in High School

When we think back to our teenage years—all the different people we went through life with and the guys we loved in high school—we might giggle a bit, realizing that hormones are very real! Back then, whoever gave us just a tiny bit of attention made us infatuated and curious. Even though we are older now, there are still aspects of the types of guy crushes all girls experienced in high school that make our hearts skip a beat.

The Jock

Paul Walker and Freddie Prinze Jr. in She's All That

He was obsessed with exercise and you either saw him covered in sweat or with his hair perfectly styled. But, he was handsome, muscular and so popular, right?

Academics were not necessarily his strong suit, but he did even that with confidence that made your knees weak. All you wanted was to be the one walking around with his jacket; the girl coveted in the school halls. That was the epitome of popularity.

Though he had more brawn than brains, all that mattered was that when you closed your eyes, you could picture him as your prince, the one who would defeat the dragons that threatened you. Your victor would lift you in his strong arms, carry you into the sunset and you would rest there, gazing upon his devilish good looks. Girls and muscles get on well, and jocks had plenty of muscles.

Best Friend's Brother

Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Bradford in Bring it On

She has been your best friend forever; You grew up together. You remember going over to her house to sleep over, gossip, and play dress-up. It would be you and her against the world, and her brother was a part of that world. He was always so annoying and it was rarely any fun to play with him. He would look for ways to frustrate his sister and this made him an enemy to you both. Then, one day, after the summer holidays, you visited her again. To your surprise, he had matured a lot and it was evident in how he looks and talks. Something about him and the memories you have together made you feel mushy inside. You might not have noticed it back then, but the main reason for you visiting more often, after that, was to see him.

Ivy League Bred

Andrew Keegan in 10 Things I Hate About You

When the school's highest achievers were lining up to receive their accolades—he was there. When there was a school play, who would be the lead? I bet it was him. When he was not participating, you knew where to find him. He would be part of the committee making the arrangements! This was the guy who had one goal in mind—making it to an Ivy league school. You couldn't help but fall for him. He was everywhere, doing and succeeding at everything. He inspired you, boggled your mind, and was great to be around. Where he found the time to play the winning match as captain of the tennis team and then still be the one marketing the school dance was a mystery. But, this go-getter also got your heart pumping—a must mention when we think of the types of guy crushes all girls experienced in high school.


Johnny Depp in Crybaby

This was the guy who gave you competition when it came to your hair and carried his guitar with him as if it was a part of him. He had a coolness about him that made reality take a back seat. His confidence, though it bordered on narcissism some days, would make him difficult to ignore. He could have been mediocre or really talented, you wouldn't have noticed. You noticed his hair dropping into his face when he looked down at the strings; The rest of the time, you were probably staring at his lips as he serenaded you. There's just something about guys and guitars. The John Mayers of our teen years.

Class Clown

Adam Sandler in Billy Madison

When we think about the class clown we still want to face-palm. He was rude and arrogant; he was always pushing limits and showed no regard for anyone's feelings. This was the guy who used humor to bully, and he was more of a jerk than a joker.

Nonetheless, much like the musician, this was the guy we would fantasize about when reality got to be too much. Bad boys have a cruel confidence, an audacity that makes us hot under the collar. They would say and do what they thought and felt, without restraint. It's the intensity of our disgust for them (sometimes) that fuels the passionate desire we tend to have for them. And hey, sometimes he was funny.

Wealthy Rebel

Ryan Phillippe in Cruel Intentions

He was one of the types of guy crushes all girls experienced in high school that we probably shouldn't have fallen for. He came to school looking classy, collected, and a bit snobbish. His family was wealthy and had a certain predisposition to look down on others. He had a too-good-for-you attitude and would share radical ideas about life, money, and work. In most cases, this is the kind of guy we secretly crushed on from afar. We would fantasize about living like the elite, where our dates would consist of horseback riding and hot air ballooning.

It was difficult having a conversation with him, but he was handsome and radical; His different views on life made him extremely tempting and idealistic. Many a night went by where he occupied our dreams.

Facial Hair Guy 

Will Smith in The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Adored by the girls, abhorred by the guys. The previous year he looked like everyone else around him, but over the holidays, almost overnight, he had a beard. Puberty was a friend to him and this made the other guys cringe. He grew his facial hair loud and proud, because like a loudspeaker it broadcast his testosterone levels. Why we fell for the guys like these remains a mystery. Maybe their faces finally matched their deeper voices or maybe they reminded us of the celebrities we saw in movies, the Brad Pitts and such. Whatever it was, it worked.

Friend Zone Guy

Paul Rudd and Alicia Silverstone in Clueless

We all had that one guy friend who became our best friend. You knew each other for a long time and grew closer over the years. He was there when you had a sporting event and whether you won or lost, he would cheer you on. He was the one who always kept a seat for you on the bus. He would be there when you felt lonely, to keep you company on Friday or Saturday nights. Despite the obvious feelings you had for each other, he would be the shoulder you cried on when another guy broke your heart; He would even be there listening when all you could do was rave about a new guy you met.

Everyone would wonder why you weren't dating. The answer was often fear. Being afraid to lose that special person has prevented many relationships.

Often, we refer to these guys as the ones who got away, while others ended up marrying each other. He was worthy of being one of the guys we loved in high school, and one of the guys we probably still love.

Through the years, life put us in a mold and our experiences have shaped our perceptions. Nonetheless, no matter how much we have changed or matured, as we think back to the types of guy crushes all girls experienced in high school, we still feel our palms getting sweaty. There might've been regrets and there might've been lost opportunities. Whatever the case, we can still say that the characteristics that made the guys we loved in high school irresistible would woo us today, and it is fun to get lost in nostalgia for a while.

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