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Things get hot when the elevator breaks down

By Jo. SchmidtPublished 2 years ago 15 min read

Every single time Nick stepped into the elevator in his apartment building, he feared for his life. The building itself was probably over 100 years old and the elevator had never been replaced. Most of the time he would take the stairs, but on this day, he was carrying a large and heavy box of miscellaneous things he had taken back from his ex-girlfriend’s house. He had just walked eight blocks with it, unable to get a cab so late at night and had no intention of taking one more single step.

He bumped the call button for the elevator and waited for the doors to open. Sounding like rusted metal, they opened and he stepped into the cab, then pressed an inside button for the fifth floor.

The doors were almost shut when a hand appeared between the two doors, re-opening them. Nick looked up from the box to see a young woman entering the elevator. She had long blonde hair and wore a black tank top, with a green sweater over top, dark wash skinny jeans and black heels. Nick had never seen her before and he wondered if she was a new tenant to the building.

She smiled at him as she stepped in and pressed the button for the seventh floor, then she leaned back against the wall and pulled her phone out of her back pocket and began playing on it.

They hadn’t even made it three floors when a loud mechanical noise had them both looking up in confusion then all of a sudden the elevator came to a halt causing both Nick and the woman to almost lose their balance.

For a moment, all the lights went off, leaving them in darkness. Nick heard the girl whisper, “What the heck?” quietly to herself before the emergency lights came on and bathed them in a bright yellow light.

The woman looked down at her phone, Nick also pulled his out of his pocket, balancing the box against the wall in one hand. They both looked at each other with the same conclusion on their face. No service.

The girl looked around for a moment before looking at Nick, confusion and panic written all over her face.

“It’s okay,” Nick said calmly. He placed the box at his feet and crossed the cab to the panel. “We’ll just call for help.”

She stepped out of his way, allowing him full access to it. Nick pressed his thumb to the HELP button and they both stood there waiting as a ringing sound came through the speaker of the panel. He looked towards her and saw she was clearly nervous. She had her thumb in her mouth and was chewing on her nail.

“Are you new to the building?” Nick asked her, trying to calm her down.

She looked up at him and keeping her thumb in her mouth, she answered. “Yeah, I moved in just over a month ago.”

“I’ve been here for two years now,” he told her. “I almost never take the elevator because I knew this would happen one day.”

She nodded. “I never take it either, but I’ve been on my feet in heels all day and I could not take another step, let alone all the way up the seventh floor.”

They stood there quietly for a moment, only the sound of the call bell still ringing between them.

“I’m Brooke,” she said after a minute of silence.

“Nick,” he responded. He noticed that she had finally stopped chewing on her thumbnail.

“Judging from the box of belongings,” she said, gesturing to his box still on the floor of the elevator, “I can safely say that you also did not have a great day.”

Nick shook his head. “Nope. Found out my girlfriend of six months was sleeping with someone else. So I just got back from taking all my stuff back from her place.”

“Oh shit,” Brooke said. “I’m sorry, that’s horrible.”

Nick shrugged. “Probably wouldn’t have lasted anyways. She didn’t like that I was away so much for work.”

“Well, if it makes you feel any better,” Brooke said, leaning back against the wall, “I just got home from working fifteen hours at a start-up that is most likely going to fail, meaning I will be unemployed again in the next month,” she told him, plastering a sarcastic smile on her face.

Nick also leaned back against the wall. “Why are you working fifteen hours at a place that’s going to fail.”

She sighed. “It’s my best friend's start-up,” she explained. “I kind of feel like I have too.”

“Don’t burn yourself out,” Nick suggested.

They both slowly went from leaning to full on sitting cross legged on the floor, having given up on standing.

“Trust me, as someone who spent countless hours helping out my ‘best friend,’ only to then find him in bed with my girlfriend, they aren’t worth it.”

Brooke’s mouth dropped. “She was sleeping with your best friend?”

Nick nodded, “Sure was.”

“Wow,” Brooke said. “What a bitch.”

Finally, the ringing stopped and a voice came on over the elevator speaker. “Hello, is someone there?”

Nick jumped up. “Hello, yes, we are stuck in the elevator. It isn’t moving.”

There was muffled sounds before the voice came back. “I can get someone there but not until morning.”

“Excuse me?” Nick said. “You expect us to wait here until morning? Can’t you call the fire department?”

“No,” the voice said. “They really only should be called for an emergency.”

“How is this not an emergency?”

“I will try to call the emergency maintenance line and hopefully they will answer, but just be prepared,” the voice said, “you may be in there for a couple hours.” With that, the voice on the other end ended the call leaving Brooke and Nick in silence.

Frustrated, Nick fell to the floor and sighed out miserably.

“Safe to say they just lost two tenants,” Brooke said.

“You got that right,” Nick agreed.

Brooke sighed and pulled her legs up against her chest. Nick couldn’t help but stare for a moment. She was slender and attractive. He loved how long her hair was and her eyes were a stunning shade of green.

“What’s the start-up?” Nick asked, trying to maintain some small talk.

Brooke looked towards him. “It’s an internet start-up,” she explained. “He’s basically trying to make the next Facebook or TikTok.” She let go of her legs and let them fall in front of her. “It’s not going to work. Everyone and their dog thinks they have the next best idea for a social media site.”

“That’s a really tough business to try and get into,” Nick agreed.

Brooke nodded.

“What do you do for the company?”

“Software development,” she answered.

“Wow,” Nick responded. “That’s really cool.”

Brooke smiled. “Thanks. Not a lot of guys think that. I tell them I have a Masters in computer technology and they run the other way. Apparently guys don’t like computer nerds.”

“That just means they’re immature.”

“What about you?” Brooke asked, pushing a piece of hair behind her ear. “What do you do?”

“I’m a sports writer for the post,” he told her.

“That sounds like fun.”

He shrugged. “I like it. Get to travel a lot. You got a favorite team?” he asked.

“I love hockey,” she told him. “I grew up in Colorado so I’m a huge Avalanche fan.”

“Nice. I always tried to get my ex to go to games with me, but she could not be bothered to join me.”

“Her loss,” Brooke said, taking the sweater off her shoulders as the heat of the elevator started to get to her. “You probably get wicked seats too.”

It took Nick a moment to answer. He couldn’t help but notice the shape of Brooke’s chest as she took off her sweater. She clearly had small breasts, based on her body size, but from the shape and the way it looked like something was poking into her shirt, he couldn’t help but wonder if she was wearing a bra at all.

“Not really,” he laughed after a moment. “Unless a sponsor gifts us tickets, I’m usually in the press level which is basically the nose bleeds.”

“Still cool to go to the games for work. Do you get to meet the players?”

He nodded. “Sure do.”

“I’m so jealous,” Brooke whined sarcastically.

They sat silently for a few moments. Both of them checking their cell phones to see if they had magically got any service.

After another few moments of silence, Brooke attempted to break it with something a little more personal than regular small talk.

“So your girlfriend and your best friend?”

Nick chuckled sarcastically. “Yeah. Walked in on them in bed together a couple nights ago.”

“Wow, that’s brutal,” Brooke said.

“Her excuse when I caught them was, they thought I would be out of town for work.”

Brooke pinched her eyes together in confusion. “So if you were away, that would have made it okay?” she asked sarcastically.

Nick shrugged. “Apparently. They also tried to tell me that it was an accident and it had ‘just happened,’” he told her, making air quotes. “Though I don’t understand how someone accidentally cheats on their partner. Let alone for two months.”

“Two months?” Brooke exclaimed. “How do you accidentally have an affair for two months?”

“Who the hell knows,” Nick ageed. “But, I went over to her place tonight when I knew she wouldn’t be home, took all my stuff and left my key on her counter. I blocked her number and my ex-best friends. It’s done.”

“Well,” Brooke said, readjusting the position she was sitting in and moving slightly closer to Nick, “her loss. Why anyone cheats is completely beyond me, let alone someone who can get them free tickets to hockey games.”

Nick chuckled. “And to think, I was almost worried if I brought her to hockey games and to some of the after parties, she would sleep with one of the players and leave me for them.”

“If you ever take me, you might have to worry about that,” Brooke said, jokingly.

The moment after the words were out of her mouth, though she meant them as a joke, Brooke realized how that sounded and felt awkward.

“Sorry,” she said almost immediately afterwards. “I didn’t mean that as if I would ever expect you to invite me.”

Nick smiled. “Maybe next time I get tickets, I will let you know. It would be nice to go to these games with someone who actually gave a shit about sports.”

“I definitely don’t expect you to ever ask,” Brooke said. “But also, just know, if you ever ask, I will not say no.”

Nick smiled wider, staring at Brooke. A beautiful woman who actually seemed to genuinely like sports and would enjoy going to games with him. He suddenly felt the need to reach out and touch her, only to see if she was real or just a figment of his imagination.

Nick scooted closer to her. At this point, they were almost touching. “You promise I can be the one to take you home afterwards, and you have a deal.” Brooke smiled and held out her hand, accepting his deal. Nick took her hand and they shook, sealing their agreement. Instead of letting go, Nick pulled her arm, pulling her towards him and kissed her.

Without any hesitation, Brooke kissed him back. She let go of his hand and put her hands in his hair as they made out. She pressed herself as close as she could possibly get to him before he picked her up and placed her on his lap.

Brooke’s fingers knotted through his hair as Nick’s tongue dipped into her mouth. He was rubbing her back and shoulders when he realized she definitely was not wearing a bra.

A slight grin formed on his face as he slipped his hands underneath the back of her shirt, rubbing and holding her back. When she didn’t put up any protest, he moved his hands around and cupped her breasts underneath her top. Her nipples were already rock hard so he played with them, pinching them lightly and running his fingers in circles around them.

A groan escaped Brooke’s mouth and she began to grind herself into his lap, making Nick’s erection even harder than it was before, which wasn’t very comfortable with Brooke on his lap and his cock covered in not very loose fitting jeans.

Pulling away from Brooke, Nick gasped for air and said, “sorry, we should stop.”

Brooke pulled back a bit. “You want to stop?”

Nick bit his lip and pressed his head back against the wall of the elevator. “Fuck no,” he said. “You’re so fucking gourgous and it’s been almost three months since I’ve been intimate with anyone. It’s just-” he paused “- it’s getting a little tight and uncomfortable down there.”

Brooke’s eyes looked towards the bulge in his pants she knew he was referring to. “So take off your jeans then,” she suggested.

Nick’s eyes opened wide and looked directly at Brooke, not believing what she just said.

“If I take my pants off, I’m going to want to,” he paused, looking for the correct set of words, “continue.”

Brooke shrugged. “So?”

“Are you okay with that?” he asked her, genuinely shocked with her responses.

“Nick,” Brooke said, putting her hands to the zipper of his pants and undoing the button. “The only things I’ve been with in the last ten months were battery operated. If you want to fuck, please fuck me.”

Without missing a beat, Nick grabbed the back of Brooke’s head and pulled her face against his, kissing her again. Brooke undid the button of his jeans and pulled the zipper down, relieving his dick a little, but not much.

Holding Brooke as tight as he could, he stood up off the floor, holding her against him then shoving her up against the wall. From there, Nick got onto his knees in front of her and began undoing the button and zipper of Brooke’s jeans. She kicked off the heels she was wearing and allowed Nick to pull her pants and panties down and off her legs, leaving her naked from the waist down.

With Brooke standing above him and Nick on his knees, he pushed her legs slightly apart then leaned his head in, putting his mouth on her pussy.

“Oh God,” Brooke cried, closing her eyes and throwing her head back against the wall.

Nick wrapped his arms around her legs trying to get as close and deep into her sex as he possibly could. He ran his tongue through her wet folds, making her moan louder. When he found her clit, he circled his tongue around it and sucked on it, making Brooke’s hands curl into his hair.

Nick could taste the wetness that had started to form from Brooke’s arousal and he lapped it up. He always loved eating a girl out, but something about Brooke just felt so much different,in a good way. He wasn’t sure if it was the taste of her juices, or if it was the way she held his head against herself, either way, he licked at her like a cold dessert on a hot day.

Brooke’s legs started shaking as she felt herself begin to climax. “I’m going to cum,” she informed Nick and he began sucking harder on her nub, bringing her higher and higher then finally pushing her over the edge.

Brooke moaned out in pleasure as her orgasm washed over her entire body. Nick stayed on his knees, looking up and watching the expressions change on Brooke’s face as he pleasured her body.

While Brooke slowly recovered and came back down from her orgasm, Nick reached across the elevator and searched through the box of belongings he had taken from his ex’s apartment. In it were mostly t-shirts, a couple blu-ray films and finally, a box of condoms.

He had originally felt almost petty taking them from his ex’s apartment, as if taking them would prevent her from sleeping with his friend ever again. But now, as he stood up opening the package with his teeth, he was extremely happy he had grabbed them.

Brooke took it from him, pulling the lubed condom out of the foil wrap while Nick pushed his pants and boxers down and off his legs, finally releasing his cock for the first time. Brooke helped him to roll the condom down the length of his 9 inch rod. Once it was on, Nick leaned into Brooke, kissing her again before lifting her up off the ground and thrusting himself into her wet snatch.

Brooke moaned into his mouth feeling his length enter her then wrapped her legs around him to keep herself steady while he pressed her against the wall.

Taking his lips off of her’s, Nick moaned into the skin of her neck as he drove himself harder and deeper into her.

“Oh God, Nick,” Brooke cried out.

“You feel so tight,” he told her.

Brooke threw her head back against the wall and cried out. She had never been held up against a wall and fucked before, but she had no fear of Nick dropping her as his strong arms held her tight. All she had to think about was the feeling of every curve and wrinkle of Nick’s thick cock as it drove in and out of her wet pussy.

He wasn’t sure if it was because he hadn’t had sex in almost three months, the angle they were at or Brooke’s tight cunt, but he was ready to cum a lot sooner then he normally would be.

“Fuck,” he groaned, “I’m going to cum,” he told Brooke.

“Me too,” she responded.

He thrusted himself as hard and as deep as he could possibly go and felt Brooke’s pussy squeeze down on him as she hit her peak. With her pussy clenching down on him even harder than it was before, Nick also exploded, sending his orgasm into the latex of the condom. He was so thankful he had those in the box knowing there was no way he would have been able to pull out of Brooke’s magnificent cunt.

Nick continued to hold Brooke up as they both breathed in and out deeply, catching their breath from the intense orgasm they had shared.

As his cock softened and slipped out of Brooke, Nick also slowly put her down onto her feet, still holding onto her until he knew she was balanced.

Brooke rested against the wall of the elevator and looked at Nick, smiling. “That was incredible,” she told him.

He smiled back at her. “Good, I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks so.”

Once they both felt stable and able to stand on their own, Nick offered Brooke a clean t-shirt from his box to clean herself up. He emptied the box of condoms, dumping the unopened ones into the large cardboard box then using the small condom box as a garbage for the wrapper and soiled condom. They both put their pants back on, then sat back down on the floor, this time, sitting close together with Nick’s arm around Brooke, holding her tight against himself.

Neither of them was sure when, but at some point they both fell asleep only to be woken up a couple hours later by the apartment maintenance who was finally there to get them out of the elevator.

The doors opened, startling both Brooke and Nick out of their sleep. They happily got up, Nick collecting his box of belongings and Brooke slipping back on her heels and her sweater.

Both of them took a large sigh of relief when they stepped out of the elevator for the first time in hours.

“Feels good to be out of there,” Brooke said. Even though they were still in the building, it felt like they were breathing in fresh air.

Finally getting a signal on her phone, Brooke checked the time. “I should probably go shower and head into work,” she told Nick.

“You’re still going into work?” he asked. “Good for you. I’m going to shower and probably try to get a little more sleep.”

“Well, have a good sleep for me, okay,” she said.

Reaching into her bag, Brooke pulled out a loose piece of paper and a pen. “This is my phone number and my apartment number,” she told him, writing on the paper. “Text me and maybe you can come up sometime.”

Nick took the paper from her, smiling. “I definitely will,” he told her.

Brooke said good-bye then began walking towards the staircase. She opened the door to head up but before going, she turned back to Nick. “Oh and Nick, when you do come up, please take the stairs,” she instructed him. “I don’t like to be kept waiting.”


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