They Didn't Know Who Was Watching

by Clessa Winters 2 years ago in fiction

Voyeur At Large

They Didn't Know Who Was Watching

Adam and Isabella Macy were the most sought-after students on campus. They were the most beautiful, with pale skin and fine white-blond hair. Adam wore his as if it were a halo, and Isabella's seemed to float around her face and shoulders. Truly, they were the Aphrodite and Adonis of our time. They weren't actually related, only through adoption, and the rumor was that they were fucking each other.

It made sense. They were always looking at each other like they were each other's lifeline, like they would die if they lost each other. They often stumbled out of bars together late at night, hair mussed and peach-colored lips swollen. People claimed to have seen them making out in those same bars, but no one had any substantial proof to back them up.

I was determined to get that evidence.

There was a party that night in one of the dorm buildings that they were attending. I planned on following them back to their dorm and getting evidence on camera.

The room the party was being held in was relatively small, forcing people into close proximity, perfect for a rave. Laser lights played across the sweaty bodies of the dancers. As I squeezed through the writhing bodies, I came across the Macy siblings. They were snorting lines of cocaine off of a table, blue lights shining off of their sweat-glittered faces, making them seem even more otherworldly then they already were. I settled into a nearby corner to observe.

They soon turned away from the table and began to dance, at first separately before gradually closing the distance. They fit closely together, their swaying bodies never parting for a moment. They kicked their heads back, eyes closed in ecstasy.

Adam lowered his lips to his sister's ear and whispered something, to which she agreed. He led her out of the room by her hand, and I quickly made to follow.

I made sure to pursue them at a distance, far enough that they wouldn't notice me, but still within view. I clutched my video camera to my chest, and when I reached the little house that they rented, I scrambled to turn it on. I moved until the bushes hid me, and then I creeped around the house until I found the window of the bedroom they were in.

Already, their mouths were fused together, clawing at each other's clothes. Adam slid one hand up his sister's dress, and she faltered in her movements, letting her head hang back for a moment.

"Oh, God," she gasped out. She snapped her head back up, her eyelids heavy with lust. She lowered her mouth to her brother's, but this time in a slow, gentle kiss.

In the back of my mind, I knew I should be getting this on camera, but I couldn't bring myself to tear my eyes away as Adam gently laid his sister down on the bed. There were tears in their eyes, anguish etched on both of their faces.

"Every day," Adam whispered. "Every day I wish I could just crawl into your skin with you and never leave."

"I wish you could, too," Isabella breathed. "I don't just want you in me...I want you to be a part of me."

They pressed their foreheads together and let their mouths fall into place against each other, gentle and sweet at first, then escalating into almost violence, teeth involved, as if sex wasn't enough, they needed to exchange blood to be a part of each other.

Somehow never parting, they removed the rest of their clothes in a frenzy, as if the sex couldn't come fast enough. When Adam finally sank into Isabella, they sighed into each other's mouths.

With every withdrawal from her body, Adam seemed to take her breath with him, breathing him in at his return.

"Adam! Fuck!" she shouted at a particularly hard thrust. She writhed beneath his body as he fucked into her harder and faster. Her body shuddered with impending orgasm.

"I'm cumming!" she practically shouted in his ear. Her toes curled as she climaxed, her body becoming rigid, eyes closed and head kicked back.

"Me t-too," Adam said, jerking as he came inside her.

They lay like that for a few moments, Adam still inside Isabella as he spoke softly in her ear, too low for me to hear. When he pulled out, he crouched in between her legs.

"Push my cum out," he said slowly. "I want to see it leaking from you."

Isabella groaned as she somehow managed to push it out, cum pouring from her pussy onto the sheets below her. Adam moaned.

My face was on fire. I began backing away from their window. I felt shame begin to wash over me. For spying on them, for planning on recording them. I felt bad, but was a hell of a show.

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