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The Weekend Pt 4

One weekend. From Friday at 6PM until Sunday at 4PM. $1,000,000. But what is going to happen to her in that time?

By Jo. SchmidtPublished 4 years ago 5 min read

Together, Tristan and Rachel scooted back on the bed so their heads were at the pillows. Tristan was completely naked already but Rachel still had her bra on, which Tristan immediately went to remove. Before she laid back on the bed, Tristan reached behind her and unclasped the lace bra, pulling it off her arms.

“Oh fuck,” Tristan said as he looked down at her chest. He dropped the bra onto the bed beside them and took her breasts into his hands. Rachel looked down at his hands as they cupped her tits and breathed in and out.

She had always been a little self conscience of her small tits. Most of her friends growing up were in a C cup by high school, where as she went through almost her entire teenage life with A cups, not getting larger than a B until the 12th grade. But Tristan was treating them like they were the most beautiful and perfect breasts he had ever seen.

He squeezed them softly a few times then circled her hardened nipples with his thumbs. Rachel watched him, breathing harder as she looked between Tristan’s face and his hands on her chest.

Tristan looked up into Rachel’s eyes. “You are so fucking beautiful,” he told her, leaning in and kissing her. Rachel wrapped her arms around his neck and held him close as they kissed. Tristan pushed her down onto the pillow and Rachel felt him spread her legs apart with his knee.

Letting go of her lips, Tristan rose above her and looked down at her. Rachel stared up at the incredible handsome man balancing above her on his arms.

“Are you on birth control?” he asked her.

Rachel nodded.

“You’re clean?”

She nodded again. It was part of her job. When she started working as an escort, she had an IUD inserted and she also had regular check ups with her gynecologist.

“Do you mind at all if I fuck you bareback?” Tristan asked. “I fucking hate condoms.”

“You’re clean as well?” Rachel asked him.

“I am,” he answered. “I have my paperwork if you want to see it.”

Rachel couldn’t imagine having him leaving her at this second in order to get paperwork. She was breathing so hard and needed him more than she had ever needed any man before.

“I believe you,” she told him.

Tristan grinned. “Good.” He leaned down and started kissing her neck. Rachel closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around his body. Tristan ground his hard cock into her but didn’t insert it and it was making Rachel crazy.

Inside, Rachel was screaming. Her body was aching for his. She was loving his lips and hands all over her, but she needed his cock inside her.

Rachel lifted her hips off the bed in an attempt to hint at him what she wanted.

She heard Tristan chuckle as his head came up off her neck and he looked down at her. “What’s that baby?” he asked her, grounding himself into her, but still not entering her. “Is someone getting impatient?”

“Please,” she begged him.

He grinned at her. “Tell me what you want.”

“You,” she told him. “I want your cock.”

He teased her entrance with the tip of his length.

“Mmmm,” Rachel moaned as she became more and more restless. “Tristan, please,” she continued begging.

Tristan grinned his devilish grin at her, then drove his cock deep into her.

Rachel groaned out and threw her head back onto the pillow as she felt him enter her. He was so long and so much thicker than any man she had ever been with. She felt like a virgin again with this massive cock inside her.

Tristan must have read her mind, because as he pushed himself further into her, he groaned out, “Fuck Rachel. You are so fucking tight. It’s like you’re a virgin.”

He pushed himself as far as he could go inside her both of them groaning as he went deeper and deeper into her cunt. Rachel gasped out with every slow movement he made. He went slowly at first, allowing Rachel’s body to adjust to his size, stopping when his entire cock was inside her. Tristan closed his eyes as he breathed in and out, feeling himself connecting to her.

“Oh my God,” Rachel cried out.

“How does it feel, baby?” Tristan asked her.

“You feel so good,” she told him.

Leaning down, Tristan kissed Rachel passionately as he circled his hips around. Rachel wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled his body as close to her as she could.

His lips moved from her lips down the side of her face to her ear. He softly sucked on her earlobe for a moment. “You feel so good,” he whispered into her ear. “I could stay inside you all day,” he told her. “Are you ready to start earning your million dollars?” he asked her.

Before Rachel could respond, Tristan pulled himself almost completely out of her, just to thrust himself back in really hard.

“Fuck!” Rachel cried out as he slammed himself back into her. He pulled out and pushed himself back in over and over again, causing both of them to moan loudly.

“Fuck,” he said. “You feel so fucking good,” he told her through his teeth.

He picked up his pace and strength as he went harder and faster inside her. Rachel dug her nails into his back as she cried out in a mixture of pain and ecstasy from his movements.

Pulling himself off of her, Tristan grabbed onto the headboard and used it as leverage to drive himself deeper and harder into her.

“Oh Fuck, Tristan,” Rachel screamed out as he thrusted deep in her.

“You like this?” he asked her. “You want more?”

Rachel attempted to nod a reply to him.

He grinned as he drove himself totally into her over and over again, causing loud cries from Rachel.

“Cum for me,” he ordered her. “I want your juices all over me.”

He pounded her hard and fast and he could feel her cunt tightening up as she got closer to her orgasim.

“Oh God,” Rachel cried as she felt herself hanging over the edge of a climax. With one more intense thrust inside her, Rachel arched her back and moaned out as her body exploded in pleasure. “Fuck!” she yelled out.

Tristan continued thusting into her through her orgasim as he felt his own coming on and with Rachel’s tight cunt feeling like it was sucking him in, it didn’t take him much longer to erupt his seed into her.

Still holding onto the headboard, he lowered his head down as he breathed in and out to the same rhythm as Rachel as they both came down from their orgasms.

Letting go of the headboard, Tristan lowered himself down onto Rachel and pulled her body close into his, rolling them so they were laying on their sides. He’s softening cock slipped out of her, releasing a small flow of their combined juices out of her cunt.

“How was that?” he asked her.

“With most of my clients,” Rachel said, “I tend to have to stroke their egos to make them feel better about their love making. But believe me when I tell you, that was probably the best sex I’ve ever had.”

Tristan smiled, leaning in and kissing her sweaty brow. “Good,” he said. “Because that was only a small fraction of what this weekend has in store for you.”


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