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The Weekend Pt 3

One weekend. From Friday at 6PM until Sunday at 4PM. $1,000,000. But what is going to happen to her in that time?

By Jo. SchmidtPublished 4 years ago 11 min read

The herb gnocchi was one of the most delicious meals Rachel had ever eaten. She had eaten at a couple of the restaurants inside the cosmopolitan hotel before, but nothing was ever this good.

She tried not to shovel the meal down, but she couldn’t help eating the perfectly cooked food quickly, along with a crisp glass of white wine to wash it all down. Tristan had gone with a more macho meal, the prime rib with a beer.

The empty dishes were loaded back onto the cart and left at the front of the hallway by the elevator where they would be collected by room service.

As Tristan came back into the kitchen, Rachel waited at the island petrified. What was going to happen now, she thought to herself, as Tristan got closer and closer to her. He was so close now, Rachel could smell his musky cologne. It was intoxicating. Putting his fingers into her hair, he pushed her hair out of her face and stared down at her, his face inches from hers. Rachel looked up at him and breathed in and out, slowly.

“Just so you know, Rachel,” he told her, “by the end of this weekend, I plan to have fucked you on every square inch of this suite.” She felt his chest against hers as he got closer to her. “I’m just trying to decide where I want to have you first,” he told her.

On those words, he dipped his head down and smothered her lips with his. Rachel gasped accepting his kiss as well as his tongue which he snaked past her lips and into her mouth. He tasted like beer and she found herself loving it and wanting more. His hands were strong as they held her head tight against his, making it completely impossible for Rachel to pull away. Not that she wanted to pull away. No client had ever kissed her so hard and with so much passion. He held onto her like she was the most precious thing in the world and kissed her like this would be their last moment on earth together.

Letting go of her hair and grabbing at the back of her knees, Tristan lifted Rachel up, and placed her sitting on the kitchen island, their lips never breaking apart in the process.

Tristan started moving his lips down Rachel’s jawbone, she craned her head to allow him better access to her and he continued his way kissing down her neck to her collarbone. Rachel held onto his shoulders as his lips journeyed their way across her body and she gasped when he moved the thin strap of her dress off her shoulder and kissed the bare skin underneath.

“Undress me,” he ordered her between kisses.

It took Rachel a moment to register what he had said, but she straightened herself and followed his orders. She pushed the shoulders of his sports coat down his arms and Tristan took a moment to let go of her body to allow the jacket to fall off his arms and onto the kitchen floor. Next, Rachel began working on the t-shirt he was wearing. Tristan seemed intent on never taking his lips off her body, so it was a little more of a challenge but she was able to work it up his body and he lifted his arms to allow her to pull it up and over his head. It got caught though on his glasses and Tristan pulled himself completely away from her, standing up straight to help with the situation. The two of them fumbled trying to sort the situation out and Rachel couldn’t help but laugh.

Tristan’s glasses tumbled to the floor as the shirt finally made its way over his head. He smiled at Rachel in a new way she hadn’t seen before on him. It wasn’t his normal sexy grin she had seen many times already this evening. It was a silly, happy smile. Like he was remembering what it was like to be a kid again.

Rachel took a moment and looked down at Tristan as he stood there without his shirt on. Underneath the plain white t-shirt, this man was ripped. The muscles in his arms were the size of melons and he had a defined 6-pack. Rachel had always found a man’s treasure trail extremely attractive and bit her lip as she looked at the sandy blonde hair that ran up his abdomen.

“Wrap your legs around me,” he instructed her as he lifted her back off the counter, holding her up by her thighs. Rachel wrapped her legs around his body and planted her lips back on his as he carried her through the penthouse.

Her lips were completely preoccupied so she hadn’t even noticed where they were going, but after a few minutes, Tristan placed her down onto her feet and pulled away from her. They were in one of the bedrooms, though Rachel didn’t recognize the décor from either of the bedrooms she had seen when she first arrived at the villa.

Tristan sat down in front of Rachel on the king sized bed. It had stylish but comfortable looking sheets and decorative pillows.

While looking up at Rachel, Tristan undid the belt of his pants and undid the fly, probably relieving some of the pressure that had built up from the huge bulge in his pants.

“Undress for me,” he told her, leaning back on the bed.

Rachel was a pro at the strip-tease. It was something most men she was with always wanted.

She turned away from him and reached behind herself. Finding the zipper on her dress, she slowly began pulling it down, revealing her back to Tristan. She heard him groan behind her as she kept the painfully slow speed she was going at. Once the zipper was all the way down, she took the straps off her shoulders and let the dress slowly fall off her body, landing in a pile at her feet.

All she wore underneath the dress was a matching lace bra and thong. They were dark purple in colour and from the front, you could almost see her shaved pussy and nipples through them, but for now, all Rachel allowed Tristan to see was her ass.

Glancing over her shoulder, she looked at Tristan. He stared at her, biting down hard on his bottom lip.

Rachel stepped out of the dress, kicking it to the side then slowly turned around to face Tristan on the bed.

The moment Tristan saw Rachel, his eyes widened and he let out a breath he had been holding in.

Rachel had a few curves but mostly, she had a slim figure. She had a flat tummy with a pierced navel. The dark purple lace bra she wore covered her small, but perky 34B breasts. Prior to this evening, she had gotten her pussy waxed so it was completely bare. She could see Tristan’s eyes going up and down, staring at her nipples and pussy through the lace of her lingerie.

“What do you think?” she asked him.

Tristan sighed. “You are so hot,” he told her. He reached out for her. “Come closer.”

Still in her heels, Rachel stepped closer to Tristan. The bed Tristan sat on was high off the ground, so even though she was standing and he was sitting, they were almost at eye level. Standing in between his legs, Tristan ran his hands up and down her bare back, stopping and holding onto her ass. He stared into her eyes as he massaged her ass cheeks.

Leaning into her, Tristan kissed Rachel. Rachel closed her eyes as their lips worked against one another and held onto Tristan’s head, keeping him close to her. She loved kissing this man. He held her body in a way no other man had and kissed her with so much emotion. She felt herself getting wet from only the way he kissed her and ran his hand over her body, something that no other man had ever been able to do to her.

Taking Tristan’s hands, Rachel pulled him off the bed so he was standing. Letting go of his lips, Tristan stared at Rachel as she slowly got onto her knees in front of him. Tristan breathed in and out deeply as Rachel slowly pulled down his pants. His fingers massaged her head, encouraging her as she brought his pants down to his ankles then brought her hands back up for his SAXX boxer shorts. Rachel stared into Tristan’s eyes as she slowly lowered the black boxers and his cock sprung free, almost smacking Rachel in the face.

Taking his cock in her hand, Rachel began stroking it as she examined it. Without needing any kind of assistance, like some of the clients Rachel had, Tristan was rock hard and ready for her all on his own. His 10 inch cock was long, hard and thick and Rachel’s pussy dripped in anticipation of it being inside her. But for now, Rachel wrapped her lips around it and began sucking him.

“Oh fuck,” Tristan said as Rachel’s mouth went around him.

She worked her mouth back and forth on his long cock, trying to get as much of it as she possibly could into her mouth, but struggled due to his size, but she didn’t give up. She pulled her mouth off and licked a bead of pre-cum off the tip. He tasted like how he smelt, musky and masculine. As she teased the tip with her tongue and looked up at him. He was staring down at her, biting his lip as she circled her tongue all over the head of his dick.

“Do you like that?” she asked him.

Tristan groaned as he nodded. “Feels so fucking good, baby,” he told her.

Wrapping her lips around him again, she went back and forth on his cock again. As she sucked him, she wrapped her arms around the back of his legs, holding him closer to her. Her lips were tight against his length as she moved her head back and forth. Tristan groaned in response and threw his head back. His legs began to shake, so he knotted his fingers into her hair in an attempt to balance himself. “Fuck!” he shouted.

Grabbing her head, Tristan held her head against his length and pushed himself all the way into her mouth until he felt the back of his throat. “Take it all,” he urged her.

Rachel started gagging and tried to push herself away, but Tristan spoke softly to ease her. “Breath through your nose, babe, you got this.”

Rachel followed his advice and slowly it got easier and she found herself gripping onto his legs again to hold him there.

“That’s my girl,” he said, grinning.

He held her there for a few more seconds before slowly releasing her head and she pulled herself off his cock, coughing a couple times.

She looked up at him and saw him smiling down at her.

“You’re pretty good at that,” he told her.

Rachel smiled up at him. “It’s easy when I have a great cock to work with,” she told him.

Reaching down, Tristan took Rachel and slowly helped her stand back up.

“As much as I want to cum in your mouth,” he said as he pulled her up, “I know your wet and I need to eat you out.”

Spinning her around, Tristan pushed her up against the bed and sat her down on the edge of the bed. “Lay back,” he ordered her.

Rachel obeyed and laid back on the bed, keeping her legs off the bed.

Getting down onto his knees in front of her, Tristan rubbed Rachel’s legs as he brought his face closer to the center of between her legs.

“I can smell you,” he told her. “You’re so intoxicating.”

He began kissing her inner thighs, kissing closer and closer to her middle, but never quite getting where Rachel was aching for him to be.

Laying back on his bed, Rachel sighed and gasped every time she felt his soft lips between her legs.

After what felt like forever, Rachel felt Tristan fingers grasp the fabric of her thong and he began pulling it down her legs. When he got to her ankles, Tristan took off each of her heels and then her panties. He got back onto his knees between her legs and spread her legs apart, inspecting her like she was a meal at a 5-star restaurant.

Using his fingers, Tristan spread Rachel’s pussy lips apart and stared at the wetness forming. Rachel gasped as he took a single finger and swiped it slowly down her, collecting her juices. As he stuck his finger into his mouth to taste her, Rachel whined silently, wishing he would put his mouth on her and stop teasing her.

“You taste even better than I thought you would,” he told her, after sucking his finger clean.

“Please,” Rachel begged, “please stop teasing me.”

Grinning, Tristan continued running one finger up and down between her moist lips. It was enough to send sensations through her body, but not enough to ever make her orgasm.

“You want me to stop teasing you?” he asked her.

Rachel nodded.

“What do you want me to do to you?” he said.

Rachel groaned. “I don’t care. Just please stop this. You are driving me crazy.”

Obeying her, Tristan took the finger he had been teasing her with and pushed it inside her pussy causing Rachel to gasp out.

“Is this what you want?” he asked her.

Rachel was enjoying the feeling of his finger twisting inside her and she was completely unable to answer him. In response, Tristan jammed a second finger inside her cunt and began finger fucking her even harder.

“Answer me!” he ordered her.

“Yes,” she gasped out. “Please, don’t stop,” she begged.

Tristan obliged, ramming a third finger into her. “Fuck,” he told her. “You are tight. My cock is aching just thinking of trying to get inside your tiny pussy.”

Rachel’s juices started flowing as she went higher and higher from Tristan’s rough fingers. As they did, he leaned his head down and began licking at her, causing her to cry out again.

He licked at her as her arousal flowed out of her body, still finger fucking her in the process. He could feel she was getting close as her cunt started getting even tighter around his fingers, so he began sucking on Rachel’s swollen clit that was aching for attention.

“Oh God!” Rachel screamed out as she felt his lips on her most sensitive part. She held herself up as her back arched off the bed. “Shit,” she whimpered out as she breathed in and out, almost hyperventilating as she got closer and closer.

Tristan didn’t speak, he just watched her as she came undone, sucking and licking her clit, thrusting and twisting his fingers inside of her until she finally came.

“Uhhhhh,” Rachel moaned out as her body climaxed.

Removing his fingers, Tristan continued licking her softly as she came down. He watched her chest breathing in and out as he waited patiently for her body to recover.

When her breathing went back to normal, he snaked his body up to meet her face. They kissed for a moment, Rachel tasting herself on his tongue.

“How was that?” Tristan asked her.

“Incredible,” she told him.

“Are you ready to be fucked for real now?” he asked her, looking into her eyes.


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