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The Ultimate Guide to Breasts

by Lizzie Boudoir 6 years ago in erotic / interview / sexual wellness

A breast specialist shares the ultimate facts and opinions in his guide to breasts.

Call them what you will... boobs, tits, jugs, mams, melons, pontoons, headlights, or the conventional description, breasts. The female twin protuberances, those lovely round, soft, fleshy mounds that grow from a woman’s chest, have always been an unending source of wonder, attraction, pleasure, and controversy among the male of the species. Yes, men love breasts—small ones, big ones, medium ones, and even astounding, gigantic ones—and yet, when you come right down to it, how much do we really know about breasts? Why do some women have big twenty-pounders, and some hardly a fistful? Why do some men go totally ape over big boobs, while others prefer itsy-bitsy small ones?

In the interest of science, and prurience, we contacted and interviewed a prominent breast specialist and asked him a number of questions which he graciously answered to our delight and enlightenment and, hopefully, yours.

Since the good doctor did not care to have his name used—in order to protect his patient's breasts—we'll just call him Doctor B.S. (for Breast Specialist).

What is a breast?

Filthy: Now, doctor, of course we all know what a breast is, but could you just give us a general idea of what it's for? We're sure you'll tell us that it is for nursing babies and for sexual foreplay, but is that all there is to it?

Doctor B.S.: Well, let me begin by saying that many people have a misconception about the female breast; They think that all of that attractively packaged equipment is just for feeding babies. It isn’t. Take a look at another animal for instance—say a female dog, or a pig, or a monkey, which is close to the human being physically. None of them have the kind of formation that the human breast does. In most cases, all they have is a long nipple and a small sac, whereas women have a very large amount of material there besides the nipple.

Most breast specialists agree that there's no practical reason for a woman to have breasts the size most of them have. All of that fatty breast tissue is not, as most men believe, a milk factory. Only a small part of the breast is used for the manufacturing of milk. And besides that, the breast isn’t very efficient. Why? Because the female nipple is usually too small for a baby to be able to suckle properly. Actually a small breast with a long nipple is a lot more efficient, although not as attractive, I must say.

You might be interested to know that most specialists agree that the female breast—the shape and size of it—is primarily to attract men. So you see, men who are attracted to breasts, even tit freaks if you want to call them that, are probably more normal than men who don’t care that much about them. A lot of men just think breasts are the gateway to something further down.

In an interesting book called The Naked Ape, by Desmond Morris, he says that when man walked on all fours, like the ape still does today, the cheeks of the female’s buttocks were exposed and that was what attracted the male. When man began to walk upright the buttocks were no longer prominent. So nature, to compensate for the fact that the buttocks were no longer exposed, caused the breasts to become enlarged and take on, somewhat, the shape of the buttocks. So, it’s perfectly normal for men to be attracted to breasts. That’s what they’re for. Isn’t that interesting?

Yes, doctor, absolutely fascinating. In other words, the breast really is a sex object more than a utilitarian piece of equipment. So what you are saying is that the breast's main purpose is to attract men?

Right on. You see, there isn’t really too much to the breast, except for the nipple, the aureole (that’s the darker area surrounding the nipple), the veins and milk ducts, and the glands that manufacture the milk, some nerves, and all of the rest, those round mounds that form all of the area between the nipple and the thorax, is mostly just fatty tissue. That’s why it’s really quite simple to perform surgery on the breasts—to make them bigger or smaller, but we’ll get into that later.

Photograph by Max Thompson

The Breast in Sex

Doctor, you say that the female breast's primary purpose is to attract men, but doesn't it play a more prominent role in sex than just to act, say, as a signal?

Certainly. The breast is not only an attraction, it is also an erogenous zone—probably the most sensitive part of a woman aside from her clitoris and vagina. A woman can become sexually stimulated by having her breasts fondled, her nipples pinched lightly or tweaked, or sucked on, or rubbed against, or other things. This causes, in most women, the nipple to grow erect and become hard, much in the same way that a man’s penis becomes erect when he is aroused. This acts as a signal to the man that the woman is ready for other things, leading to intercourse.

The breast can also play an active role in sex. There are some men, for instance, who get their jollies by placing their penises between a woman’s breasts and then have her press them together while he simulates intercourse between them. Some women find this very erotic and stimulating, too.

"When they say she's deep, I don’t think they mean mentally."

Photograph via Notjustalabel

The Breast Fetishists

Doctor, we've been talking about the role of the breast as a normal part of sexual stimulation and love play, but what about men who are more interested in the breast than almost any other part of the body?

There can be a number of reasons for this to occur—for a man to become obsessed with breasts. As with most things having to do with sex, some people just get hung up on a particular area. There are leg men, ass men (if you will), men who are attracted to feet, even to soiled panties, and then there are breast men. We don’t know all of the reasons why some men become breast fetishists.

In some cases, it could be that the man is looking for a mother image and the bigger a woman’s breasts, the more she represents the mother figure. Or, some men think that the larger a woman's breasts are, the more sensual and sexy she is going to be. There is also the Freudian theory that the men who are most obsessed with breasts are those who didn’t receive a lot of attention from the mother, or weren’t breast fed as infants, or were nursed by a woman with exceptionally large breasts. I just don’t know. Who knows what leads from a normal attraction to an obsession? Why do some guys go crazy over cars, or clothes, or sports, or high heeled shoes?

Photo via Cosmopolitan

What About Size?

Tell us doctor, does size really make any difference? Is a woman with big breasts really sexier than one with small ones? Why do some women have great big beautiful breasts and others little tiny fried eggs?

Well, first you have to remember that breast size has always been subject to the fad of a certain time. There have been times, like the roaring 20s, when practically no breasts at all were considered attractive. Women actually bound their breasts to make themselves look like soft boys and the poor girl who had great big boobies was considered to be a poor unfortunate freak (although she probably got laid more than the breastless ones) or even morally loose. Then at other times in history, like the Napoleonic era, women didn’t even cover their breasts—just left them bobbing in the breeze so to speak—and even wore tight corsets to make them stand out as much as possible.

It was in the 50s that big breasts came back into vogue. I think Hollywood had a lot to do with that, with the glorification of the female breast—take Marilyn Monroe or Jayne Mansfield, or Jane Russell (wow, that’s a pair) or some others.

This, of course, was unfortunate for the girls with the little ones, but it’s been great for the brassiere (the padded ones) and the plastic surgeon business, because every girl wants to have big boobs. But, to answer your question, breast size doesn’t really mean that a woman is sexier. I’ve known frigid women who had breasts as big as watermelons and nymphomaniacs who had boobs the size of concord grapes. As far as why some girls are blessed and others cursed, it’s just a natural thing. Sometimes a breast size is congenital, or inherited, and sometimes not. It’s like the size of men's things. Some men have biggies and some have little peanuts. It’s just nature being kind or cruel.

Photograph of Jordyn Ryder

Speaking of Big Ones

Since much of our culture is devoted to the glorification of the female breast—particularly to big breasts, what can you tell us about this? Do women like having big D cups? Do they have trouble with them, like being able to stand up and things like that?

In this day and age, a woman with big melons is a very lucky woman indeed, because she really stands out and gets a lot of attention. But, I’ve had patients who had enormous breasts and were very unhappy with them. I have even performed surgery to make them smaller, although I really hated to do so—many women have options outside of surgery to cure the side effects of overly-large breasts. But sometimes I can change a girl’s mind, like for instance the case of Karen S.

Karen came to me when she was only nineteen and she measured 68"! The girl was very unhappy. She said that she hated being a freak and being stared at. She also said that they were a great inconvenience. She had to wear a special bra, she got backaches from carrying the big things around. Although she got propositioned a lot, the girls in the office called her a cow and even worse things. She couldn’t see the keyboard on her typewriter and she said she hadn’t been able to tie her shoes since she was fifteen—as a matter of fact, she hadn’t even seen her feet since then, except in a mirror.

Well, I examined her first, and I must say they were whoppers. Her great mammoth breasts hung below her waist. The aureoles were as big around as teacups and were a beautiful dark pink. She had quite prominent nipples for a girl with breasts that size. The big beautiful things had a number of stretch marks along the tops of them. This, I later learned, was caused by the fact that she hadn’t worn a bra until she was almost eighteen since she didn’t know where to buy brassieres big enough to fit her. The breasts also had very prominent blue veins just under the surface of the pale, white skin.

Well, I had many consultations with her, trying to convince her that her breasts were beautiful and that she should be proud of them. I told her that the other girls were just jealous of her and that as she went through life she would find thousands of men who would worship and love her big breasts. As for the backaches, I told her that that was more poor posture than size-related.

She slumped over quite a bit to make them look less prominent. And as for the inconvenience of tying her shoes, I suggested that she throw away her lace-up oxfords and wear slip-on pumps. I designed a special bra for her to wear, with extra wide straps for the shoulders and a lot of extra material across the back to improve her posture.

And tell us doctor, what were the results of this? Did she become adjusted or did she finally insist on surgery?

Oh, the results were quite satisfactory. She became quite happy with her big breasts. As a matter of fact, we were married a few months later and have lived happily ever since.

Are we to infer from that, doctor, that you also have a, shall we say, affinity for large breasts?

You may infer what you wish. I certainly didn’t become a breast specialist for no reason at all. If I didn’t like breasts I would have been a foot specialist, or a veterinarian, or a shoe salesman, or something...

Teresa Oman photographed by Bowen Arico

Speaking of Small Ones

Let's talk about small breasts, doctor. What about women who have small ones and want large ones? Is there anything that can be done?

Yes there is. Of course, there are some men who like small breasts. But if a woman is set on making them bigger, the first thing she should try is exercise. She should get a good book about this. She can also lift light weights, preferably lying on a bench—these are called bench presses. She can also buy a commercially available exerciser which is designed for chest or breast exercises. What this does, aside from firming the breasts, is that it develops the pectoral muscles—the muscles across the chest, which then makes the breasts more prominent.

A Stitch in Time

Failing all else, a woman can have surgery, which is called augmentation mammoplasty, and this requires the implanting of silicone gel. Silicone injections used to be used but they are now illegal. They were found to be very dangerous—were suspected of causing cancer and also the silicone moved around and made ugly lumps. The procedure is quite simple. The implants are inserted under the tissue of the breast, in a pocket formed against the underlying muscle wall. The scar is confined to a small area in the crease beneath the breasts and is not too noticeable.

Some women say that their breasts have been enlarged by long and tender massage by boyfriends or husbands, but aside from the fun of it, I don’t really know whether it does any good or not.

Milking Time

What happens to a woman's breasts when she becomes pregnant? And what about after she gives birth and begins producing milk—lactating?

Well, speaking of breast enlargement, that is one way—because a woman’s breasts always become bigger when she's pregnant. That’s because the milk glands are beginning to get ready to produce food and the tissues in the breast swell as well. Another interesting thing is that the aureoles become darker... a chocolaty-brown color and sometimes quite enlarged. The nipples become more prominent and very sensitive, too.

Then, after a woman gives birth, she begins producing milk. This, of course, is to feed the baby, although and I hope this isn’t shocking... there are some men who find this very stimulating and some of them like to suck a woman’s breast at that time.

What do you make of that, doctor?

Well, personally I am not fond of the idea, but as they say, different strokes for different folks and, as a doctor, I don’t put anything down if people enjoy it. But about milk, let me give you another case.

I had a patient who came to me quite distressed, to tell me that after she had given birth, she decided not to breastfeed her baby. Anyway, one night while she was using a suction device to extract the milk from her swollen breasts, her husband was watching her and said, "I think there’s a better way to take care of that." He then told her to lie down and then he proceeded to suckle her himself. She said that it was quite sensual but she thought something must be wrong with her husband’s head.

I told her that it was not uncommon for this to happen, although I hadn’t had many instances of it, and that if her husband enjoyed it, why not let him have his pleasure? Well, she decided to give it a go, and so she let her husband breastfeed for quite awhile. She admitted that it seemed to really turn him on and that their sex life was more exciting and satisfactory after that. Of course she hadn’t wanted to breastfeed her baby because she was afraid it would stretch her breasts and make them sag. After a few months of her big lug husband sucking on them, she’d have been better off letting the baby feed from them because sure enough, they sagged quite a bit. But she didn’t seem to mind and the next time she got pregnant and had a baby, she let her husband do it again.

As I said, I don’t really think there's anything wrong with it. I personally don’t care for milk, but I don’t put it down.

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