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The Teleporter Part 2

by Kelsey Reich 4 days ago in erotic


After a couple days Katie’s stiff muscles had recovered from her previous encounter. She checked her phone for the 20th time that night, hoping for a text from the mysterious phone number. The contact was labelled as Teleporter in her phone. It didn’t feel right to refer to the tentacles as Monster. The pleasure it had given her had been far too intense and intimate for her to apply any negative labels. Chewing her lip, Katie sent a text, “When will you visit again?”

The three dots appeared shortly after she sent the message. She held her breath.

“Soon.” Came the reply. Soon? How soon? Tonight? Tomorrow? A week from now? Katie stretched out on her bed, wondering how to reply. She had never been able to reach an orgasm like that before. Katie wanted it again. More quickly than “soon”.

She undressed, changing into a new set of lingerie that she had gotten herself. Katie assumed the Teleporter had some way of seeing her. Why not look good for something that brought her such intense pleasure? She put on the lacy black item. A one piece, crotchless. She had taken the time to shower and trim her hair and nails too.

Now Katie stretched out on the bed, grabbed her phone, “Now?”

“Patience.” Teleporter replied.

She sighed and reached for her vibrator in her nightstand. It would have to be enough for now. Katie fell asleep afterwards, dreaming of the tentacles. When she woke, she felt a pressure on her throat. It scared her.

Katie tried to tug her sleep mask from her face but could not. Her wrists were being held above her head. The tentacle around her neck loosened, perhaps responding to her panic. She relaxed then. Waiting with growing anticipation for what would come next.

Her blankets were tugged away, tentacles wrapping around her thighs and spreading her legs wide. She groaned and squirmed. It’s tongue, or perhaps another tentacle, was stroking between her legs. Moving from her ass, to her clit. Back and forth.

She quickly became wet with arousal. Katie begged for more, “Please. Please…”

The tentacle pulled away. Her begging became louder, more urgent. Then, rather than the tongue like last time she felt something thicker penetrate her, filling her and gently brushing her cervix. Her body quivered and tensed as she moaned again. The tentacle pulled almost all the way out and then slowly thrust back in, as deep as it could go. Two more tentacles wrapped around her ankles, spreading her legs further apart.

“Thank you,” she murmured repeatedly between gasps of pleasure. Katie couldn’t stop herself from climaxing as colours danced across her vision, the blindfold still firmly in place. She wished she could hold onto the feeling forever. The tentacle wrapped around her neck squeezed softly, then released her neck, moving down to her waist.

The one inside of her pulled away as her entire body was flipped and lifted from the bed. It plunged back inside of her, as yet another tentacle slapped at her ass. Katie wondered how many tentacles does the Teleporter has but the thought quickly dissipated as a tongue circled her anus, then probed inside. It slipped deep inside of her as her own cum began dripping down her legs.

Incredible, was all Katie could think. If felt like she was having an out of body experience. At a certain point she must have blacked out because when Katie woke the tentacles had left her. Katie giggled. Teleporter had covered her with a blanket despite the large wet spot on her mattress.

Her body ached, every movement reminding her how much she enjoyed being completely at the mercy of her Teleporter.


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Written by Kelsey Reich on June 29/2021 in Ontario, Canada.


Kelsey Reich

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