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The Sexy New Husband

by Lahori Lady 2 months ago in relationships
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What makes a man really change?

The Sexy New Husband
Photo by Hans Vivek on Unsplash

His burning strand of hair released a distasteful odor like burnt tires. He blew out the final candle, shrouding him in darkness.

Zain waited to feel something, perhaps the Jinn entering his body, perhaps a mist of its presence in his surroundings, or maybe a whisper of a voice that his summoned jinn was here, to serve him.

But he felt nothing. Only the empty blackness around him, and the nervous drumming of his heart.

Disappointed rippled across him. He had failed again. He didn’t understand, he did everything perfectly to the t. The red white and black candles, a silver ring for the Jinn to reside in, he himself showered with fresh water which he had fetched from the tube-well in a nearby village.

Perhaps it was time he give up this obsession to capture a jinn. With a resigned sigh, he got up and switched on the lights.

He picked up his summoning paraphernalia and threw it in the bin. What a bloody waste.

He eyed his silver ring with an aching sadness. Slipping it on, he picked up his bag and headed home.


The monsoon rains had come with a vengeance this year round. Salma watched how the browned water churned in the tight alleyways between houses. Lost slippers, empty juice boxes, and other such detritus flowed happily down the makeshift river. A damp staleness had descended upon the neighborhood.

Her mother-in-law had called the authorities to lodge a complaint to clear the stagnant water, but as expected no action was taken.

Salma stepped away from the window and resumed her stitching. As if it has a mind of its own, the fabric whirled under the sowing machine. Salma adjusted the angle and resumed sowing the shalwar. She had just a few more days to finish Haleema Baji’s suit. Hopefully this time Baji would pay her in full.

“Salma” Her mother in law beckoned from the kitchen.

Her voice grated on Salma’s nerves. Salma groaned inwardly. Fastidious in the most useless of things, her mother-in-law was a tyrant of the highest order.

“ Salma!” this time her tone held the impatient urgency of a havaldar.

Shoving Haleema Baji’s shalwar, Salma took a deep breath and prepared herself for her undeserving wrath.

Her mother-in-law was in the kitchen, distastefully eyeing the channa daal Haleema had cooked.

She then eyed her like one would a beggar on the street.

“ Salma haven't I told you you’re not supposed to add garam masala to channa ki daal.” she tsked.

“My mother would always add it ammi, so … “

“What was done at your maika is of no concern of ours. Things are not done like this here!” She retorted, almost ready to draw blood.

Salam stood with eyes downcast. She had learned the hard way it is best not to question anything and remain silent.

Her mother-in-law looked at the daal like it was dirt. With a final stir, she slapped the lid on, making an unnecessarily loud clang, and brushed past Salma.

“ Oh and rewash the glasses, I can smell egg in them” she called out.


“ Where did you park the bike beta? The water situation is unbelievable!” her mother-in-law asked Zain.

They were sitting at the dining table. Salma silently set the table as Zain conversed with his mother.

“ In the plaza down the road. Everyone has parked there for today because it is dry.” Zain gave a tired yawn and eyed Salma placing the plates.

“My poor boy, working so hard, and this wretched weather.” Her mother-in-law smiled delicately. “ Salma beta do you need help darling?”

Salma was used to this facade of honeyed words in front of Zain. She merely shook her head and went to fetch the daal and rice. Her eye caught Zain staring at her, she stilled for a minute, confused if he wanted something of her. The small smile he gave her when she looked back questioningly surprised her. She blinked and hurried back to fetch the achar.

“Beta I have called the office so many times, but no one has shown up to clean this filthy water. I have told the neighbors to call as well. How can we live like this?” her mother-in-law lamented.

Zain chose to stay silent and began pouring himself some rice. Silently, Salma joined them at the table.

“ Oh, the daal is amazing today!” Zain said through a mouthful.

Salma almost choked on her food, while her mother-in-law looked like she was stung by a wasp.

“ The seasoning is perfect this time round” Zain regaled as he shoved another spoonful in his mouth.

Salma felt herself blush. Zain had never complimented anything she made. She stole a quick glance at her mother-in-law who silently ate, with an expression of sheer annoyance. A small thrill went through Salma and she thoroughly enjoyed her flavorsome daal chawal.


The dishes were done, dried, and put away. The tiny kitchen was broomed and mopped. The Atta was kneaded for next morning's parathas and the table was set. Heaving her tired body, Salma went to her room, ready to call it a night. She would have liked to have read some pages of the Quran but her eyes were tired from all the sowing.

As soon as she stepped into the room, the power went out, leaving her in darkness. Sighing, she lit a candle and placed it on the dresser.

“Salma! Beta I can't find my candle” her mom-in-law called from her room.

Rolling her eyes Salma turned to tend to her demanding mother-in-law. She jumped to see Zain laying on the bed. He would normally be with his mother or outside smoking with the neighbors.

Abruptly he stood up, “Let me take care of this” he smiled and left the room.

Salma stood stunned. Slowly she turned around and began putting away her sewing things. In their short marriage, Zain had never volunteered to help her with homely chores. Salma would oft complain about the workload and how tired she felt, but Zain had always remained distant and quiet. He was not the sort to interfere with the way his mother would run things. Gradually Salma understood that she wouldn’t have any support from him and quietened down her grievances.


She jumped at Zain’s voice. He came closer to stand next to her. Salma thought he was looking at her funny again.

“ Jee Zain?”

“Why don’t you lie down, I am sure you are tired. Leave this as is” he gestured to her machine.

Salma didn't know what to make of this. Since when was Zain concerned about her tiredness?

She gave him a reluctant smile and said, “ I am almost done. Do you need something, tea? Hot milk?”

Zain pulled her by the elbow and led her to the bed.

“I am fine.” he smiled.

Like an unthinking zombie, Salma robotically lay in bed. She had a feeling about what was coming next, but Zain had never behaved like such. It was all too confusing.

Salma waited, her eyes closed, for Zain to do his business and get on with it. Sex was never a pleasurable thing for Salma. It was done and over too quick for her to actually feel anything other than some physical intimacy.

“ May I remove your shalwar?” He asked.

Salma frowned. Why was he asking? Eyes still closed, she silently nodded. She felt him slide off her shalwar. With an inward sigh, she slightly opened her legs.

“May I also remove your shirt?”

This was new. Salma nodded and raised her arms, as Zain pulled off her shirt, also unclasping her bra and slipping it off. Eyes still closed Salma waited.

“Salma?” Zain’s voice sounded strained.


“You look beautiful in the candlelight.”

Salma’s eyes shot open. Utter astonishment rippled across her features. Zain was standing above her, his eye raking over her naked form like it was the first time he was seeing her.

Blushing at his blatant gawking, she attempted to cover herself with her arms. Zain’s gentle touch on her shoulders stilled her.

“Please don't” he murmured. He then hastily grabbed something from the nightstand.

“Please roll over.”

Salma shot him a questioning look but obliged. She felt him sit next to her. Soft wetness trickled down her back, followed by Zain’s hands, spreading the smooth liquid. A hint of coconut wafted across her as Zain gently slid his hands over the expanse of her back.

Salma felt her body tense, what was going on?

“Zain…” She attempted to get up.

“Sssh, just relax Salma”

“But Zain…”


With a small sigh, Salma thought she might as well try. She closed her eyes and let the feel of Zain’s hand gliding over her taught muscles loosen her.

Like a soft breeze rippling across water, Zain gently massaged the oil into her skin. It took a few minutes for her muscles to relax. He then went on kneading her shoulders and neck causing her to almost drift into a light sleep.

It was as if his hands were magic and they slowly undid the knots of fatigue that lay under her skin. His fingertips created circular waves which traveled deep into her tissues. His hands moved lower, applying more oil to her hips, whilst softly kneading, working her glutes, her thighs legs, and her feet. Salma was adrift in a placid lake, and her body deliciously loose. One by one, Zain teased her toes as his fingers applied gentle pressure on each digit. He then dropped butterfly kisses onto each toe.

Salma almost shot up in bewilderment. “Zain….Please.”

He was at her side instantly, coaxing her shoulders back to the bed. “ Salma…let me…please.”

His heated gaze bored into hers, urgent, pleading. Salma felt utterly confused. “Zain… Are you well…it’s just that you’ve never…”

Before she could finish Zain leaned in and silenced her with his lips. Ever so gently he touched lips to hers. A light peck. A small plea.

Pouring more coconut oil onto his palms, he leaned over her, gliding his palm down her shoulders onto her breasts.

Salma gasped as his slick hands encircled her rounded breasts. Her skin began to feel heated as he kneaded her breasts, running his thumb over her erect nipples. Something in her insides rippled with every stroke of his thumb. Her nipples hardened, demanding more. Salma’s breath became shallow as she struggled to gain focus on what Zain was doing.

She almost screamed out when he nibbled on the tiny nib, sending electric tendrils down her legs and back up again.

His tongue teased her, as his hands glided down her stomach, kneading her thighs. Her muscles were relaxed and tense at the same time. His tongue made her insides throb. A need began to unfurl. His hands glided. His tongue taunted. Her breathing came out in pants.

What in the world was happening to her?

He finally released her nipple, ending the torment, but only to realize she wanted more. He moved over her, nuzzling her neck. His beard tickled her in an erotic fashion, causing goosebumps on her skin, despite the heat.

“ You’re exquisite Salma…” his voice croaked. Like a parched nomad, his tongue roamed over her neck, tasting her essence.

Salma’s head was a wavy blur. Her body lax, yet insistent. Squeezing some more oil, Zain moved lower and parted her thighs.

Salma let him. It was too much. Yet she wanted more. His hands glided over her outer thighs, applying soft pressure, kneading, and relieving.

Her pelvic arched, not of her own accord.

Slowly, teasingly, he made his way to her folds, gently unfolding her petals.

Hot desire shot through her at his touch. Her back arched, urging him.

“Oh, Salma” Zain croaked.

His fingers coaxed her inner folds open, softly massaging them. Salma’s breathing became as erratic as her drumming heart. A hunger built inside of her. His hand teased her folds and a deep moan tore from her throat. His thumb stroked her delicate nub causing her to gasp. Her mind swirled, his touch driving her to madness.

Gently Zain slipped his finger into her awaiting heat, and he began to slide it, in and out. Slicked with the oil and her moistness.

“Oh Salma…you’re marvelous darling” he breathed.

Salma was in another realm. The soft strokes caused her insides to throb and pulse. An inexplicable tension built inside her with each stroke. Zain’s strokes became urgent, quicker. She was leaking honey, enveloping his hand in her sheer desire. The strokes quickened. Her panting was like that of a person who ran a marathon. The heat came closer. On the verge of toppling over. His hands. Her wetness. A flick to her nib was the final draw and she toppled into oblivion where her body shuddered almost violently. An electric currently coursed through her veins ripping a feral cry from her throat. In almost the same instant everything dissipated, leaving her listless and deliciously spent.


Salma’s mother-in-law woke up to the cry of a snarling animal. She was deeply annoyed by this intrusion on her beauty sleep. A thought crossed her mind to call for Salma and make her check if a cat had somehow gotten inside. But before the thought could take hold, her eyes were drooping and she promptly fell asleep.


Salma lay gathered in Zain’s arms. Her head rested on his shoulder as his hand aimlessly caressed her back.

She was in a state of absolute bliss, coming in and out of a lazy slip. Sweat shone on her body, almost luminescent in the candlelight light.

Is this a dream, a thought drifted into her consciousness? Because if it was she didn’t want to wake up. Zain was acting like a completely different person.


“Yes jaan”

Salma blinked at the endearment.

“ Are… are you feeling ok?” she croaked.

Zain gave her a light squeeze and dropped a small peck on her head. “Very much”

She didn’t want to spoil this moment. The illusion to shatter. The reality to come steal this beautiful pleasantness. But she also knew, with a sinking heart, that come the next day, the spell would break.

What was up with him? Has he started taking drugs?

Zain shifted so that his face was now above hers. Eyes boring into her, he bent down and gently kissed the tip of her nose.

The endearing gesture caused tears to well in her eyes. Her heart broke at the unrealness of everything.

Zain’s eyes softened. He brushed her tears away with his knuckles. “ I know why you cry, my dear. Please try to forget the past me and how I was an incorrigible asshole. I was misguided and utterly utterly ungrateful for you.”

Salma watched him, confusion, hope, and fear rippled across her features.

“Are you toying with me Zain…is this a game…”

A flame of anger flickered in his pupils or was that the reflection of the candle? “ He didn't deserve you Salma, and I have ensured that he will not, ever dishonor you again…”

Salma frowned. “ Who…is he…?”

A sad smile played on his lips. “ Me. God has given you to me Salma, and I want to…to try to…mend our relationship.”

Salma stared at him, at a loss of words.

He remained still, his eyes locked with hers. “ I know, it may take you a while to come around…but can you at least…try.”

Doubt, joy, and fear warred inside of her. He has never looked so sincere and hadn’t his behavior today showed her, that he was trying. He gave her pleasure without taking his. Ya Rab, have you answered my prayers? With a silent prayer of courage to Allah, she gave Zain a small nod.

“ You won't regret this Salma”

Her eyes wouldn’t leave his. She was being pulled into their magnetic depths, as she tried to look at him in a newer light.

“ May I seal the deal with a kiss?” he whispered.

Still locked into his gaze Salma nodded.

Bending down, Zain’s lips touched hers. Feeling bolder, Salma tentatively caressed his lip with the tip of her tongue. He gasped at the touch and encircled her into his arms rolling over and pulling her on top of him. A deep groan reverberated in his chest when her tongue met with his, tentative, questioning, shy.

Unable to take her soft teasing, Zain plunged his tongue into her moist depths groaning with the taste of her.

Hesitantly Salma buried her hands in his hair. Her tongue danced with his, and her body began to stir again. Awakening from its brief slumber.

With a feral grunt Zain broke off the kiss, breathing hard, he looked into Salma’s eyes. “Salma my darling…” he said in between breaths. “ We can only continue this if you’re ready for round two.”

Salma looked down into him, his eyes almost aflame with desire. A teasing gleam crept into her eyes as her body, now fully aroused was attuned to his every touch.

“I’m ready” she murmured and with that, she pulled his lips to hers.


“ For the love of God, there is no peace in this neighborhood.” Salma’s mother-in-law was awoken yet again, but this time, it wasn't just cats, she also thought she heard a slight roar of a bear.



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  • Mike Singleton - Mikeydred13 days ago

    I enjoyed this, though I have an alter ego for my few pieces in Filthy

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