The Search For a Sugar Daddy

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The Search For a Sugar Daddy
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The Search For a Sugar Daddy

5 years and counting... One day, I'll find a sugar daddy that doesn't make me feel like a prostitute. That's a pretty stereotypical sugar daddy/ sugar baby relationship.

I have only had one and it did not last too long, due to his unseen loss of income.

It was the perfect relationship. He lived across the country and just wanted me to be his friend. Nothing sexual at all. He lived in the far parts of Alaska, so we really couldn't talk that often. Cell reception and internet are not a thing in his town.

Our relationship was really unconventional, but it worked for us and we were both pleased with each other. He told me it turned him on to know I was spending his hard earned money. Money didn't come by easy to him either. We texted more than anything and it wasn't even an everyday thing. A lot of times, I felt bad for asking for money because he needed it more than I did. It made him upset when I would ask to use his card. He liked to be surprised when he found out how much I spent. Honestly, 95 percent of the money I took from him, I used for my college textbooks and such.

Ever since that ended, I've been on the hunt for a new sugar daddy! The kind of relationship I want is really hard to find.

It's honestly, sometimes, a once in a lifetime chance.

I know there's a lot of men willing to give money to a woman, but they want physical contact in return. That's just not something I'm willing to do. Showing my body online is a lot different than letting a man take control of it. I have a new found love for my body, so of course I'm going to show it off.

My journey for finding a sugar daddy is not over. I will find that relationship, on my terms though. I'm not going to pay for a sugar website to only be guaranteed a "maybe!" A lot of the free ones are just full of scammers and horny old men.

To a lot of people, my conditions for that kind of relationship are unrealistic. I'm here to tell you, they aren't. What I'm not going to do is ask every man that messages me if he'll give me money. I'm not desperate.

I have a job and make money in more ways than I can count. I just want that kind of "fake" relationship where I give nothing, but get everything. Crazy, right?

I want to be able to wake up to notifications on my phone that money has been sent to me. If I have to talk on the phone or text someone all day, I'm totally okay with that.

My job is literally being on my phone or my tablet all day and night. I won't really be going out of my way for someone in that sense. You want sexy pictures? I have plenty of links babe.

Honestly, I'm just venting right now. I know that this is definitely not the right place to continue my search. I'm here to remind everyone that you shouldn't settle for something because you think what you really want is unrealistic. I promise it isn't. It might take a little more time and dedication, but don't lower your standards because you start to get discouraged.

That being said, if you, or someone you know, is looking for that kind of relationship, send them my way!

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