The Puppet Fetish

by Edward Anderson 2 years ago in fetishes

Puppets are about to become the newest fetish.

The Puppet Fetish

“You can be as loud as the hell as you want, when you’re making love,” so croons Avenue Q’s Gary Coleman. Something to think about here, in the #MeToo age the song doesn’t hold up as it can be interpreted as being vaguely rape-y. Also, someone has likely jerked off to the song. While the Puppet fetish may have always existed, it’s about to become more mainstream, thanks to the new movie, The Happy Time Murders and of course the aforementioned off Broadway musical, Avenue Q.

For those that think this isn’t a thing, there’s actually a name for it. Agalmatophilia is the love of a statue, doll, or figure like that. It’s more surprising that there aren’t a lot of eBooks celebrating this fetish, it seems like it would be an easy sell and fairly easy to write.

With a new movie on the horizon, now seems to be the time for those who have the fetish to come out and talk about it. Some might already have partners, who somehow support and help with the fantasy. Maybe they go to the stores with their lovers and choose what puppets they think are the sexiest. Then they go home and have a threesome?

After a Google search (sorry to the FBI agents assigned to watch my phone) there seems to be a lack of products for people who have this particular kink. There is a link to some products on Amazon but either the link is broken or the supplier is no longer with the giant internet store. In either case, there are no products available for purchase. Which seems to be a blow for that community.

What else is there to this fetish? Besides being attracted to a felt doll? According to some of the sites that are still operating, there is a sexual pleasure in putting a hand up the puppets rear. There was also a suggestion that some of the guys, and at least one enterprising lady, likes to use their favorite puppets as a masturbation toy. Apparently the puppet simulating oral sex is imperative in bringing about orgasm for both genders.

While there is not much more information available on the Puppet fetish, there are many porn videos. Most of them also include a foot fetish. That doesn’t mean the two go hand in hand, but it is an interesting side note to make. Some of the other videos featured the puppets using a dildo on the human, and one in particular was a threesome video was two puppets and a human, though the puppeteer did not appear in the film. Don’t ask how I know this, it’s quite disturbing.

The whole thesis for this came from a thought that the song mentioned in the introduction could arguably be encouraging rape and a discussion with an editor about it. The Editor then filled me in on some of the details which were discussed. He also suggested that I do some research on the subject. Again, to the FBI agent assigned to watch my phone, I am very sorry. Your job is tough enough and/or you won’t be able to unsee some of the images that have appeared. There were also the Avenue Q erotic stories that were read, some of them were very well written. Also, they were quite disturbing. One was set to the final song of the musical, “For Now,” it was quite creative but some of the imagery was not for the faint of heart.

From erotic fanfiction to unknown products on Amazon, the Puppet Fetish seems to be on the verge of making its way into the mainstream. Will it become as common as uniform chasers or those that fetishize certain races? Only time and Elmo will tell.

Edward Anderson
Edward Anderson
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