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The Neighbor


By DSPublished 2 years ago 7 min read
The Neighbor
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My name is Larry and for the past thirty years I have lived in a neighborhood where not much changes even over the years. I have the couples that have been married for years and years that live up and down the block. I have a few divorced women who are still full of life but have a mindset with the fifties. They are polite and think a man should do the work outside while the lady does the home chores and cook the meals.

One of these recently single women had set their sights on me. She has had me help her off and on throughout the years. But here of late it has turned into an all the time need.

I mean it is fine I do not mind helping, and she does pay me enough to cover my time if I must miss work for her. One night I went over late one night because she had heard a noise out back.

I got there and Jessica let me in, and I checked everything out. All was fine but she insisted that someone was out there she could hear them. She suggested I stay there for the night so I could hear it too.

I found a nice comfy chair in the living room and made myself comfortable and set my alarm on my phone and set it next to me on charge. I fell asleep quick because I had been working most of the day.

I was awakened about two hours later. Jessica was dressed in a black teddy that was loosely draped on her small but very beautiful frame. Her long black hair tied into a long single ponytail. Her breasts were hanging out the top of it showing her nipples as hard as a rock.

Jessica had undone my pants and had my tool out stroking it ever so softly. She had it very stiff with small drops of love juice forming at my tip. She noticed I had awakened and shifted up and took me into her mouth.

She enveloped the tip and started licking it with her tongue while her lips held it in her mouth. She sucked it down, a little at a time. She was moaning the whole while she was doing it. She started a nice little rhythm going up and down my shaft. Sucking it hard as she went down. She would bury it in her throat, and I could feel her tongue licking on my balls. Her hands followed and started gently massaging them as she returned to sucking me with all her might. She felt me trembling and pulled up to the tip and started sucking it hard. Her hands moved to my shaft and started stroking it as her mouth was draining my juices.

I came so hard it felt like I was a virgin draining my load for the first time. My legs were trembling, and she was steady swallowing my entire load. She was still stroking me as I was emptying my load and managed to keep me hard as she never gave an inch this whole time. She had me so stiff and so big from her sucking it was like a new tool had grown on me. My head was so full and big it looked like a giant mushroom.

She only paused a minute and had shifted her whole body to the chair facing me. She reached down with one of her hands and grabbed my member and started rubbing her little love nubbin with the head. It was so hot I could feel her juices spilling out already.

She kept rubbing it and not even a minute had passed, and she had my tool shoved deep into her love and she was biting my neck letting out a shriek of pleasure that would wake the whole neighborhood. Her teeth sunk into my neck, her arms pulled me so close, and her hips just started to gyrate like there was no tomorrow. She was bouncing up and down so hard I could feel my thighs getting bruised.

Time again and again she would bear down on a part of neck and let out a scream of joy in her muffled throes of passion. Her juices never stopped flowing over my member. They were so hot and so plentiful. Even though I had just shot my load thirty minutes ago I was ready to go again. I had no warning. I threw my arms around her and buried my head in her chest and held her tight as I blew my hot love juice deep into her love tunnel.

As I held her there trying to recover, I could feel her muscles deep inside of her squeezing my member. It felt so good. Like a pair of hot velvet hands stroking me all over. Making me jerk with every squeeze.

Without a word she slips off and takes my now flaccid member and leads me to the bathroom and her gigantic bathtub. She starts the water and adds some bubbles. We both step in and set down.

She grabs a cloth and soaps it up and climbs on top of me while the water is still running and soaps me up. Every inch of my body had soap on it. She took extra care of my tool too. She passes the washcloth to me and spins and sets with her back to me.

I start massaging her back with the soap and work my way around her front. I lather up each breast and feel her heart pound with each touch. I pull her back, so she is on my lap as I reach around front and start washing her cute love muffin. Her head turns and we start to kiss long and hard while I rub her love nubbin.

She screeches in pleasure and nearly swallows my tongue while doing so. She had let loose such a wild flow of juices you could feel them so hot running over my tool and into the water.

She quickly spins and hangs each leg over the side of the tub and leans back and grabs each side with her hands. Her love muffin right in front of me to please with my tongue. I spread her lips with my tongue and find her love nubbin. I suck it into my mouth while flicking it with my tongue. She starts to moan loud. I roll my tongue and slide it into her love canal and lick the inside with my seven-inch tongue. Her sweet juices were flowing and tasted so sweet. I pulled out and started licking on her love nubbin hard and fast. Applying pressure with each pass. Her body started to quiver with each stroke. I grabbed her by her booty and pulled her closer and started working harder and going deeper with my tongue. I took my hand and started pushing my fingers into her holes with each lash of my tongue. She was writhing with my every move.

Jessica without warning bounced up with her arms and grabbed my head and pulled it in tight to her love button as she screamed in pleasure. Her juices came pouring out of her body, it was all I could do to keep from drowning in them. It was so sweet and so hot.

After she stopped quivering, she lowered herself back into the tub and climbed onto my chest and wrapped her arms around me and fell asleep. It was not long, and I had too.

I'm glad we didn't have much water in the tub. We woke the next morning and were cold from the water sitting in the tub. She quickly grabbed the shower massager and cranked on some hot water.

Not missing a beat Jessica started right in on my tool and it stood right up for her. She grabbed some KY jelly from a nearby rack and coated her hands with it and then lathered my tool all up in it. She spun around and guided my tool right to her booty. She parted her cheeks and had my tip slide into her.

It was so tight, and it was rough going in. She started bouncing little by little and I slid in a little more. I felt pressure trying to force me out, but she was not having it. With a sharp gasp she had slid my whole tool inside of her down to my balls. I could feel her hot juices flowing from her love canal onto my balls as she set there getting used to the feeling.

She started sliding up and down my shaft with little moans ever so slowly. She reached back and pulled me closer. I grabbed each breast in hand and started massaging them as she slowly moved me in and out of her.

It was so tight, and it did not take much, and I grabbed her breasts and pulled her tight and rammed home as I spurted my love juice deep into her tight hole.

After a few minutes Jessica pulled off and cleaned us both up and we got out of the tub. It was near time for me to go into work, but she pleaded for me to stay, and we could play all day. I figured why not it has been a long while and she was quite venturesome. More than any of my recent girlfriends had been.


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