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The Perfect Woman

Sexy and Thoughtful

By DSPublished 3 years ago 10 min read
The Perfect Woman
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My name is Javier. I recently found the perfect woman. She is only four-foot nine inches. Her Breasts match her body size but are quite ample. Her hair is shoulder length and a bright purple. Her figure is rounded out with a wonderful but. Her kitty is trimmed and shaved in all the right places. Her sense of self reminds me of a young woman of the eighties. She still feathers her hair back and uses hair spray by the gallons. A tornado could not touch her hair.

I own a repair shop and I do in home repair for big appliances like washers and dryers, freezers, things like that. Usually, I come to the home and the lady of the house will be in a robe or sometimes even a bikini. They like to show their feminine side. This time I was taken by storm. She answered the door in a pair of high heels and that was it. She introduced herself as Sara and that her dryer was not working right and sometimes made a noise.

We walked down the stairs to her basement, and she had a home film studio set up along with a bed down there. Off on the side of it stood her dryer. She walked over to it and turned it on. It was for sure making a noise and I knew what she needed so I went back to my truck and got the parts to fix it.

When I had returned, she was laying on the bed and had her camera on. She was linked to some web site that paid for cam actors. She had her legs spread wide and was pushing a vibrator in and out of her tiny kitty. She was moaning and talking so sexy. You could see her juices already flowing from her cute kitty. It made me solid as a rock just listening to her. Her body was so hot. She was in the throes of passion. Her bed was showing her enjoyment. It was soaking wet. She had sweat pouring down every inch of her body. Her nipples were so hard.

I got the repair done and put her machine back together. I thought I would have to wait for my payment, but she logged out and came over to the machine. She turned it back on and the noise had stopped, and it was getting hot inside now.

She was so happy that it was not making a noise. She wanted to wait till the cycle was done to see if the clothes were drying like they were supposed to, so she offered me a cold iced tea. We sat at the table she had there in the basement waiting on the dryer. Her eyes never left my package the whole time we were talking. The dryer dinged and she walked over with me close behind her.

She bent over giving me a great view of her velvety palace between her legs. It was still dripping with her juices. She started pulling out an old school teddy. It had the works. Full leg stockings with a garter belt. A push up top in red lace. Her see through red lace panties. She was dressing as she pulled them out. She had said that they felt dry just like it was new. She had me zip her up with the teddy's zipper. She put on a pair of thigh high red boots with high heels to finish the outfit. She was so hot I wanted her right there.

She asked for the bill, and I gave it to her. She had me put it on her card and wanted my card in return. I handed her my receipt for her services and my business card. She looked and said your business number is here but where is your personal cell number. I took my card and wrote it on the back of it. She let me gather my tools and she walked me out thanking me for such a wonderful job.

I thought that would be all I heard from her. I figured she just wanted to make sure the repair was going to last. I got on my way thinking of her very cute little body tossing and turning as she penetrated herself with the vibrator.

I made all my calls through the day, but I kept thinking on Sara and her hot body. I made it back to the shop and closed for the night. My sales team had already closed the front part of the store and went home. I had a message on my desk that read as I had forgotten to do something at Sara's home when I repaired her machine.

I called Sara and she had told me that the small plate in front of the machine had come off after she did another load. I asked if I could stop by on the way home and she agreed that would be fine.

I stopped by and she answered the door in a cheerleader uniform. She led me down and I put the machine cover back on and added a few extra bolts on the side. I had finished up rather quick. I turned around and Sara had her top off again.

She was rolling her nipples between her fingers and looking at me like I was a steak. She walked up close and kicked off her shoes and skirt to reveal her very cute kitty. It was bare and showed signs of her juices dripping from it.

Giggling, Sara asked, "I hope you are not gay? I asked you back so I could have some fun with you. I thought what I did today would have aroused you enough to take me. You aren't married are you, I did not see a ring."

I replied, "No Sara I am definitely not gay, nor am I married. I was thinking about you all day long. "

Smiling, Sara said, "Good, now I noticed your nice bulge earlier, so I am taking him into my mouth first to calm you down some. He looks very threatening from here, and very angry now. He is trying to bust your zipper he is so angry."

I smiled as Sara got on her knees and unzipped me. She pulled out my staff and slipped the tip into her mouth. She circled her tongue all around it. She then started slurping it down. She sucked it so hard I could feel my juices wanting to escape. I already was releasing so much juice that she was making slurping sounds with each stroke. She had her hands taking off my pants and shoes while she worked on me. I was standing with my tool erect and throbbing deep in her mouth. She had my shirt undone and was rubbing my chest as she took me down to the bottom of my shaft. Her tongue licking my balls as she gyrated on the whole shaft. Her throat was making me throb in pleasure. Her tongue and lips sliding up and down my shaft so nice and hard. I only held out for a few minutes. I was exploding my load deep into her mouth. She drank it all down. Not missing a drop of my heavy load.

She stood and pulled off my shirt and grabbed my hand. She led me to her bedroom upstairs. She grabbed a towel on the way up. She climbed into her huge bed and spread her legs so wide. She practically did a split sideways on the bed. She motioned for me to join her and to lick her hot kitty.

I climbed in and started lashing her with my tongue. She grabbed my hair and pulled me closer. So, close my lips became her lips and my tongue was able to lick her little hard nubbin so easy. She was moaning so loud. Her juices were pouring into my open mouth. She tasted so sweet. I was darting all around her kitty with my tongue when suddenly her legs hugged my head, and she pulled my face into her so deep by my hair. She was screaming so loud. She let go of such a wave of an orgasm. It shook the whole bed. She finally released my head and pulled me up to her mouth.

She was kissing and licking my whole face where she had spilled her juices all over me. Her kisses were so passionate they would have melted iron with her breath.

She quickly rolled me over and grabbed one of my arms and put me in a wrist restraint that was tied to the bed. She did the same with my other limbs. She had me spread eagle in her bed. She got up and got one of her silky scarfs and tied it around like a blindfold. I was so turned on so far but what did she have in mind tying me down.

Sara said, "Javier, you showed such restraint today that I am rewarding you. The safe word is threesome. Say that and I will release you. But until that you are mine. So, relax and enjoy. "

I could feel something like a feather going up and down my body. She would stop and play with my head of my shaft with every downstroke. It was so weird feeling. It was sensual and provocative. I was getting so hard from just this. I felt her straddle me and a hand grabbed my tool. My tip was being rubbed on something dripping wet. It was making a wet slurping sound. I felt intense pressure then intense heat on all sides. It was so wonderful.

I felt the bed moving around as she repositioned herself. I felt a very tight hole trying to slide onto my shaft. She was holding my rod with one hand and trying to take it in herself. I felt my head make way into an extremely tight but warm space. I heard squeeze bottle pouring something out. Then my shaft got oily. It slid all the way in now to the bottom. She started riding it up and down at a pace that was quite quick. It felt wonderful. Her body was applying pressure of all kinds to my rod as I went in and out. I could feel her ring of her hole slide up and down my shaft. It even pulsed at times. Squeezing me as it was going in and out.

It was all just too much. I was ready to explode deep in her body. She slowed her movement as she felt me throbbing. Her body squeezed my rod. My shaft started shooting into her body. Squirt after squirt she took into her hole.

She sits on it for a few minutes while she caught her breath. Then she pulled off my rod. It made a slurpy sound as it slid out like it had been in a vacuum.

I feel something hot being wrapped around my rod and being moved up and down it. It felt more rough than silky. She was moving it all around it. She was cleaning me up with a hot washcloth.

After she seen to the mess, she made I felt a warm pair of lips take my tip into her mouth. She started reviving mini me for another round.

I felt the bed rock some like someone else was climbing into it. I felt a pair of hands gently grab my head and raise it enough to find another bush just above my lips. I started eating the kitty with all my might. This new kitty was moaning. I worked hard at pleasing the new kitty/ It was not long, and she was purring with pleasure. Filling my open mouth with her hot sweet juices. I about drown in her juices. She was pouring out so much. She was still quaking from my aggressive tongue moves on her little nubbin.

Sara had me hard again. I could feel her hot breath on my tip. Her hands squeezing my shaft. She was keeping me at my edge. She would get me so close. Then she would ease off.

I felt the bed being jostled around and my Kitty left the reach of my tongue. I felt a hand grab my shaft at the base. It guided me into a very tight and wet kitty. I could feel the heat. I glided in with ease. My shaft was plowing through her body making a path. It just clung to my shaft. It was like putting on a small glove. You could feel every movement. It held me so tight it was hard to hold back.

Sara came up and took off the blindfold. She laid down next to me and started kissing my chest. I had full view of a very beautiful woman riding my shaft. Nice and slow was the pace. Her eyes were blue. Her hair was deep purple and braided in one long braid down her back. Her breasts were very plump, but firm as can be. Her nipples pointing straight out like it was freezing in the room. Her cute kitty was neatly trimmed.

Sara said, “I would like you to meet Kelly. Kelly has been my best friend throughout my life. We share everything.”

I smiled as the two women took turns riding me. They were having so much fun. Whenever I would blow my load one of the girls would work on getting me hard again while the other would eat out her kitty while I ate hers out. It was a wonderful night. One of many to my great desire. It was the beginning of a wild ride that is still happening today.


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