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The love of Bai girls

The love of Bai girls

By Ashli SmithPublished 4 months ago 3 min read

There is a city called Eryuan in Dali. I have never been there. I only heard about it from Bai girls. A place with mountains, water and free hot springs, the villagers still maintain the original way of life, wearing the unpolished ethnic Bai costume, eating their own food, and can hear the sound of chickens crowing in the morning. I really wanted to go with her. The closed and information-clogged city keeps people here simple, but it also makes people here still quarrel about giving birth to boys and girls, and still worry about whether their children should go to school or not. She comes from this place.

In a small village in Eryuan, there was a family. His father was a simple farmer who had read a little. The mother was a genuine country woman, literate or illiterate; There are three babies at home. The simple villagers seem not to have been swayed by the new ideas and are still gossiping about their neighbours who have produced only girls. The father sighed, the mother wept, the two of them a total, cruel cruel to send the three girls to study.

Time may not change history, but can use some phenomena to make people around change their minds. When the three girls walked out of the village together, the village began to envy the couple. Whether the people of the village followed their example in making their girls read, I have no evidence of that. Standing on this shore to see the other side of the moon is always big and round, a lot of times a lot of things, we can only know as people drink cold and warm.

Bai girl is a health school, just graduated as a nurse, flower age will always let a person smell the fragrance of honey. Naturally, just graduated her character is also some angular, not smooth. Authentic foodie in a drink after the hospital again, do not like injections he met do not smooth her, the story began. I imagined countless versions of them from acquaintance to acquaintance, but in the end they did not write. Although art comes from life, I still want to write about it in the original and original way.

True foodies are businessmen. Businessmen sometimes use money to measure things, such as love. While all the sugar-coated bullets have failed to respond to the Bai girls, authentic foodies seem to understand that money sometimes can't do its job in some places. When the authentic foodie business failure became diaosi, lost he came to the Bai girl for comfort, disappeared in the Bai girl's life for a long time, he appeared in her life again, let her realize inadvertently that he is not the general suitor so simple for her.

The Bai girl told me that when the authentic foodie pursued her, she had already moved her heart. She just hesitated and didn't know what to do because she didn't want to be talked about for his money. Think also, just graduated from her, in a strange city, suddenly appeared a person to their own caring, not moved is not a heart of stone?

Life is still going on. Authentic foodies open inns in Dali, and Bai girls naturally become the proprietors. He was able to give her a stable and comfortable life, and she was able to make him feel at home. That's enough for them. What does the rest have to do with outsiders? Life is your own.

Later, the Bai girl told me that she had given birth to a daughter, and food lovers were very happy. Every day they thought of this little person, they felt happy, and life naturally became more exciting. Although I don't want to be rich or expensive, I also want to make this little person feel comfortable. In the end, the girl shared her joy with me: she had not been a mother when really can not realize the happiness of a mother.

Later, I shared the girl's joy with Lele and Chaizi, who had lived in her house. They said to me in unison: What does it matter to me if she gives birth to a baby? Yes, life is her own, as long as she feels happy enough.


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