The Gold Digger Hypnotized By Her Rival

by Rhea Corvos 12 months ago in fetishes

Kylie wanted a rich man, but she got a Mistress!

The Gold Digger Hypnotized By Her Rival
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There was no time like the present. Kylie fluffed her generous breasts so that they hung nicely in her red halter top ball gown. A glance at her cleavage told her that she was ready to catch herself a rich old man. Her breasts were as succulent as two ripe melons. A quick check of her makeup in a compact, a quick shimmy of the shaper keeping her panty line hidden, and she was ready. She pasted a sensual smile on her face. It was the one she'd practiced in a mirror night after night, preparing for this moment.

Sebastian de Roue was drinking whiskey with a group of other white-haired stockbrokers in the corner of the room. Kylie had studied what he liked. He liked to dominate. He liked to tame. If she came on strong, he wouldn't be able to resist the temptation to bring her low. She strode across the room, step by step, like she was walking down a catwalk. Sebastian was turning to look. Sizing her up. She met his gaze, held it, thought of his billions...

... And fell. Something—someone—had collided with her. They both fell in a tangled heap of dresses and curves, champagne going everywhere, onto the expensive hardwood floor. A glass shattered. Kylie felt a weight thump down on top of her, suppressing her wail of frustration. She'd almost had him! Now this?! Sebastian was turning back to his friends, laughing. Laughing at her. She'd lost him.

Furious, she turned to the woman who'd tackled her and found a blonde bimbo dressed even skankier than she was. Her dress glittered silver and her makeup was thick. Of course. Another gold digger.

"Get off me, you bitch!" Kylie hissed.

"That's not a very nice way to say hello," the woman replied. Her voice was surprisingly smooth and pleasant. "Let's try this again. Why excuse me, miss! I seem to have tripped you."

"Fuck you! Go die!" Kylie pushed the other woman off of her.

"I'm Margaret. Thank you for asking," the blonde said coolly, getting to her feet. "And you've got champagne on your dress."

Kylie nearly screamed as she saw the inky stain spreading on her rented gown. How could such a light liquid cause such an obvious mark? She'd never get her security deposit back!

"This is all your fault," she snarled at Margaret, climbing awkwardly to her feet. Margaret was already standing.

"You shouldn't be so casual with the girl who's got the stain remover."

Kylie glared. "Let me use it. You owe me that much."

"Would I deny you?" Margaret started for the hallway at the back of the opulent house. "Come on."

Following this cunt was an exercise in control. Who had an ass like that? Nobody who was still fishing for their rich husband. The bedroom where Margaret stopped was quiet, if enormous. Everything in this house was enormous. It made Kylie's hair curl to think she'd almost had it all.

"Sit down," Margaret said, "and relax."

"Where's the stain remover?"

"Right here." Margaret had pulled a small pen-like cylinder out of her enormous bosom. There was a little blue light on the end of it. Margaret pointed it at Kylie.

"What's that?"

"Just a wavelength that gets stains out. You can look at it closer, if you want. It's very calming. Very soothing. Very easy to watch. You've had such a long night that you deserve a minute to breathe, don't you think? That's right. Take a nice deep breath. Just keep your eyes on the little light."

It made perfect sense to keep watching the light, Kylie thought lazily. It was such a nice light. There was no reason not to watch it, and Margaret was turning out to be very nice, actually.

"You might even notice that you're getting sleepy as you watch the light. The light is cleaning you up, and that's good. It's cleaning your dress and cleaning your mind, too. It's washing all the thoughts out of your brain. Brainwashing you. It feels so good to know that your thoughts are disappearing. No worries, no cares. Sleepier and sleepier."

Kylie wondered distantly if she should get back to the party and try again, but it was hard to remember what she'd been doing there. It didn't matter much. With every blink, her eyelids were harder to raise again. Her body was so warm, so heavy, and now Margaret was guiding her down to sit on the bed. Kylie sank into it, feeling her mind sink too. Her eyes were barely open enough to remain focused on the light.

"You like watching the light, don't you?" Margaret asked.

"Yes," Kylie answered, her voice a soft murmur.

"Just like you enjoy obeying me."

"Mmmmm." Kylie sighed, feeling happy.

"Obedience is such pleasure. That's why you can only respond to Slave from now on. That's your new name. You don't need to think about your old one anymore. You don't even need to think. It's sexy to be a slave. It's all you've ever wanted. What's your name?"

"Slave." Kylie's eyes were almost too heavy to lift. But Kylie wasn't her name at all. She was so sleepy. So sexy. Her nipples were getting so pointy and hard that she could feel them straining the pasties that were maintaining the line of the dress. But that didn't matter any more than her soaking wet pussy mattered. She was Slave now. It was wonderful to be so obedient.

"Good Slave. Your eyelids are so heavy now. When I snap my fingers, you'll let them close and sink into a deep, obedient sleep. Think about how nice it'll be to sleep for me. So obedient. Such a good slave."

"I'm... such a good... slave..." Slave's body was almost too heavy to hold up. It wanted to fall over, fall into sensuality. She reeled, trying hard to keep her eyes on the nice light. Then, Margaret snapped her fingers, and Slave fell into a deep, lovely sleep, flopping back onto the bed. At last. Now she could be totally obedient, totally empty and mindless. It made her tingle all over her body, and she could tell that Margaret—Mistress—was happy too. Mistress had unclipped the halter from Slave's neck and allowed it to fall away from her breasts. The cool air teased her as Mistress peeled the pasties away from Slave's nipples. They popped up eagerly.

"When your eyes open," Mistress said, "you will be able to think of nothing except licking my pussy. You'll desperately want to eat me out. You'll do anything to be allowed to give me oral pleasure. Make any deal. Debase yourself. Agree to any terms."

"Yes, Mistress," Slave breathed. The thought of Mistress's pussy was already exciting her.

"Very good. Open your eyes."

Slave opened her eyes only to see Mistress standing before her, looking bored. The sight caused lust to erupt in her like a long-dormant volcano.

"Mistress," she whispered, "let me eat you out. Please."

Mistress inspected her nails. "Oh, I don't know. I don't know if I'm in the mood to let such a clumsy slave paw at me."

"I'm not clumsy!" Slave clambered to her feet, the dress falling to her ankles as she did. Her heart hammered. "I promise. Just give me a chance."

"It's a hard call," Mistress sighed. "You were just so rude before."

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. Please." Slave begged, falling to her knees and reaching up for her Mistress. "Please let me apologize. Let me make you feel good. Please."

Mistress seemed to consider. "Oh, all right," she finally said. "You can try."

Slave seized the moment as soon as the words had left Mistress's mouth. She climbed under Mistress's long dress and quested upward with her mouth, the folds of the long skirt piling on top of her head. Slave's lips followed Mistress's leg to knee, to thigh, to naked snatch. Mistress was wearing no underwear, thank goodness. Slave dove right in with gusto and desperation, knowing only that she must obey and please her Mistress. She found the secret center with her tongue, the source of Mistress's hotness and wetness, and she plunged in deeply, tasting and wanting more.

Mistress moaned, still whispering commands. Slave's open mind gobbled them up as greedily as Slave's mouth worked on Mistress's pussy. Slave would obey. Slave was incapable of thought. Slave would sleep when told. Slave felt sexy when she obeyed. Slave's thighs were wet and the magical space between her legs was screaming with need. She pushed her fingers deep inside, but only out of reflex. It wasn't her pussy that needed plunging. It was Mistress's!

Slave lapped at Mistress's clit as she worked her fingers into Mistress's glowing-hot vagina. Mistress moaned and bucked against her hand as her pussy juices soaked Slave's face. Still, Slave licked faster and faster, eager to the point of desperation. She was obedient. She was obedient. She was obedient!

Mistress ejaculated on Slave's face when she came, screaming as her body half-collapsed on the kneeling figure of her hypnotized conquest. Slave licked steadily as Mistress came again and again, eagerly accepting Slave's obedience and demanding more. Slave was only too happy to oblige.

The Mistress was done. She pushed Slave's face out of her snatch.

"Mistress," Slave panted. "Let me please you more."

"You will please me a great deal, little Slave," Mistress said. "But not now. For now, your eyelids are becoming heavy again. It's time for you to sleep until I have further use for you."

Instantly, Slave's mind went black. She collapsed onto the floor in a heap, once again helpless in the throes of an unbreakable trance.

Margaret rearranged her sparkling dress, leaving her new acquisition in a crumpled heap on the floor. Out in the party, she smiled as she accepted another flute of champagne from a waiter. She sidled to Sebastian de Roue and gave him a slow kiss on the cheek.

"I've got a surprise for you in the bedroom, dearest," she purred into his ear. "But don't worry. She'll wait."

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