The Fun of Role Playing

by Edward Anderson 5 months ago in roleplay

Spice up your sex life without ever stepping outside of the relationship.

The Fun of Role Playing

When people want to "spice up" their relationship, one of the things they always seem to do is look for another person. Whether they want a threesome, or decide that having sex with partners other than the one they are committed to, another person seems to be the way they want to go. There is nothing wrong with that of course, but there are alternatives for those who want to get creative with their partner and maintain monogamy. They could role play, and see if that helps to reignite the home fires. Here are some examples of what roles could be played.


For whatever reason, many people have fantasies of being with their teacher or professor sexually. This is an easy one to do, because almost no props are needed for it. One partner is the teacher, and the other the pupil. All that needs to be done here is to figure out what scenario they want to play out.

Not sure? Borrow a plot from one of the myriad of porn scenes that uses this trope. Maybe the student didn't do his homework and the teacher offers a solution as they seductively take off their clothes, the student has a hard-on and is ready to get going with this. Or in more hardcore porn, a teacher witnessed a student fucking another teacher, and blackmails the pupil into recreating that scene with him. Whatever gets the hormones flowing here works.

It should be noted that coaches and team players also fall under this category most of the time.

Strangers at the Bar

This is one that porn and sitcoms have employed many times. Most memorably Modern Family used the plot line for Phil and Claire to get it on for Valentine's Day. Doing that almost made this role play scenario mainstream and acceptable to the masses. Again, this one only requires imagination, a drink or two, and perhaps a hotel room, depending on how far you want to take it.

One partner walks up on the other and uses some pickup line. One of the most commonly used is a little meta but cute, "haven't I seen you somewhere before?" And the good times start rolling, usually. The strangers scenario is one that helps release inhibitions for couples, maybe because it helps to think a stranger won't judge? Or maybe people just like to get strange?

Nurse or Doctor

Who hasn't played doctor with their partner? This one is so classic that not much needs to be said about it. Dress up as a caretaker, and let the sex start. It's really that simple.

If help is needed for a scenario, there are plenty. The most popular is the erection that won't go away. Of course, the doctor or nurse can help cure them of that condition by fornicating with them. Pure pleasure for both parties.


This one is not so common. There is something innately sexy about power, and even more so when the person in question is the most powerful person in the world. Madam or Sir President is a great way to get the juices flowing. Putting aside the obvious lust that comes along with someone having power, there is also something very sexy about having relations with someone that high up on the employment ladder.

There are many scenarios that can be played out but a common one that kept coming up echoed President Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. Yep, the intern and the President under the desk in the Oval Officer. Sexiest game of Clue ever.

What role-playing scenarios do you enjoy? Were some missed that you enjoy?

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