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The Event - Part l

chastity and cuckoldry with a roommate.

By Chance Published 5 months ago 15 min read

Chapter 1

I had been invited to an orgy... AN ORGY. how amazing is that!!!

I never thought that something like this would happen to me. I had been living with my best friend Rorie, She is a wonderful woman that I had been friends with for years all the way back to middle school when we had both been awkward kids with as much social grace as a brick. We had become close friends and as it always seems to go I had formed a sizable crush on her that just seemed to get worse after we got out of high school. I have always been a bit of a social failure, I don't think I'm unattractive but just not someone that would get picked out of a crowd. Fairly average. Rorie on the other hand grew into her body really well. She started doing BJJ and trained quite often. When we hung out she often found it fun to roll with me and make me tap out.

It was nice that she never seemed to care about our social differences. After the first year, we both moved into a flat together to attend uni and then she came out of her sexual shell. It honestly caught me off guard and she started openly talking about sex and kinks she was trying out with different people. I was a little jealous, to say the least, but it was nice she trusted me to talk about it and to be honest it was really hot to hear about kinky sexual adventures. We had flirted a couple of times in the later years of high school and even kissed a couple of times when we were drunk but we had openly talked about the fact that she didn't want to date her close friends because she thought it would ruin the friendships. So we went on like that for six months or so her having partners over and me hearing them through the wall and then later hearing about what new fun thing she had tried. Over the six months, it had become very obvious that Rorie was a switch she seemed to have an even number of partners that were dominant to her and that she dominated. It was refreshing because I had mostly only seen men being dominant in porn and such and I had always felt conflicted that I always identified with the women in porn more. Every time she told me about dominating a partner I would always find myself more and more turned on and I think I was doing a pretty bad job of hiding it. Last week when she was telling me about a threesome she had with a submissive couple she had kept glancing down at my crotch and smirking at the sizable boner that I had sprouted and she had just kept going into more and more detail! After this went on for a while she just said she had to go to bed I had to quickly head to my room and masturbate that one out of my system.

That became a regular thing her going on dominant escapades and then telling me about them and teasing me the whole time. Tonight she came home obviously recently fucked and sat down on the couch across from me and dove into another fun night of her escapades. “I just had so much fun making him kneel in front of me! The look on his girlfriend's face when he kissed my boot… So good. I bet you would love to be in his position hu!” Rorie enthusiastically interjected. I stuttered a couple of times but after a quick pause, she got up and walked past me and brushed her hand over my head and rustled my hair. “Maybe you can come to an event with me sometime soon, Might be fun!” she said casually as she walked towards the kitchen.

With a start, I agreed maybe a little too much and she giggled after making some food she asked if I could finish the dishes and headed into her room.

Wow, an event!! That would be so much fun. Maybe she can even teach me some things so I won't be so nervous about these things.

Chapter 2

“Soooooo. I think there is an event you could come to!” Rorie started walking into my room like she owned the place. I quickly closed the unsavoury things I was reading on my laptop trying not to look too rushed. I found my voice and responded “Oh that was fast! I thought it would take longer to find one.” She passed me her phone showing me a FetLife post for an event in town for this weekend….. An orgy. Wait. Did she want me to have sex with her? Reading further it looked like they had most of the slots filled for both women and men and the only remaining slots were in the third section which only had two positions called Janitors. I looked back up at her with a little confusion. But she cut me off to explain. “I got the last of the regular slots but there are the two janitor slots available if you want to come. You would be helping mostly. It's kind of like the assistant but you might still be able to join in a little” She winked at me “Isn't it great! It would be a perfect introduction and would be perfect for someone a little more submis…. Like you. ” Not wanting to look like I didn't know what I was talking about I agreed immediately. She looked a little surprised but was more than happy to help me get an account set up and RSVP the event. As she left the room to go shower I was so excited. The event details were pretty vague on what the janitor position entailed but it mentioned jobs like handing out towels and drinks, It said you have to do anything the members tell you to do and had a form to sign. It listed a safe word “Skittles” to be used if things got too much and if you don't use the safe word everything you say will be assumed as a playful protest. That was intense but I did my best to remember to the word I am pretty tough so I probably won't have to use it. I was just excited to be going and I’m sure I will figure it out when I get there in… Two days. OMG, that is so soon. Alright well better get some of the nerves out. I opened my laptop and get back to business.

The next day was Friday and I had a pretty uneventful day but just couldn't stop thinking about the event tomorrow. Like seriously I was going to an orgy with my crush!!!! That is just crazy. When I got home from work Rorie was in the living room watching some tv and lit up when I walked in and called me over. She was wearing a long shirt that covered her whole body down below her shorts… or where shorts would be. Was she just wearing a shirt!? As I sat down next to her she swung her legs away from me onto the couch and leaned back onto me. “I'm so excited about the event tomorrow!! Im so glad you are coming to this with me and you will look so cute in the outfit…” As she said that she leaned back her head to look into my eyes. I caught up to what she said while trying not to look down at her shirt. “Oo-outfit ? sorry, what outfit? I didn't see it on the event page.” She looked surprised and looked back to her phone and quickly pulled up the event and got to the janitor section, something I hadn't noticed is in the section that said appropriate dress options were highlighted so you could click it. And up popped pictures of men in nothing but a little collar with a leash that went down to a wrist cuff with a quick disconnect. And looking further down there was a cute little pink cage on his cock. The second picture was the same but he had a strappy harness on. Both had an arm up with a towel draped over it. I was a little stunned. “I didn’t know… Where would… Ive never… I don't own any of that stuff!?” She perked right up and I realized she was grinning at me. “Don't worry cutie! I have everything and I think I even have a cage that I got for an old boyfriend, he thought it looked too small for him, his loss. If you want I could lend it to you for tomorrow night. Unless this is too much you don't have to come.” I looked into her eyes. I trusted her to make this a fun experience. “As long as you are there I feel safe going. Thank you for lending it to me but I don't really know how to do some of that. I am new to the… accessories.” I said with a lift at the end of my words like it was a question. “Oh don't worry. I can help with that! I’ll go grab them and you can do a little test run tonight!” She took her hand out of her lap and walked into her room giving me no better clue as to whether she had shorts on under that shirt or not. I heard a scrape and a pop of a bin being dragged out from under the bed and opened. She spent a couple of minutes rooting around before coming out of her room with her arms full of things. In that time I had luckily had a chance to cool down a little and my hard-on has subsided slightly.

She walked up to stand in front of me and placed the pile of straps and a box on the coffee table. “Ok janitor she said with a little giggle. You have to get naked for me now…. Don’t look at me like that! Your going to see me and everyone else there naked tomorrow night so this isn’t a big deal don't worry.” It took me more than a couple of seconds to register I was looking at her like a deer in headlights but she was right I was going to see everyone including her naked tomorrow night and they were going to see me naked too. I pushed past the awkwardness and started taking off my shirt and then dropped my pants so I was just in boxers in front of her for the first time in a while. I was way too nervous to be hard luckily so I got up the confidence to drop the drawers as she looked down and smiled. “Nice! That is just a little bigger than my ex but you can totally squeeze into his cage don't worry we can make it fit. But before that let's get this collar on.” She help up the collar to my neck as I stood there completely exposed in front of her. She got the collar wrapped around my neck and her touching my neck my body finally started catching up and I felt myself getting a chub. As she stepped back to admire her work she glanced down with surprise and quickly grabbed the little box on the table. “Better get this on before you get any more excited or we will never get it on.” she popped the cage out of the box. It was the cutest little pink cage. It was plastic or resin and she put the pieces and got down on her knees. I started panicking internally and my stress really helped keep the forming boner at bay. She took my penis into her hand… her cold cold hand. Omg, any idea of being hard fled my mind as her cold hands shocked my little guy into hibernation. She slipped the ring down to the base and began sliding the main cage over the tip careful not to pinch anything, once she had it together she took the necklace she always was wearing a delicate chain with a little key in the center and pushed it into a little cylinder lock and then clicked the lock together, sealing the deal. I had asked months ago what that little key was for that she always kept around her neck and she had said something cheesy like her heart I guess I know now, as the key fell back onto her chest.

She stood up and admired her work with a bright smile. “You look so cute with that on!!!!” She pulled out her phone and took a picture of me and turned it around to show me. I did look pretty cute. The collar fit well and felt like high-quality leather, not the cheap sex toys I was used to from the sex store that I knew if I really pulled on them they would break. This was the real deal. Then there was the cage. My goodness, I really did look cute with that little thing. “Wanna see how it works?” She asked me with the most devilish little grin as I met her eyes. “Um, sure. What do you mean.” She grabbed the hem of her long shirt and pulled up reviling her nearly naked body. She had super comfy shorts that I've seen her wearing around the apartment but no bra to be seen. But what I could see was fantastic. She had pulled the shirt up from the center so the shirt had caught on her tits and pulled them up for a moment before gravity reasserted itself and they fell down. My body reacted as anyone would. I flushed immediately and tried to drag my eyes up to meet hers as I finally managed that feat I was met with a smug smile and tightness…. OMG, the tightness. I was trying desperately to get hard from seeing her in this state and the more I struggled the more frustrating pressure and pulling I felt. It was. A lot. My face scrunched up as I looked up at her and she smiled back and dropped her shirt. “Yup, it looks like it works! That will be perfect for tomorrow” She said with a smile “How do you like your outfit?” She asked innocently. My attempt at getting hard thwarted I began to recover and responded “It's a little uncomfortable, why do I need it?” She looked at me quizzically “Its part of the janitor's outfit! The position is meant to be there only to serve and several of the Doms and Switches requested the outfit. It makes us horny to know you can’t get hard looking at all the action. You still get to enjoy the view though and if a dom wants to let you out they could ask me too. It looks like that kinda turns you on too” She said all that in a pretty matter-of-fact way and finished it with a glance down. I guess that made sense, and she was right I felt the pressure happening again no boobs were required just the idea of being caged. “Ok yeah, that makes sense. Thank you for showing me this and letting me borrow the cage! I wouldn't have known where to get one. Maybe we can take..” I was so horny from this interaction I needed to go fire one off asap but mid-way through asking to take it off she cut me off with a smile. “Of course, you can borrow it as long as you want! But it's late and I'm getting tired I really gotta go to bed. Big day tomorrow you should probably get some rest too!” She turned and headed into her room but didn't close the door all the way leaving about a two-inch gap that I could just see through from the couch. She pulled her shirt off over her head and slid her fingers down and over her chest and slid them into her shorts the door finally slid all the way closed cutting off my heavenly view of her laying on her bed… Tightness. OMG, the cage was still on. I was trying to get hard again. Struggling against the plastic bars. Straining hopelessly. There was no way to touch me and it wasn't going down. The next hour of trying to fall asleep was really hard. Pun intended and waking up the next morning was even worse. As I got out of bed I heard the front door shut as Rorie left for who knows what in the morning on a Saturday. I took a cold shower to get rid of some nerves and to help with the pressure. Then just had to go about my day like normal except for being the horniest I have ever been! I tried to get some of my uni assignments done but my mind kept wandering. I had never been this horny in my life. I didn't get the chance to masturbate yesterday so I was well over 24 hours denied. It was exhilarating but crazy frustrating! It was like my body was yelling at me to do something that I had done thousands of times before when this feeling arose but now I couldn't… I was no longer in control of that function of my body. Shit, I got distracted again. Wow, this is going to be a rather unproductive day. I glanced at my phone and saw it was only 10:30 am It had felt like days had gone by and only two hours of work... Fuck this was going to be a long day. Just as that washed over me a notification came in from Rorie as I opened it I felt my cage fill to the brim. A very long day.....


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I enjoy writing different kinds of erotica and making artistic woodworking projects. Because its fun.

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