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The Divergents, part five

The Wanderer Rebels, story three

By Amethyst ChampagnePublished 3 months ago 7 min read
The Divergents, part five
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After about a half hour of walking, Trix saw some tents and tarps set up under a small patch of trees. So, that was camp. She shivered, just realizing it was probably January or February.

"What's wrong with you two?" Nola asked, stopping to examine them with her gaze.

"We're cold." Trix hugged herself, seeing her breath. "We humans get cold easily."

Kassie nodded, "These clothes aren't insulating."

Nola opened her mouth but was pushed back as Callum rushed toward them, holding a medical bag.

Trix smirked, ignoring the butterflies and wave of calm sweeping over her, "Wow, you're fast."

"And you're cold." Concern etched his handsome face. "Come, both of you."

He wrapped an arm around each of them, ushering them to the camp. Trix couldn't help but enjoy his now-warm touch. Why was he warm? He'd always been cool before.

"Are you feeling okay?" Trix stopped them, running her hand up his muscular arm. "You're really warm."

Callum shrugged, "Wanderers can modulate their body temperature to match whatever environment they're in."

She touched Nola's hand, which was about the same warmness. "Very well. As long as it's normal for you."

He grinned, continuing to move them to the camp, where hot air blasted her. Not that Trix wanted to move away from her living heater.

She spotted the other women sitting on logs around a fire with blankets draped over them. Some held cups in their hands. It reminded her of all the camping trips she never went on.

"Ooh, that's nice." Kassie rubbed her hands, leaving his arm behind. "But we'll need winter clothes."

Callum bobbed his head, "We hadn't planned on it being too cold. So, I apologize."

"But maybe the base will find us before morning." Nola sat cross-legged on the ground, closing her eyes.

Trix moved closer to him. "Base?"

"There is a base with rebel Wanderers relatively close by. We'd planned to fly there, but we experienced engine failure."

"And our brothers are there." Nola smiled.

Callum nodded, "And many humans."

Kassie's head lifted, "Do you think my sister might be there?"

"Maybe, but I don't know."

She nodded, her body sagging into her new blanket.

Trix certainly hoped so for Kassie. But she knew better than to believe she had any family members left. Not that they liked her.

Trix had always been the black sheep of her rich family, being one of the only girls besides her mother in a crop full of entitled boys. Her family had wanted her to be a housewife to a rich asshole from an early age, but she never wanted that.

Trix was a nerdy girl who chose to become an engineer, starting with IT, which had pissed them off to no end. Her father had cut her off from the family money, but that didn't bother her.

The bitchy blonde stood. "So, what? We just wait?"

"Sit down, Bethany!" the redhead snapped.

Trix didn't know most of them, having been isolated for so long. But she preferred men anyway, most of her friends being guys.

Most women annoyed her. Especially the rich bitches her mother and aunt hung out with, forcing her along. Always dressing her in ridiculous clothes, trying to make her girly.

That was, in part, the reason she had chosen technology as her career.

But Trix would do her best to be cordial with the other enhanced women, although she did like Kassie. She was calm and drama-free so far. And Nola was awesome and not human, so she was also good.

"Yes, Bethany," Callum sighed, "we sit and wait."

Trix leaned against him as they sat watching the fire.

She didn't know what it was about the Wanderer that drew her in, but she knew she could count on him. He was also handsome as sin and had rescued her from the mother ship.

"Should we tell them about our enhancements?" Trix stared at her hands, the electricity humming beneath her skin.

"I don't see why not." He playfully nudged her. "I'm sure none of you want to cause an accident."

That was true.

But this was going to be a long wait. Especially when she wanted to climb her medical officer. Oh well.


Night had fallen, and Callum lay in the cot in his tent, a part of the roof open so he could gaze at the stars. It had been a long time since he'd seen them from the ground of a planet.

Who knew something could be so beautiful?

The females were asleep in the other tent, Nola taking the night watch, which was fine with him. At least he had time to decompress from the bombardment of emotions he'd felt from the others.

Callum sighed, the portable heater making the air a bit warmer as he stretched his arms overhead.

The snapping of twigs made him frown. Was that an animal? He preferred it if it wasn't. He was tired of the females screaming and fear. It was exhausting.

But the steps continued until he spotted Trix's form outside the tent door. She didn't move, probably having no idea Wanderers possessed excellent night vision.

Her dark hair draped over her shoulders, which surprised Callum more than her presence.

"You know I can see you, right?"

"Ugh, I thought you were asleep." Trix laughed nervously. "But those women are driving me crazy."

He chuckled, sitting up. "Well, are you going to come in?"

She tentatively stepped inside his tent. "You're by yourself?"

Callum shrugged, "Nola's guarding us, and they don't want me anywhere near them."

Trix stepped forward, and he had to change how he sat, pulling his blanket to his groin area. He didn't want to freak her out.

She sat on the bed, biting her lower lip, "Plus, I wanted you alone."

Callum suppressed a groan, holding his arms in place. "Well, you have me alone."

Suddenly, her lips smashed into his, and he pulled her in, grabbing the back of her head.

This was a surprise, but he had heard of kissing and been wanting to try it for a while. And he couldn't deny his attraction to her anymore.

Trix opened her mouth, allowing Callum to push his tongue in, enjoying the sensations. She sighed against his mouth, grabbing at his clothes.

Callum flipped them, so he hovered over her, removing his shirt and kissing her again, moving down to her neck. Damn, her skin was so soft.

She yelped as he rocked against her, "Whoa, that's hard."

He smirked, his member aching to be free. "It is."

Callum then took off her shirt, happy their clothing didn't require female humans to wear that strange contraption over their breasts.

Trix giggled, then moaned when he began gently sucking them. He swirled his tongue around, feeling how aroused she was for him and that she had wanted this for some time now.

Callum kissed her mouth again, using one hand to yank down her leggings, then his pants, his member feeling her wet warmth.

She stared at him, "Are you sure you'll fit?"

"Yes, but I'll go slow."

He started to slowly push himself inside her, pausing for a moment to let her body adjust and for him to regain control. She felt so good and tight. But he wasn't going to let himself come that fast.

Callum then began moving, keeping the pace slow at first.

Trix closed her eyes, moaning as she rocked her hips with his. What a lovely sight.

He kissed her again, picking up speed as he fought to maintain control. She was enjoying it but was not very close, not yet.

So, he slipped one hand between her legs, finding that pleasure spot human females had and stroking it.

"Holy...y-y-yes!" Trix clawed his back, her hips bucking. "Don't stop!"

Grinning, Callum continued, his lower body tingling. Not yet.

Trix's moans filled the air as he pleasured her fiercely, feeling her body getting ready to climax. So he pushed harder and faster while stroking her spot until her body clamped down on him.

She didn't make any noise as she orgasmed, but Callum couldn't hold back his groan as he followed, slowing as he pumped into her.

He rolled them over when he finished, Trix on top of him. Callum gently kissed her. "Is this what you've been wanting, little spark?"

She hummed, "Much more."

He smiled, wrapping his arms around her as he closed his eyes and drifted.


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