The Dirtiest Movies on Netflix

Ensure that your film session turns into Netflix and Chill with the dirtiest movies on Netflix.

The Dirtiest Movies on Netflix

The dirtiest movies on Netflix will help you get the thrill of a vintage sex movie shop without any of the hassle. Instead of trying to discreetly and maneuver into a sordid adult movie shop located far away from your house, keep it simple and watch the same films without leaving your couch. You don’t have to pay a subscription fee, either. Netflix may not have the same repertoire as a sex shop does, but their selection of dirtiest movies are all the better for it. With the sexually explicit scenes in these films, you can watch them in place of your daily solo viewing, or you can suggest them when your partner is over to guarantee that your Netflix time turns into a Netflix and Chill session.

A Perfect Ending is about the growing relationship between a house wife who is having difficulty in her marriage and a female lover. The main character, Rebecca, seeks advise from a friend, who suggests she find a female lover to help her manage her marital crisis and dull sex life with her husband. The proposed lover is a posh escort for a service that is designed to “instruct” its clients. Meanwhile, the escort has a jaded past of her own, that Rebecca helps her to overcome.

The company that produced this movie is of similar nature to the film producers of A Perfect Ending. It focuses similarly on overcoming insecurity while struggling with values and principles. The Guest House tells the tale of a young woman who is living with her father. After sneaking out one weekend, she is grounded. While her father is away on business, she becomes acquainted with her father's employee, Amy. The two women become lovers, much to her father's dismay. When he returns and finds out they are involved, he reveals that he and Amy were previously involved. This causes the two women to part ways.

10 Rules for Sleeping Around features two not long married couples who decided to try out open relationships. One recently married couple designs 10 rules which each of them must follow in their open relationship. They shared their proposed rules for open relationship with their friends, who are not yet married but engaged. Does the open relationship result in a peaceful and happy married life and family? No, far from it! As you would expect from a film, the plan results in disorder, confusion, and anarchy. What secured the movie's spot on the list of dirtiest Netflix movies is the orgies. If you are looking for a sexual comedy, this movie is for you.

The idea behind Anatomy of a Love Seen is to show the beauty of the human body, and how this can bring lovers together. While it might not be the dirtiest movie on Netflix, it is definitely sexual. If you enjoy nudity, this is the film for you. The movie tells the tale of two female movie stars who end up becoming lovers. Mal, a former addict, abandons her lover just as her career begins to take off. After their separation, they were asked to reshoot the movie scene, reuniting them.

The film Bachelor Night follows a couple on the night of their bachelor and bachelorette parties. The parties cross paths, leading to a night filled with dirty and wild sexual encounters. The maid of honor and best man are left to save their friends from self-wrought disaster.

Cam Girl is the suspenseful story of Alice, who starts a webcam site with some friends after losing her dream job in advertising. The company expands quickly from the get go, and the girls struggle to maintain their relationships with family, friends, clients and one-another. Their sexy way to earn some fast cash spirals out of control, and they stave off a world of dangerous excess, violent threats from unhinged clients and bitter rivalries with one another.

I can't imagine Hooking Up made it onto Netflix by much, as there is a good deal of explicit content. The sex lives of three girls and four guys intersect in the worlds of love and hooking up.

Room in Rome features two female tourists who came in contact with each other while they were on tour in Rome. It was the first time they met. Instead of touring Rome, the two end up in a hotel room, spending the greater part of their visit intertwined in a love affair.

Ma Mère, a French term which means my mother is a shoe-in for one of the dirtiest movies on Netflix. What can be less dirty than a woman engaged in a love affair with her own blood son? The movie features a widow who turns to her son to satisfy her sexual urges. Both this widow and her seventeen-year-old son begin falling for each other.

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