The Daddy Complex

by Edward Anderson about a year ago in fetishes

Why is the daddy fetish so popular?

The Daddy Complex

"Who's your daddy?" It's a question that is used in and to indicate sexy times (especially in pop culture). There is also a group of people, a growing group, that sexualize men who are fathers or who look and act like they could be a dad. What is so sexy about that? There are a few theories, but almost none of them hit on the real reason why dads are so hot, why there is a group of gay men and straight ladies who fetishize them.

Dads care.

One of the most important things to take into consideration is that there is a softness to dads. This is not in reference to their dicks, but rather when a dad looks at his child, there is a tenderness that cannot be replicated. Some will argue that the same thing can be said about mothers, but this is about the menfolk and about gay men and women who want a daddy. It's easy and fun to imagine that after being pounded by a daddy, that he would scoop you up into his arms and hold you tight to his chest. Not to mention another romp in the morning after being held tightly by him. This time softer, more romantic. Hot.

Dads have experience.

This one seems to be invalid, so why have it second? Yes, other men have had sex. Probably multiple times. Especially the daddies in the gay community. However, there is evidence of it because of the kids. There are a lot of guys with children in the gay community. One of the things that it suggests is that they know what they are doing. It is illogical and a strawman argument at best, yet when asked, almost everyone with a daddy fetish all said the same thing: Being a daddy implies that you know what you're doing in bed. Are childless men good in bed? Probably, but the daddies are known to be great in bed. Each time that I have been with a daddy, he has gotten me to orgasmville and home multiple times. We usually arrive together. There's something to be said for known experience.

Dad Jokes

Ok, so the title of this section is misleading. Outside of my crush, nobody can make dad jokes funny or sexy. My bias is showing here, but there is something about a man who is willing to tell a joke that only he finds funny. It's not necessarily sexy, but yet, it does make most man-lovers want to march down the aisle with a guy. As I discovered that there is a part of me that has this fetish, I asked myself if I could live with a man who made dad jokes for the rest of my life. When my crush started making them, I realized that he had embraced his corniness and loved who he was. It helped me grow my feelings for him. It also made me wonder what he would look like if he made those jokes without his clothes on. One day, I hope to have the answer to that question.

Dad Bod

This one will land me in a lot of hot water. Men like Colby Jansen (porn star, Google him) and Channing Tatum look better with a little weight on their frames. Of course, there is something undeniably sexy about a man with a six-pack, but there's something comforting and erotic about a man with a little keg. Plus in bed, they try a little harder to get you off than the extremely hot men do. This is one of the reasons that you'll see a beautiful lady with an average looking guy. It used to be thought that it was because he had a massive cock, which could be true, but he probably works much harder in bed. Again, this comes from experience. Dads (and men like them) are more generous with their tongues and other oral sex matters.

The daddy fetish is one that will flourish for years to come, for all of the reasons listed and more. Dads are hot, compassionate, and fun in bed. There's a reason, "Who's your daddy?" is asked a lot in the bedroom.

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