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The Cities Mafia Queen. PT 6

Reverse Harem Story

By Author Billiejo PriestleyPublished 3 months ago 30 min read

Gunner: New Toy

It’s been a long day. Me and Dante have found a few guys so far involved with Paul and one who stupidly left evidence of his involvement. I sit in the corner and watch as Dante talks to him, asking questions. This is just a warm-up. That’s how I see it, anyway. Dante asks questions, trying to find more links and anyone else involved. Then they go to my room.

I sit quietly, watching as this idiot spills everything. He’s used to Jamie, that much is clear. He’s from Solace City and has only heard of us, so he is all too happy to agree and comply. He clearly thinks if he does, it will save him. It won’t though; he was a fool for thinking that. How could it? He knew and he was going to fly the plane. That 40k for Paul was actually 20k, split between the two of them. Neither of them is coming back.

Sitting here, though, I listen to every word, how Paul was planning to kill Emmi and dump her body in our city and then they would fly out of the cities and disappear. I have questions, though, so now I move and walk towards him, the dagger in my hand. He isn’t getting hurt here - this is just to make sure he answers everything.

“Why Paul? Surely he told you why he wanted revenge.” I stand next to him, waiting. I think his name is Darren, I can’t remember, and it makes no difference now, really. I watch as he looks between us, clearly debating answering. “Now remember, he is dead. You’re the only one with the answers, and if you don’t speak, I’ll need to force them out of you.”

“He dated Adelia. Although not really dating. They fucked once, and he knew she fucked guys and wasn’t interested in anything serious. He tried again, and she laughed and mocked him. Apparently made out to other women in your city, he was shit in bed. She was the one to get him banned from your city, stranded in Solace City, where the only way out is by plane or through yours.”

My little sister, what did she do? I want to laugh. She was wild, in so many ways, but soft at heart.

“Keep going.” I nudge him.

“Your sister got the Solace family to block him in some ways. He struggled for work. All he could do was fly that plane, and that wasn’t often and never gave him enough money to live on. For a few months, they followed him. After that, he met up with Ian. He told Ian if he would break Adelia’s heart and ensure she went down, he would get him out of the city.”

He’d failed there. Ian had to get in close and personal, really personal, to get her to love him. He did, he had us all fooled, and she’d been so happy. She’d honestly loved him.

“The plan was he just hurt her, your family go on a rampage and demand that Solace City hands over Ian, even though he was their family. But, of course, it failed. Paul told me he had no idea.”

I look at Darren, confused. “No idea about what?” What the hell didn’t Paul know if he planned it?

“Ian, Paul had no idea that Ian was abusing her mentally. He had no idea Ian had taken videos and pictures and was threatening to sell them around the city, or that he was telling her she either disappeared or he would cause a war between the cities.”

Me and Dante look at him. That is new. We didn’t know all that. “Pictures and videos, where are they?” We need them no matter where they are or who has them. They shouldn’t be seen by anyone, regardless of who they are. They need to be burnt to keep my sister’s name clear.

“Ian had them. No one knows where. When there wasn’t a war, Paul started with Emmi. His plan was to kill her, cause a war that way.”

I move back, nodding to Dante. I have no more questions. Then I walk forward, remembering I do. “Who else? Someone else has to be involved. We’re not stupid.” I look at him, hoping he falls for it.

“Some guy who I don’t even know. Apparently, he worked with Paul to bring the cities to war. Something to do with his dad being killed. Paul wouldn’t tell me. He said it was a secret and only he would know. The guy has money. He planned to take over both cities once the war began.”

I can see he isn’t lying. If he is, I will find out, though.

“Okay, you’re coming with us.” Dante pulls him up, and he looks between us, worried.

“I thought if I told you-” I cut off his words by covering his mouth.

“No one promised you wouldn’t die. You were going to let him kill her. You knew he was the reason my sister killed herself. There is no free pass in our city.” Dante drags him out as I walk through and open the car door. We push him in. As we drive home, he stays quiet, which is impressive, all things considered. He doesn’t say a word, even as we pull into the garage, and I drag him through a different door that leads straight to my playroom. I push him in and sit down.

I haven’t decided on my plan yet. I don’t want to kill him too quickly. That way, if he is lying or hiding anything, he will slip up and speak.

“Please, look, I will leave both cities.”

“Not happening. Strip.” Clothes get in the way, get stuck to the blades and to everything else. He stands staring at me, shocked. “I can start early and make you.” I pick up the dagger and walk towards him. Immediately, he begins removing his clothes. He does well not to fight. I wrap the chains around his wrists and pull his body up before tying down his legs. He will kick. They always do.

“Music preference?” I may let him choose.

“Music? What are you crazy? Just fucking kill me.”

I guess he doesn’t want to choose. “I like Nine Inch Nails. You?” I walk to the player and hit play, the music is loud, but it is fucking perfect. I feel myself dancing around the room as I select a few things to play with, each one getting placed down in front of him. Walking over to him, I hold the dagger tip against my finger as I turn it around constantly, each time pushing deeper. The blood slowly begins to run free, and he looks even more freaked out now than he did before.

“Pick a body part.” I smile at him. “Now, or I pick for you.”

“Fine, arm.” He rushes to answer.

“And a number. Something between zero and ten.” I want to play.


Five isn’t worthy for an arm, but if he says five, fine. I write it down.

“Another body party and a different number.”

“Leg and six.”

Six for a leg is shit, but I guess I will give him that. “Next.” I plan to keep going.

“Shoulder, four?” He is clearly questioning and has no idea of my plan.

I write it down and nod. “Next.”

“Chest, two.”

I stand up and walk to him. “Where? Chest as in from the groin to the neck or what?” I need to know the rules of this game even if he doesn’t realise.

“Where the chest is, you idiot.”

I punch him. “Don’t call me an idiot.” Now I know I will continue. “Next.” I write it down and wait.

“Really?” He looks at me, annoyed.

“Yeah, you could always list all the body parts and numbers until you run out.” I look at him.

“Fine, stomach one, feet three. Neck, eight. Erm.” He looks at me, clearly lost for body parts. “Groin, seven. Face, I don’t know what is fucking left!”

I laugh at his outcry, writing it down. I finish the last numbers for him and sit at the opposite side of the room. I am a fair distance away now. “So, the plan is, I throw a dagger, it hits, and I count up the points. Pick a number. If I get under that, you walk free. I can only hit each part once. Once I have hit them all, then I can start over.”

He looks sick. I won’t restrict him by a number.

“Two hundred.”

I laugh, hell he has days of fun coming then. I throw the dagger, purposely aiming for his foot and watching as it sticks into it. He screams, thrashing, and it adds to the beauty of the music. I pick up the needle and inspect it, his eyes widening.

“Small, right? With enough force, it can go so far in you won’t even see it.” I throw it towards him, not caring where it hits. He jumps slightly but doesn’t scream. My eyes look at the clock. “Oh, food time. I might bring you some back.” Walking out of the room, I leave the music on as I walk through the house. As I sit down at the table, everyone looks at me.

“I know, I’m a few minutes later.” Grabbing food and putting it on my plate, I nudge my little kitten as she sits next to me. “Fun day shopping, little kitten?” I smile at her as I eat.

“It was okay. Hard to get attention.” She glares at Bear and Zane, which makes everyone laughs.

“How's it going?” Dante looks towards me.

“Quiet so far, not exactly had a chance to get started. Created a new game which I think our visitor will love.” He will, but he will regret the two hundred number. I aim to exceed it.

“Any new info, let me know. Anything, no matter how little.”

I nod to his words. Everyone knows what he is talking about except my little kitten. She is lost, clearly. We sit and eat, and she listens, trying to make sense of our business talk but failing, which is good. She is a weakness if she knows too much. She won’t take as many hits as us before giving up the information.

I sit back after finishing and smile. “Time to eat?” I grin, and everyone looks at me, Dante shaking his head.

“We just ate. You ate a full plate, Gunner. More than anyone else.” My little kitten laughs while shaking her head.

“You got it wrong little kitten. I meant dessert.” I lick my lips, looking at her.

“Gunner!” Dante shouts, and all I can do is laugh.

“You got ideas for dessert?” She looks at me confused, and Zane groans.

“Don’t, Emmi.” He looks at her and she just glances back, still confused.

I laugh, nodding at her question. “You.”

Her eyes widen.

“I want you for dessert, right on this table.” She looks at me but doesn’t reply. I lean closer, so my mouth is against her ear. “I’m talking about you being dessert, me putting you right here on the table. Spreading those fucking thighs and enjoying what you offer.” I move quickly, lifting her to sit on the table and push her back, my hands on her stomach. “Right fucking here,” I growl at her, watching as she stares at me. She didn’t say stop or no. Fuck, would she let me? I feel my cock harden.

“Gunner! Enough, we’re still trying to fucking eat,” Dante shouts at me. His head shaking, and I know what he means. I will freak her out if I haven’t already.

“Later then, I guess, little kitten.” I pull her off the table and sit her back in her chair. Sitting down, I smile, and all three of my brothers shake their heads. We agreed, no one would fuck her. Not yet. We discussed it on the phone. Fun is fine, but no fucking her, not until she’s ready and decides who. Leaning over to her, I kiss her neck. “I meant it. Just ask, and I can make you scream with my mouth.” I lick her neck and smile to myself before standing.

“We need to talk,” Dante says. I know why. He thinks I’m going to fuck her, but I won’t.

“No need, I remember. I am going to play with my toy.” I turn and begin walking away.

“Can I come?” I stop hearing her words.

“No!” Zane shouts, but all I can do is smile.

“If you think you can handle it, little kitten? It might get a bit gruesome.”

“I can handle it. Lead the way.” She walks over to me.

“Gunner, think.” Zane looks at me, worried.

“She will be fine. Come on, little kitten.” I wrap my arm around hers and lead her to the room. She can play with me. It might even make it more fun.

Emmi: Gunner’s Toy

I walk into the room, and the music instantly floods my ears. The lights are low, but there’re party lights? What the actual fuck? I want to laugh until I see the guy strapped up naked with a dagger sticking out of his foot. Wait, toy as in a person? I turn and look at Gunner as his fingers stroke along the daggers.

“By toy, I thought you meant like knives and daggers.” Not a fucking person!

“I have those toys as well. Pick one.” He points to them. I look at the guy. He is quiet, for some reason?

I walk over and pick up a dagger I like. It is one I would love to keep. I play with it in my hands and smile.

“Aim for anywhere other than his foot or shoulder. I already got them covered.” Gunner explains.

I look between him and the guy. “Erm, can I just watch for now?” I don’t want to go torturing a guy.

“Of course, little kitten, you decide what to do in this room tonight.” He says that, yet if I tell him to let this guy go, will he listen? I watch as he picks up a dagger. Sitting next to me, he throws it. My eyes close as it hits the guy’s stomach. His screams are loud, but the music drowns them out slightly. “This can happen all night until I’m convinced that there is no more information you’re holding back and that you’re not lying.” Gunner explains before throwing another dagger. It sticks into the guy's arm.

“Okay! If I tell you, you will let me go?” He looks at Gunner, who simply laughs. “What if she promises? If she promises, will you listen to her?”

Gunner turns to look at me then back to the guy. “Do you know who she is?”

He looks past Gunner to me. “No, does it matter? You want to play, fine. If she isn’t convinced and happy to let me walk, then you kill me. If she is, you promise to let me go.”

Gunner nods, turning to me. “Do you agree, little kitten?”

Why wouldn’t I? Of course, I will let the guy live. Does he not realise that? “Sure, tell us what you know.” I don’t know what this is about, but surely if he tells Gunner, then he can walk?

“I lied. My part wasn’t just helping to fly the plane. We planned to break her, not kill her.” I look up, hearing his words. He is talking about me. I feel my body tense. He has no idea who I am, does he?

Gunner laughs slightly. “Keep going.” He sits next to me, his hand on my knee.

“Killing her wasn’t the main plan. He wanted her broke, like Adelia. Only worse, to the point it did cause a war. I can give you names of the men who agreed.”

“Wait, men who agreed? To what? You said the plan was to kill her and leave?” Gunner looks annoyed. This is about me, isn’t it?

“There are a lot of men who want revenge on the cities. Men who would willingly rape her and beat her. The plan was to take her, hide her for the weekend while they did, then dump on her on your doorstep and make it look like Solace City didn’t care.”

I feel sick. I look around myself. I would have agreed. I had agreed! Maybe not knowingly, but I agreed to escape and let Paul get me out by plane. I was walking into a fucking trap.

“So, you were going to rape and beat her?” Gunner looks at him, and I can tell he is losing it. I stroke along his hand in an attempt to keep him calm.

“Not me. While I agreed, I said I wouldn’t do that. Not me. Paul hated it, he was the only one willing to fuck her, apparently, and she refused. I was told I would drive her from where she was meeting Paul to a house where the guys were waiting. We leave her there and fly out. Two days later, someone there would dump her on your step.”

Gunner stands and starts pacing around the room. He looks lost. “It would have worked. Dante is still a mess over Adelia. He would have wanted Jamie dead for not protecting her. For not realising she was missing or trying hard enough to find her.” Gunner’s words are quiet. “Names, tell me the names of all the men who agreed. You write them down, little kitten.”

I pick up a pad and pen and write down the names of the men, the last name on the list makes me want to cry. Dean. I had known him for a while. He seemed so lovely. Never once did I think he would be so cruel. “Do you know the reasons why these men agreed?” I ask.

“Most just wanted the rulers out. A few had personal reasons. If you want to know why for each one, just ask.” He looks at me, clearly hopeful he will be surviving.

“Dean, why did he agree?” Why would he? He was one of the few who told me my parents' plan was stupid and wrong, that he could never hurt his daughter in that way. He helped me so much, never let me in his bar until that day, but he still helped me.

“Apparently, he had an affair with Candice. Her husband doubled his debts for it.” My mum and dad? I look towards Gunner. My mum never said. Then again, she had no idea I knew Dean or ever went near his club. She had no idea I snuck into his garage either as a teen when he would let me hide out there.

“You okay, little kitten?” Gunner appears in front of me.

I nod, wiping my eyes.

“Your choice, do I let him live?” Gunner moves, sliding to the side next to me.

I look at the man. How can I say yes? If he was willing to let that happen to me, who knows what he would let happen to other women? Who knows for sure if he will just walk away and not try a new way to do this plan but worse? I stand up and walk towards him. The dagger is still in my hand. As I stand before him, I try to smile, but I can’t. I would be dead in a few weeks after no doubt wishing I had died before the weekend had finished.

“He dies.” I push the dagger into the top of his leg, and he screams.

“Crazy fucking bitch!”

“See that as a ‘fuck you’ for agreeing to let them rape me.” I watch the shock on his face as I walk away and sit down. “All yours, Gunner.” I sit back and watch him work, and he seems to be dedicated as if he is trying to please me with every bit of damage he does to this man, a man who I don’t even know. A man I never saw and to me is nameless. Part of me feels like I want to be the first one to hurt every man on this list who agreed, who were going to hurt me to get revenge, yet part of me is worried that seeing them all will hurt me and break me.

“You good, little kitten?” Gunner stands before me, his eyes on mine. “He’s taking a nap right now.” That means the guy passed out. Too much pain and too much blood loss.

“Yes.” My voice is quiet.

“Don’t lie, little kitten. If this is too much, just leave.” His hand strokes along my neck.

“No, it’s fine. I know one of the men on that list really well, that’s all.”

He looks at me and smiles slightly. “Nearly all those men are from your side, little kitten. I’m surprised he had no idea who you were.” He points over his shoulder.

“The second checkpoint in the city, where the planes and everything else are, I’ve never seen that side. If he lived there, he wouldn’t have seen me. Most on that side didn’t cross often. I was hardly allowed out, Gunner.”

“Well, you choose the way forward, if you’re here for the others, if you do anything, or do nothing. How was your night with Zane?” He smiles and winks at me.

“I wanted to distract him.”

He laughs, nodding. “You certainly did that, little kitten. We can never calm him when he’s on that side. You did, though. We honestly thought he was killing you when there was the bang, and you screamed.” His hand settles on my hip as he pulls me closer.

“He seemed broken. You all do. Why?” I look at him, waiting for an answer.

“We all have our reasons. We were all adopted. We all have a story from our childhood before then that makes us who we are. Then there is Adelia, knowing we let it happen. Sure, we were only young, and in no way in control of the city or anything, but we still feel responsible.”

I want to ask what happened, precisely what happened to their sister, but it feels wrong to. I also want to ask about Zane’s burns, but again, I know it’s wrong. So right now, I have no idea what the hell to say.

“Look, Dante doesn’t want the burden of a woman. Not because of who they are, but because they can’t always protect themselves. With what happened to Adelia, we won’t make it again if another woman has the same fate and we fail to protect her. Zane is scared. When he flips to that side, he is deadly and sees nothing but darkness. So, he will push you away as well in some senses. His childhood has him scared of love, not what that person will do to him but what will happen to that person.” He smiles at me, and I feel like I have just been told a bit more of them that I wouldn't know otherwise.

“And you?” What is his story? I want to ask Bear’s story as well, but I guess I won’t push.

“No story. I was born, my parents were driving me home from the hospital and they crashed. They died. I didn’t. I was the first adopted into this family. Our mother had struggled to have kids. So, it was a blessing. Within a few years, she adopted three of us. I was just born, Bear was two, Dante four. About six years later, she adopted Zane. He was eight. She fell pregnant with Adelia just after adopting us before she adopted Zane.”

Zane was eight? So, his childhood can’t have been good. The burns? Are they caused by his past? His real parents?

“What about you, little kitten?”

“You know, I saw maybe 30% of the city, met even fewer people. I had people follow me to ensure I didn’t go outside the boundaries. I tried rebelling. I started dancing in a club at eighteen, and the owner showed up half-dead, and I was pulled out of it. Every time I went back, my parents had two guys there to stop me. I tried sneaking into a strip club at twenty-one, a way to find a guy to finally fuck, but again, I was stopped.” I can’t help but wonder why. Why were they so against me being with a guy? Was it because they knew people like Paul were out there, people who planned to use and hurt me?

“Sex isn’t everything, as you will soon find out. All the things that come before sex can be just as wild, fun, and create as much pleasure. Of course, you had all that, so you were never fully missing out.” He smiles at me.

“Erm…” I laugh slightly. He has it wrong. “Yeah, you see, that never happened either. Very few people were willing to even kiss me, and believe me, I tried with women as well.” I did. Women are just as fun as men.

“I thought you had done things, just never sex?” His head tilts slightly as he looks at me, confused. “So last night with Zane?” He’s clearly having a hard time believing it.

“Was the first time ever.” I shrug slightly. “There were cameras throughout my room, with just the one blind spot, which is how I managed to keep the money hidden.”

“Wait.” He puts his hand up and laughs slightly. “So even by yourself, you’d never done anything like that?” Okay, now he is looking at me like I am crazy. I’m not crazy; I just never had the privacy to do it. Even my bathroom had cameras, and while I knew they wouldn’t be watching, it was always there in my mind. Who honestly wants to touch themselves in that way, having no idea if someone can see them?

“Nowhere was free of cameras, Gunner, not even my bathroom. Crazy that, right? I got more privacy going to toilets in bars than I did in my own home, and there were often two guys there chaperoning me around. This, I hope, is the only place where I go to pee that doesn’t have a camera or someone following.” Maybe I am wrong, and there are cameras just like at home?

“No cameras, little kitten, not even in your bedroom.”

I look up at him shocked, that feels weird to know. But it also feels weird that they haven’t put cameras in there to spy on me like my family did and ensure I did nothing wrong.

“So, you can go play whenever you feel like it.” He steps closer, smiling. “They will all come around, little kitten. Eventually, they will see the good you can do. Not all women are destined to become a target and get hurt. Once they see that, they will all open up to you more. Zane will open up to you more.” He explains. It sounds like he is saying I’m choosing Zane? I don’t know who I’m choosing. Right now, I just want fun and freedom to have that fun in some sense.

“I don’t want to marry the first guy who makes me orgasm. I don’t want to marry the first guy who touches me in that way or fucks me. Even I know that if I get too caught up in that, then I will have false feelings purely because of how they made me feel in that moment. I don’t want to get to sixty and realise I only ever had one guy in my entire life.”

He looks at me confused, laughing slightly. “We thought-”

“Then you all thought wrong. I told Zane the same. I’m not rushing to pick. This is forced on me, and I want the last choice to be mine with a clear mind and a past behind me, so I know for sure I made the right choice. You guys wouldn’t get it.”

“What won’t we get? Is it because we’re guys?” He grins slightly.

“Not because you’re guys. You four had freedom and have likely fucked hundreds of women. You’ve done everything, so you wouldn't feel like you missed out on anything in a year if you were to marry now. I would.” That’s the best way I can explain it.

“Not hundreds, little kitten. Sure, there have been women, but none were serious. None living in this house or even visiting here. You’re the first.”

I glance up at him, shocked. So, they have never had a woman here before? “How the hell did that work?” I laugh slightly.

“Often, if we found a woman we were attracted to, we would go to the hotel. We have a suite there. It keeps the women out of our space. Zane has never let a woman sleep with him. He always left. That proves you being here is a good thing. So, how did it feel?” He steps closer until his body is pressed against mine, and he is standing between my legs.

“What?” I look up at him.

“Last night.” His head lowers, his mouth teasing my neck. “Your first ever orgasm, was it that you had expected?”

“It was amazing. I don’t know how to describe it.” I wish I did, but I really don’t. “It was all over so quickly once it had started. I thought it would last longer.” I moan, leaning my head to the side as his mouth continues to tease my neck.

“There are ways to make it last longer, the orgasm that is. That is for when you’re ready, though.” His mouth bites against my collar bone. “Would you have let me, little kitten?”

I glance up at him, confused by his words. “Let you what?” I moan as he bites down harder against my collarbone.

“This morning, on the table. Would you have let me do it then, with them watching?” His hand strokes down my back, the other stroking down the channel of my breasts.

“Yes!” I bite my lip, pushing my hips closer to him.

“And now? Will you let me play with you now, right here?” His hand slides inside my skirt and panties, and I nod as I moan, pushing myself closer to his fingers. I can feel them circling and teasing. I want to beg him to. “How many fingers did my brother manage to get inside you?” His mouth moves along my breasts as he starts to rub me.

“None.” My word is barely a word and more of a moan as I push closer to his fingers. His head moves back, his face full of confusion. “He didn’t even try to go there. He just…” I moan, feeling his finger rub against my bud.

“He just played here.” His words quiet as his finger continues to tease, my hands grasping his body and pulling him closer. I feel his finger pushing inside me, my head falling back as I moan. “Such a perfect fucking hole,” he growls as his finger moves, slowly building up speed as I cry out against him.

I’m fed up with their rules. My hands move to his jeans, and I begin unfastening them. But he stops me. “No, little kitten, just let me make you cum and scream with my fingers.” My body shakes as I feel him stroke along something inside me.

I try to unfasten his jeans again. “Just let me touch you,” I moan, pulling open his jeans. My hand strokes down his cock. He moves, one hand wrapping around my neck, forcing me to look at him, his finger still moving inside me. I pull his boxers down, finally freeing him, and my hand wraps around his shaft. I moan at the warmth of it.

His eyes stay fixed on mine as his finger begins moving quicker, stroking on that perfect place inside, which has me crying out loud. My body trembles as I feel it beginning. His mouth presses against my neck as his finger continues to move. My small cry is loud as I feel like I’m plummeting to the ground with pleasure, every part of my body trembling as I feel my sex tighten around him.

He doesn’t stop. His hand releases on my neck and strokes down my body as I feel him pushing a second finger inside me. My eyes glancing down, seeing his cock. It feels solid in my grasps. “You have it pierced?” I don’t know why I’m asking. I can see the piercing. My finger strokes along it, watching as his body shakes.

“I have more than that, little kitten. Just wait until I fuck you, you’ll see. Now lie back.”

I nod and obey, my hand still wrapped around his cock and moving slowly. He better not tease. He said, just wait, so he is going to, right? I look up at him as he leans over me, his fingers still moving inside my sex. “Not fucking you yet, but I want to hear your perfect shattered cry when you orgasm again.” His fingers begin moving again, this time staying in deep and rubbing inside me. My legs wrap around his body as I pull him closer, begging with my eyes for him to fuck me.

I watch as his hips move, his cock moving in my hand. “Please, Gunner!” I need him to agree. If they go this slow, it will be a year before anyone fucks me.

“Not yet, little kitten. Soon, I promise, just let me make you scream.” His fingers rub quicker inside of me, my moans getting louder.

“I want you to finish as well.” I need to see it and feel it. My hand grasps his cock, and he shakes his head. “Please, I’m not saying fuck me, just let me see.”

I scream as he pushes another finger inside of me, rubbing harder. “The perfect spot, little kitten, to make you scream and stop asking. For you, though, I will agree.” His fingers continue teasing the spot inside me as I cry quietly, my hand still grasped around his cock. I feel his cock moving in my hand as his hips begin thrusting.

My moans of pleasure get louder as he groans quietly. “I’m just imagining it, little kitten. Pretending your hand is that perfect cunt, imagining how tight it is for me.” His hand tightens on my hip as his fingers and hips move faster. My legs wrap around his body as I feel the burning, my moan turning to screams as I orgasm, my legs locking him against me as the pleasure floods through me, every part of my body feeling like it’s floating.

My eyes are fixed on his cock as it moves faster in my hand, his grip tighter on my hip as he groans, his hips bucking slightly, and I watch as he cums, as it pulses through him. My finger strokes along the tip, watching as his body jerk slightly. Lifting my finger to my lips, I suck into my mouth, tasting him, his eyes wide and wild.

“Fuck little kitten.” He groans as his head falls forward onto my stomach, his hand removing from between my legs. I’m tired, worn out and tired. “Sleep time,” he says as he picks me up.

“What about your toy?” I’d forgotten about this guy.

“Dead. I was meant to stop him bleeding out of his wrists, but little kitten distracted me, so he bled out and died.” He laughs slightly as he holds my body against his. I am too tired to do anything right now.


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  • Alex H Mittelman 3 months ago

    Great work!

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