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The Cities Mafia Queen. PT 10 Final

Reverse Harem

By Author Billiejo PriestleyPublished 3 months ago 31 min read
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Emmi: News Time

Six months! It has been six months since that punishment since I admitted I loved them. Gunner started great. The last month though, I have been nothing but exhausted as he tried to complete his quest. He was relentless in his pursuit for it, and now, well, he won.

I step out of the bathroom. I am shaking, crazy scared shaking. I walk out to the pool, and they are all sat around it. I’m lucky, they are hot, and I know I am lucky.

“Finally, come sit here.” Bear spreads his legs. Moving, I sit between them and lean back. He will protect me from Gunner. I know he will.

“Everything okay?” Zane looks at me. “You took a long time in there.”

“So you know what we haven’t spoken about?” We’ve discussed a lot. We spoke about how sleeping would go. They work some nights, so it makes it easier. I share a bed with two of them most nights. It changes from night to night based on who is working and not, who fucked me that night and didn’t.

We got married, which was amazing but not legal. I don’t care, though. To me, it meant to the world.

“What, Emmi?” Zane asks.

“Kids. Now I know my crazy psychotic lunatic there is all for it, but what about everyone else? How will it work anyway? Who do we decide is the dad? How do we do it, so they are?” I look at them, worried.

“Kids are kids. Who the dad is doesn’t matter. We’ll all be watching over them. How many kids? I would say two. But knowing Gunner, he would say ten.” I laugh at Dante’s words. He is right. Gunner would want thousands of kids if he could. Which doesn’t match who he comes across as.

I look between them and remember the start. I was scared as hell of Gunner, but really, he’s a softie. Well, he has that side, which I saw when he really got angry. Garrod had got two of his men in the city, and Gunner had lost it after they tried drugging a woman. I saw first-hand, it took Dante, Zane, and Bear to pin him down. But one touch from me, words from me, woke him up so quickly. It shows he isn’t a lunatic, not for me anyway.

“Little lamb?” I turn and look behind me at Bear. “You went quiet. We said, what’s wrong?” Of course, they asked what was wrong.

“So, I’m pregnant.” I decide to just say it straight up.

“Yes! I fucking called it!” Gunner runs to me, picking me up. He hugs me too hard.

“Okay, Gunner, put her down.” Zane laughs and pulls me free.

“Well, you have nine months. Enjoy them, little kitten.” I look at Gunner, confused. “I will be back to fucking you several times a day then to get you pregnant again.” Oh, fuck me. I laugh slightly. But I know he means it.

“A baby,” Dante says. He is the one I am worried about.

“Yes, and unfortunately, it could be a girl.” There is no way to prevent that.

“Then it’s a girl, don’t worry. I know I went all crazy over you being a woman. The fact is, though, you have shown us and proved to so many that women are not weak. They are not always a liability or at risk. With you as their mum, any girl will be a badass who can fight for herself.” He moves and kisses me. I am glad. I was worried something would go wrong, worried he would freak out at me. He didn’t, though, which is amazing.

“Well, we will discuss it soon. Jax should be here soon.” They invited him, apparently, to discuss the city where Jax lives. Garrod was taken down, but that means the city is unstable. Unstable isn’t good, if the wrong person takes control of it, it could spiral out of control into this city.

“When is he due?” I look at Dante.

“Any time now, so let’s get cleaned up.” Dante walks in, and we follow. I sit in the room and hold my phone. I don’t want to hear the information, although I know I will have to listen. Not long after, Dante walks through with Jax. I stay sat away from them but still close enough to hear them.

“We know, okay? We know the city is falling. We know the drugs are getting worse, more women getting kidnapped.” Jax shakes his head.

“You were always on the right side of the law. I understand that Jax. You would normally stop these things. Now you’re faced with turning a blind eye and running it,” Dante says. It’s clear that Jax and whoever he has on his side have never done anything like this. I watch as Dante talks to him, giving him help, explaining how to take control of the city.

I’m glad that Jax agreed to because had he not, then I know these guys would be on the go constantly and busy trying to clear up the city. So I am glad, it means I get them at home more. I watch as they talk, agreeing to meet again in the future.

Jax seems to be struggling, struggling with the idea of running a city that allows certain things. But he’s agreeing, I guess, seeing first-hand how we do things has him realising that if we ran his city, he wouldn’t be immune. Now, however, it's an alliance. Both cities agree to use each other's supplies to boost the city's money.

I have heard of Melodie many times now. It’s clear how much Jax loves her, and it is clear he has got over the issue of sharing her. What could he do? Jax left her. I heard him telling Zane, explaining how much he said before walking out. She still loved him, but he left for over a year, which meant she got closer to others.

Zane explained each one to me as one day I will meet them. Roland, Roland is someone who fights, like Bear and Zane, yet he is like Gunner. He laughs at the pain and craves it. He walks into knives to prove a point.

Oscar is apparently soft and sweet, yet he is also a savage in the bedroom. His past traumatic events have tainted him. Diogo is a tech wizard, and Jax? Jax is apparently known as little Jax, the baby of their team. He did everything to save Melodie and his son, although he isn’t really his. If you say that to him, though, even I know he will say otherwise.

They are not like my four. They don’t hurt people, deal out punishments, well, almost. Now they do, but they came from the navy, they are the ones who fought to keep the cities clean, but now, even they realise nothing can stop the cities from being taken down.

“Little kitten.” I look up to see Gunner smiling at me.

“Not today, Gunner, you have been fucking me relentlessly for a month trying to get me pregnant.” I laugh and watch as he scopes me into his arms.

“I am giving you some space, but this is for you.” He holds out something, my eyes looking at it. “A spa day for tomorrow, go relax, unwind and regain your energy.” Kissing me, he places me down.

“Thank you.” I look up at him, fighting back the tears.

“Oh god, she is crying again. How didn’t we realise?” Gunner laughs. “Do you want to stab me, little kitten? Will that make you smile?” The tears start to fall. He’s right, though. The past few weeks, I have been so emotional, and no one realised.

“Gunner, that isn’t how you do it. Telling her she can stab you won’t cheer her up.” Zane’s arms wrap around me. “You’re amazing, Emmi, beautiful and amazing. Go have a nap. I’ll bring you some snacks through soon.” His lips press against my forehead, and he ushers me out of the room. They all react differently when I cry. Zane, however, seems to be the one who is most caring and understands what I need. They are all amazing.

Dante: Baby Time

It has been nearly nine months, and it is incredible to watch Emmi, to see her stomach blossom, and somehow, it has tamed Gunner when he’s near her. He is still as savage with those he needs to be with, but with Emmi, he is careful.

“Is it sorted?” I turn to Bear and nod.

“Gunner killed them, with people watching. Everyone now knows not to touch them.” It was a mess and a war we couldn’t afford.

“No one else does, Dante. Very few do that. Those guys just saw cash and thought they could take it. They didn’t even consider the consequences or consider who they were trying to raid.”

He is right. Sure, people still commit minor, petty crimes, which the police deal with. However, they had been watching Jax and his family. That was clear when they attacked them within the city. We’re lucky Jax and his guys walked away and let us deal with it. They could have started a war.

“Is she ready?” We should be leaving. I agreed we would go to their city, expecting them to show here after everything went wrong.

“Yeah, and stunning, so that is your warning.” He laughs and walks out. Grabbing my items, I follow, and I stop as I see Emmi. She is stunning. Her stomach just adds to the beauty. We leave and use the plane to get there. It’s quicker than going in the car. Gunner stays sat next to her the whole time, his hand on her stomach as he talks to the baby.

We discuss everything as we do, the deals we plan to make, the apology for the fuck up in the city. I have sorted out a new car for them after the scum set fire to theirs. We walk into the restaurant and sit do I watch as they walk in. Melodie is clearly by their side. I’ve not yet met her. She has been here once but never came to the meeting. Jax introduces us all to each other before we sit and talk.

“It is nice to meet you, Melodie. I’m Dante.” I reach a hand out to her, and she smiles, shaking it.

“It is nice to meet you.” We sit and eat, but talk is personal. To an extent, trying to get business done too quickly is wrong. Every now and then, we discuss business, but it is personal talk for the most part of the meal. My eyes are constantly looking at Emmi as she talks to Melodie. Maybe them being friends is a good thing? Emmi could do with more women who come from the same types of places as her, someone who knows the world of living with four men.

“Adjustment, right?” I hear Emmi ask Melodie. “I was born into a city that was ruled by my family. I didn’t know the truth of what happened, so getting sent to the Wolversons for my parents’ gain was a shock. I’m safe, though.” Emmi turns and smiles at me. “They got worse when I found out I was pregnant.” I laugh slightly at her words. We did, that’s true. We’re constantly on guard, constantly ensuring she rests, that she isn’t overworking herself.

“Is this your first?” Melodie asks.

“Yeah, and a boy, what about you?” Emmi replies.

“Second, I have a boy. This one is a girl.” I watch as Melodie’s look goes from wicked to a grin.

“Really, kitten! You’re getting punished for that!” I hear Diogo’s words as he stares at her, shocked, Roland, laughing.

“Guess everyone knows it is a girl now,” Roland says while still laughing.

“Meant to be a surprise, I am guessing?” Bear looks at them, questioning it, and clearly, it was. However, Melodie seemed to want to change that. Even I could tell by that wicked look she planned to ensure they heard. They all nod at Bear, confirming it was a surprise or meant to be. “Trust me, keeping anything a secret when there is five of you is impossible. Maybe, it wasn’t her fault?” Bear tries to defend Melodie, which makes me laugh. Soft fool.

“Oh, it was, it was planned. I saw the evil look in Melodie’s eyes. It’s fine, don’t worry, kitten, I will get payback.” Diogo looks at her, winking.

“Better make it good, Master, things have been lacking recently.” Melodie smiles at him, and I hear Gunner’s booming laugh.

“Hell, they’re just like each other.” Gunner laughs, smiling at Emmi. But we need to finish this business talk.

“Look, the deal still stands. Everything is fine on our end. We dealt with them, and people in the city now know you guys are not to be touched unless we order it.” I lean forward. “The men responsible were dealt with, and a replacement car was sent to your place.” I hand over the keys, sealing the issues and closing it, I hope.

“No need, this meeting was to ensure the cities knew no debt was owed,” Jax says.

We sit and continue to discuss business, deals and things. We agree to offer advice and support on the city for free. Them taking over the city stops us from having to, so offering advice and support is the least we can do considering they have no experience with this. We’re lucky the morons didn’t hurt Melodie. Had they done so, I doubt we would be sat eating a meal together. They would have been out for blood. We finish the business talk and begin to get ready to leave. Melodie and Emmi exchanging numbers which makes me smile. If there is one place I will let her go to alone, it is to this city. I know they won’t let her get hurt.

“We’re having a party, ensure you come. It will give more of the city time to know who you are, and of course, bring your lovely Melodie.” I stand and straighten out my suit.

“Of course.” Jax shakes my hand, and we leave. The party will be one I hope keeps the cities working together. I don’t blame them for having personal guards for Melodie. We now do for Emmi, even if she screams and calls us names.

Nearly nine months, so by right, any time now, she could have the baby. Any time now, she will have our son.

“So you invited them to the party?” Zane looks at me.

“Yes, the stronger alliance we have with cities, the less chance there is they will decide to take us down. Anyway, Jax and those guys are a lot like us. They will be seen as people who should be respected through both cities soon.”

At home, I look around me. “Where are they?” I open the door and find it empty. They’re late. I turn and look towards Tom.

“On their way, apparently they got sidetracked. They will be here within an hour and staying until after the baby is born.” He explains while pointing towards the room.

“Bit crazy, don’t you think, Dante?” Zane looks at me.

“No, it isn’t. She is safer here than at a hospital.” How can’t they see that?

“So, you’re bringing the hospital to me?” Emmi laughs and stops ahead of him, her eyes glancing down to her stomach.

“Yes, you don’t need to leave here when you go into labour,” I explain while unzipping her dress. “Get some sleep, sugar, you need it before the little guy comes.” I kiss her, then push her towards the stairs and watch her walk away.

“Still crazy.” Zane laughs while pouring a drink.

“Not crazy, hospitals are full of people, the perfect way to get someone in to attack.” I don’t want the risk, so yes, I sorted out a room here with everything she and the baby will need. I have paid stupid amounts to have a doctor, midwife, nurse, and others here on call until she goes into labour. I don’t bother arguing anymore. I just walk into the room with Emmi and hold her as I fall asleep. The guys will ensure that room gets sorted tonight.

A scream wakes me. I jump up and look around to see Emmi kneeling on the floor. Running to her, I help her up. “What the fuck are doing on the floor, sugar?” It is nearly 6 AM. She should be asleep.

“I didn’t want to wake you.” She looks at me with tears in her eyes. That doesn’t tell me what the fuck is going on. “I started having contractions around three. I just kept walking around the room, but that one hurt.” She cuddles against me, and I hold her tight.

“Right, to that room.” I go to move, her hands stopping me.

“Not yet! Please, it can take hours, just please.” She holds onto me, another scream escaping her mouth as she clings to me. The door opens, and I see Gunner, Zane, and Bear staring at us.

“About time, little kitten! Let’s have a baby.” Gunner walks towards us, but I raise my hand to stop him. She’s freaking out, so right now, him dragging her to that room won’t help. But I have no idea what to say or do either.

Zane takes my place. “You’re fine, Emmi, this is normal, but let’s go and get them to check you. If you’re not too far along, then you can leave the room again, I promise, but for all we know, any minute now, you could have him. We won’t leave you.” He kisses her and guides her out of the room, and she lets him. This is where Zane is needed; I would have just held her here, which isn’t good.

We follow down to the room and watch the doctor confirming she is in labour and already ready to have the baby. But she is still panicking.

“Look, you got through hours. This is the quickest part, Emmi. Once you push him out, it is over, that’s all.” Zane holds her face in his hands, and we hold her hands and try to reassure her as she pushes. Twenty minutes later, twenty minutes of pushing, the doctor wraps the baby up and hands him to Emmi, her eyes closing, and I turn back to the doctor freaking out. I go to grab him. Zane stops me.

“She is fine, I swear! She is on monitors. She is just tired and asleep.” He’s shaking. Okay, maybe I overreacted, but she just passed out! Nodding, I step back and take the baby from Emmi. He looks perfect.

“Harlem.” I turn, hearing Emmi.

“What?” We all look at her, confused.

“His name, I agree with Harlem.” Her words are whispered as she falls asleep, and while I want to celebrate, I won’t. She is tired and taking that as truth right now is wrong. She needs time to sleep and wake up before saying a name. I smile down at him, he is perfect, so fucking perfect. I thought I loved Adelia, my mum, Emmi. This, though, is a love I can’t even put into words. He is perfect.

The week goes by quickly, we find ourselves in a routine.

I sit working. Emmi has gone out shopping with Zane and Bear, and Gunner holds the baby. As I look over at him, I roll my eyes.

“Gunner, daggers away from the baby.” He’s showing Harlem the different daggers, telling him who has died by them. “Also, let’s get the crazy killing people at a low, please. He isn’t even a month old, and you’re already telling him horror stories.” I have to laugh, he is soft and gentle with Harlem, but he still talks to him like Harlem won’t be fucking creeped out when he can understand.

“Just telling him stories of his mummy.” Gunner grins at me.

“Tell him nice stories, Gunner. Like how we married her, how she fought us for freedom. All those things, not who she killed with which dagger.” I chuckle slightly and hit send on the email.

“Daddy Dante is a grumpy old man.” Gunner laughs, and I roll my eyes.

“If I am grumpy and old, what does that make you, Gunner? You’re six months older than me.” I stand and go to take Harlem from him. “He needs a nap.”

“I’ll do it.” Gunner stands and walks out with Harlem, and as bad I feel, I open the CCTV and watch. I know he would never hurt him, but I can see him sitting and keeping him awake. I watch as Gunner cradles Harlem, rocking him back and forth.

“Has he started singing yet?” I turn and look at Emmi, confused. I didn’t even hear them come back. “He sings him to sleep,” Emmi explains, and I watch and listen as Gunner does just that.

“Have you noticed?” We turn and look at Zane. “He doesn’t slip back as much. He hardly blacks out. He seems to have got more and more control the more pregnant Emmi got and now that he is born.” Zane is right. Even when he is torturing someone for information, he barely slips these days.

“He’s an amazing dad, which if I look back at the start, I would never have believed,” Emmi says as she straddles me and cuddles me against her. “You all are.” I smile at that because while we have no idea who the dad is, we all are and we have all saw a side of us we didn’t know existed.

Emmi: Happy Endings

It has been eight months since we had Harlem and he’s wild already, just like Gunner. I place him in bed and kiss him. I know he will be safe tonight. There will be four guards outside this room. Three more at the end of the hall. No one except the guys and me will be able to get through. We’re back at the old place for tonight's party. It’s safer than having people in our home.

“He asleep?” I watch as Zane walks over, peering into the cot. “Go get ready. I’ll sit here for a bit.” His lips press against my neck for a moment before I leave. Bear looking around for something, and I laugh.

“You, wasn’t it?” He turns to face me.

“Maybe, Daddy, maybe not.” I walk past him, but he grabs me, dragging me back.

“What are you hoping to gain?” He pushes me against the wall.

“I don’t know. Maybe, just maybe I want to be bad.” I bite my lip.

“Prove it, dirty girl, prove you want to be bad.”

I start to strip, my hips swinging as I do. “Just imagine, Daddy, me bent over that bad, with your hands grasping on my hips as you pound into me hard.” Then, turning, I wiggle my ass against him.

“I don’t need to imagine. I have bent you over the bed like that before.”

He is right, but still, he needs to imagine it. “Imagine my pussy milking your cock, tightening around you, trying to keep you locked inside me as I orgasm. Imagine how it will feel knowing your one fuck closer to get me pregnant.”

“Bend over the bed, dirty girl.”

I obey and walk over, kneeling and bending over the bed. I feel Bear behind me, his hand sliding between my thighs where the wetness is already.

“I love how fucking wet you are for me, dirty girl.” His fingers rub against my clit. “Dirty girl will be screaming and begging for forgiveness.” His words are quiet as he pushes his fingers inside me. “How much do you want Daddy to fuck you, right here?” He shoves his fingers in deeper.

“This much, Daddy.” I push back and purposely fuck his fingers. “I’m just imagining it being your cock, Daddy, imagining how much harder I would push against you.” My head falls back as the pleasure builds in me.

“Mmm, you are a dirty girl, but Daddy doesn’t want to fuck your cunt.” His words shock me, and I feel his cock against my ass, slowly pushing past the rings of restriction until he is settled deep inside me. “Now prove you’re a dirty girl who deserves Daddy’s cock.” His words taunt me, but I do. I move, pushing back against him. My hips thrusting as I fuck his cock, each time I slam back into him harder, taking him deeper and hear him groan.

“Fuck dirty girl, harder.” His fingers push into my pussy again, his thumb playing with the piercing. My moans get louder, I feel him pulling me back with him, his hands slamming down to the floor. His cock is still in my ass as he holds me there, his hips thrusting hard and deep.

“Dirty girl needs to learn to scream Daddy’s name louder.” He thrusts harder, causing me to scream. Every thrust feels more profound and more demanding. His body covers mine, pinning me against the floor. He fucks my ass relentlessly as I scream ‘Daddy’ over and over.

His legs push mine open so he can sink between them and thrust more, the words ‘no’ and ‘Daddy’ escaping my mouth as it becomes too much.

“Yes! Fucking yes, dirty girl, you wanted this, and this is yours. Now bite your fucking hand, and I let me take what is mine.” His hips seem to move faster, and I do. I bite my hand as he fucks me and takes what is his, the pleasure burning through me as I orgasm and hear him groan. Something about Bear and sex with him is impressive.

Gunner likes to strap me down, play with his daggers, make me bleed. Dante likes to paddle my ass and leave me feeling like I won’t be allowed to orgasm. Zane fucks me soft, gentle, except when he is in that mood where he throws me around the room like I’m nothing more than a doll. But Bear? He’s different. I get now why he took so long to fuck me. He is relentless, and he likes to make me prove I am dirty, like telling me to fuck myself with my fingers, over and over until my hand is soaked. I smile, remembering that day.

My hand was soaked in my juices, I thought I had proved it, but no, he then put two toys on the floor, suctioned down, and told me to fuck myself. I laughed, but he meant it, so I did. He is so different and so damn fucking amazing.

“Hot little kitten.” I look up and see Gunner stood by the door. “You two are late. Guests are arriving soon.” He turns and walks out. Sex is no longer hidden. I am used to fucking one of them while others are in the room, just watching us.

“Let’s get ready, little lamb.” Bear kisses me, and we do.

Shortly after we walk out to the party, I see Melodie, and I cuddle against Bear.

“Love you, little lamb.” He presses his lips against my head.

“Hate you too.” I stick out my tongue and laugh.

“Do you have a spare room I can use to put her in place?” I turn hearing Diogo? I am sure this is Diogo. I see Melodie a lot. We meet up, often go to spas together.

“Sure, second door on the right, it locks,” Bear says, and I watch as Diogo walks and drags Melodie away. I laugh because it is clear she’s in trouble. I watch not long after as they return, Diogo pushing her to sit with a place of food. I walk over and sit next to her.

“You’re in trouble, right?”

“When am I not?” She laughs, and I have to agree.

“Yeah, I heard Diogo asking Bear if we had a spare room to put you in your place.” I smile at her. She is wild, but the guys love that. We sit and talk, with me sneaking her drinks and pretending I have no idea she isn’t allowed to drink. I get it. She didn’t eat today, so they said no to drinking, but it is a party, and she should drink. From what I understand, all four of her guys are Dominants. So her not eating isn’t good.

Plus, she has said she would rather get the punishment for not following their orders, so I keep giving her alcohol.

“I had no idea, okay?” I look at her. I need to make sure they don’t think I caused shit because no doubt Dante will punish me for it.

“I don’t know what you mean. I didn’t even drink.” Melodie laughs. Standing, we dance, and the party is going perfectly. I watch as the guys talk to everyone. Everyone is socialising and having fun, although I keep half an eye on the guards near us. Melodie has her own, although the guys have left them outside, claiming they don’t need them in here. Which they don’t. I have my guards close by anyway. I look towards Bear. Maybe another way to prove I am a dirty girl?

“You’re already in trouble, right?” I smile at Melodie.

“Yes, why?” She looks at me, and I need to make sure she is happy with getting in extra trouble.

“So, it won’t bother you if I get you in more trouble.” My smile grows.

“What’s the plan?”

I don’t bother answering her. Instead, we dance, then I move forward and kiss her. Moans escape both our mouths. I never had this, but hell, it feels fucking amazing. I grasp her, and I feel her hands grab me. This is freedom, absolute freedom, and I know they won’t care that I kissed Melodie, more that she has a partner, so they can’t watch if we were to fuck each other.

I feel someone pulling me back. I fall slightly and grab the side to balance myself. My dress is ripped. I watch as he pushes Melodie back. It’s my guard, the fucking fool. I glare at him.

“Get your hands off her!” Bear walks towards me, getting in between us. I watch as Gunner, Dante and Zane appear beside him. He’s dead. Why did he touch me?

“I was just stopping her. No one is to touch her.” My guard holds his hands up as Bear pushes Melodie towards Roland.

“You pulled her! You watch, and if she is in danger, you touch her. If a man is trying to touch her, you can touch her to move her.” I watch as Gunner drags him to his knees. He is dead. Here I thought he knew not to touch me unless I was in danger? Bear snaps one of the guard's fingers. He screams in pain and apologises.

“Every finger, seeing as it was every finger you put on her,” Bear says. Gunner holds him still as Bear snaps all his fingers, each one loud in the silence of the room. Silence, except for the sounds of him screaming. I step around the guys and put my shoulder on Bear. Killing him is wrong.

“Get rid of him.”

I relax and smile at Bear.

“Go get cleaned up, little lamb. I will show the guests out.” I don’t argue. Instead, I walk through to the room and remove my dress, showering quickly before I throw on a robe and walk out to find the place empty.

“Did you kill him?” I look at Bear.

“We didn’t, little kitten, I would have, but no. He was thrown out of the city and told never to return.” Gunner explains.

“Sorry, it is my fault.” I kissed Melodie. Why?

“Not your fault, the rules are simple, he is only permitted to put his hands on you if you’re in danger, or another man is touching you. I think we scared Melodie, however,” he says quietly as he removes his shirt, and all I can do is smile.

“Down, little lamb, no being a dirty girl right now. We all need sleep.”

I don’t argue. Instead, I pick up my phone and message Melodie, apologising and saying I hope she is okay. I’m not apologising for the handling of the situation, more it was done in front of her. We often forget that they try to shield Melodie from those things.

“Little kitten, little kitten.”

Oh, shit. I hear Gunner and back towards Bear.

“What have you done now, little lamb?” he whispers as I see Gunner stood by the door, followed by Zane and Dante.

“Nothing,” I whisper, knowing it is a lie, but I can’t say. I have no idea if Gunner knows, but he shouldn’t.

“More than nothing. I found this.” I watch as he holds up the test. Well, there that goes that.

“You’re pregnant?” Bear looks down at me, and I roll my eyes. I could say it is Melodie’s? Bide myself some peace from them fussing? Knowing my luck, though, Dante will mention it to Jax.

“Yes, but don’t go all fucking crazy, or I will go crazy on you! Fine, when I get further along, but right now, I do not need to have you text every hour asking if I’m fine.” I look at them, glancing between each other in confusion. “Don’t do that! You were all messaging me constantly, asking if I was fine. I love you all and love that you reach out to check up on me, but every hour?”

“Sorry, we just… I don’t even know.” Zane laughs slightly.

“We wanted you to be safe and happy,” Dante points out.

“I can be safe and happy with you calling in every few hours, not every hour.” They nod in agreement. Now I look at Gunner because this is all him. “And you, I will not text you every fifteen minutes. I will not be texting you every time the baby moves. I will not be giving you a full breakdown of my day, including my fucking toilet routine. I also want sex, like we normally have Gunner! None of this, no, ‘it will hurt you’ shit.” I stare at him as Bear laughs.

“For a guy who is so savage and brutal, he really went soft.” At least Bear agrees with me.

“Fine, back to making you scream even if you're pregnant.” Gunner glares at me, and I have to laugh. “A girl this time, little kitten, keep telling yourself it’s a girl. I want a girl.” I groan and walk to the bed, climbing in it.

“How about you tell my uterus it needs to produce a girl because this thing doesn’t care what I say.” It doesn’t. For six months, I was telling it to get pregnant. Then, towards the end, I was begging just so Gunner would give me a fucking break.

“You had to, didn’t you?” Zane laughs. “You just made him more fucking crazy. All I’m going to hear now is, be a girl, be a fucking girl, over and over.” He’s correct, but I give up telling my body what to do.

“Okay, sleep. We are back home tomorrow.” Dante walks out, with Gunner and Bear following.

“Coming to cuddle?” I look at Zane, watching as he nods and strips. He climbs into bed with me, his arms wrapped around my body.

“Family, baby, how does it feel to have family and freedom?” His words are quiet, and it feels incredible. I have freedom. Sure, I have to take my guards, but that is for protection, not limiting and watching me. I never felt like I fitted in anywhere until here.

“Perfect.” I snuggle against him. It is perfect. I instantly felt safe with them. Even that week when they were brutal and used me as a slave, I felt safe. My family before this were the reason I’m here now. Without them, I would never have found my home. Despite everything they did, I’m glad they made that deal to give me over to the Wolversons for an arranged marriage. Without it, I doubt I would be alive now.

We’re far from perfect and far from the ideal family people want. But we’re a family, more robust and closer than blood families could ever be, or so it feels.

These four are my life, home, and city.

More importantly, though, they are my freedom, a freedom I never imagined I would get.

I will forever be a Wolverson, now until the very end.


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Author Billiejo Priestley

Indie author of hot fiction, and taboo subjects. You can find my on all social medias and my books on Amazon.

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