The Bullet or The Egg

Vibrators during sex

The Bullet or The Egg
Egg vibrator

The main issue for a woman cumming every time is that you need to get on top, cowgirl style, and get your clitoris pumped. One fast easy way is using a bullet or egg vibrator during sex.

I know that for some women, that’s a problem. We think about how our lover is going to see us from below and imagine every little part jiggling. I have news for you: with your wet pussy wrapped around his cock, most men are not focusing on our fat. And if they are… is that the guy you want to be fucking?

(Probably not.)

But if you are worried about a little extra wiggle, start off with a sexy top, preferably some lingerie that reveals your breasts and covers whatever you want covered. Whatever size they are, you need those nipples sucked and licked and kneaded. Later, when you get more comfortable with your gorgeous body (regardless of your size, from 00 to 32 and beyond) you will find that being naked can be better and more sensual.

First, let’s talk a little anatomy and anthropology. I’m sure you know you have a clitoris but did you know that it’s actually just the tip of the iceberg sticking out? Inside your clitoris is a great big starfish of pleasure. Never, ever underestimate that clitoris. It is the alpha and the omega of cumming not just once but many, many times. Most men, alas, are limited to one measly orgasm. But my friends, we women are capable of many orgasms.

There is a reason for this.

Before DNA testing, no one knew for sure who the daddy was. So in small communities of our long ago ancestors, all the men in the community thought that they might be the father. Perhaps men were spreading their wild oats but we women were spreading our voluptuous legs time and again, making sure that all the men in the community felt obligated to whatever might come out of our vaginas nine months later. Women are built to go and go and go. And that lovely clitoris is only part of the action.

If you haven’t met your g-spot yet, take a minute to get to know her.

Lie down (now) and stick your finger in that hole and feel about two knuckles up on the top. Feel that squishy spot? That’s your next best friend to your clitoris. You want to guide that penis so that with every stroke, that g-spot gets petted. The first time you touch it, if you aren’t used to it, it may feel a little like you have to pee. Move past that feeling. If the mood strikes you, stroke the g-spot and clitoris together and you will have yourself a perfect little orgasm right then and there.

I’ll give you a moment…

Although in the meantime, you might want to think about the other thing you stick in there. The penis. Obviously we aren’t going to pick our partners based on the shape of their penises and not all of them are perfect (even if that’s what we tell them). Size really doesn’t matter (although a nice size isn’t terrible… and while we all have our preferences, I promise you that you can make any cock rock your world). You have to learn to work with what you got. The perfect penis curves upward, towards your man’s belly button. Why is that perfect? Because with every thrust, his curve is stroking your g-spot. But most penises curve a little to the left or right. You need to feel your hips around to make sure that you are working with what he’s got. Probably the best bet is to tilt a little backward so that some part of his head is hitting your g-spot. This can be very pleasurable for him because then you are putting some pressure on his balls. Even better if his balls are shaved because that lubricates the whole area better and gets another sensual spot on you all hot and bothered. Even if you aren’t into anything anal, the area around your anus is packed full of lovely nerve receptors and having your clit, g-spot and anus all rubbed at once by various parts of him makes for the perfect trifecta of pleasure.

How, though, to make sure that your clitoris is being really stimulated?

One way is getting your lover to slip a slippery finger in and rub around… but you want to cum every time, right? So that means it’s best if you hold the control.


Enter the bullet or egg vibrator. It is shaped like an oblong egg and can be purchased at a sex toy store or, if you’d rather not go there, you can order one online. My personal preference is for a medium sized bullet (pictured at top) with a controller which slides up and down or on a circular dial. I don’t like too many options for the vibrator I am using for sex because, in the moment of passion, you don’t want to have to think too much about how to make it work. You want to be able to slowly increase or decrease the vibration according to what you need.

Here’s what to do:

After foreplay (whatever that means to you), straddle your man and guide his cock slowly into your pussy. Thrust a few times so you know what position will work for you. Sometimes you might want to start in a prone position so that you have some face to face time. But eventually, you want to be upright and slip the bullet into position over your clit. This usually means that it is also resting at the base of his cock and you’ve built yourself a truly perfect vibrator. Start slowly and with the vibration turned low and now rock back and forth. Some women aren’t comfortable setting the pace or they just aren’t used to it—and sometimes it’s just fun to lose a little control. Let him help. He can put his hands on your hips and make you go to the pace he wants. As the pace picks up, you control how strong the vibration is.

And cum.

Sometimes your orgasm is what will send him over the top but try to get him to hold on—so you can cum a few more times. A true gentleman will wait around until you're quite done, even if he's already there. And who knows? He might even cum again.

And always have backup batteries on hand.

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