The Best and Most Bizarre PornHub Comments

by Jus L'amore 3 years ago in satire / list

When it comes to internet porn, there is little shame. Same goes for its dedicated fans and their bizarre PornHub comments.

The Best and Most Bizarre PornHub Comments

I love internet porn. OK, maybe that statement is a bit embellished, but there is one thing I do love about it (other than porn stars with great boobs, obviously) is internet porn commentators. That's right, if you have never scrolled past the sex scene to see some of the most outrageous, disrespectful, and irrelevant things people have to say, then you, my friend are missing out. I'm not sure if half of these comments are due to loneliness or sheer craziness, but whatever the motivation, fans sure do have a lot to say. From recipe questions to extremely detailed observations, here are 10 of the bizarre PornHub comments made by your fellow masturbators.

Please Tell Me Those Aren't Crocs

For the love of God, please tell me this was an oversight. A major, major oversight. Truthfully, I can't think of anything less attractive and more of a boner killer than an adult pair of Crocs.

I Think You're on the Wrong Site Bro

Sex and video games go hand and hand. Perhaps this dude who made this comment accidentally misspelled Minecraft with Mineshaft.

When a Football Coach Watches Porn

Either this guy has seen this video a thousand times and has nothing else to notice, or he is really passionate about coaching. Whatever the reason, his points are valid and these girls do deserve to have their asses spanked. Oh wait, they actually do get their asses spanked. Nice!

Worst Doctor Award Goes To...

Seriously guy, if you're not even going to put the stethoscope in your ears, you might as well just stick the listening pad up her vagina. This is one of the bizarre PornHub comments just because of how much the watcher had to be paying attention to notice.

The Observant Bird Watcher

Now, who knows if this guy is really an experienced bird watcher, but he sure is an observant little porn fella. While he does make a great observation about the cast’s costumes and sure, I agree that binoculars could have added something to the scene (especially if they were penis shaped or turned into a sex toy), he needs to remember why he tuned into this movie in the first place. I am willing to bet it wasn't for the bird-watching storyline.

The Fart Catcher

There is always that one guy who puts people on blast for passing gas and says obnoxious things like, “that dude just farted, bro.” So, it is no wonder there is a guy who lives for finding porn farts and supplies the exact minute of gas-from-butt execution for all to hear, which makes it one of the bizarre PornHub comments in the history of internet porn.

Don't Spoil the Milk

Kudos to this fan who is more concerned about the actual milk spoiling than the other milk-like substances in this scene. Your wife must be so proud.

The Wannabe Creep

You know that guy who wants to fit in but never will? Well, if you don't, let me introduce you. Even though this man watches and probably loves porn, and despite his desire to get in on the commenting fun, he just can't do it. By using terms like, "looks like great fun" when describing a woman tied up naked like a pretzel, you know this dude just wasn't made to get down with the creepy porn peeps.

Rotten Bananas

Sure, why not ask about a banana bread recipe while watching a girl "take it like a champ." Seems as good a place as any. But I would double check if those bananas are brown from being old, and not from some other escapade. I mean honestly, you are watching porn while baking, so who knows what else is happening in your household? Did I just cross the line? Maybe. Either way, the off-topic nature makes this one of the bizarre PornHub comments on this list.

The "Should I Notify the Authorities" Comment

There is always that one person who makes a comment that you're not quite sure is a legit, honest thought or if he is just trying to be funny but fails miserably. If he is trying to be humorous, well, then your joke sucks dude. If he is serious about watching My Little Pony and masturbating with friends, well, then someone might want to ban this guy from commenting in the future. Pretty sure that statement alone is enough for me to lock my doors at night.

Jus L'amore
Jus L'amore
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